A New Beginging (what happens after mockingjay)


1. Here We Are

So here we are three years after Peeta and I had our second child. Snow was found dead and the games? They still continue. The one person I miss out of all of this is Prim. She's gone but why Gale? Why did he have to do this to me? We don't even speak anymore but I still miss him but I can't. Was it because he was jealous of Peeta? Was it because I agreed with the games? Who knows anymore. I look up at Peeta who asks, "are you ready?" I nod. We get on a train back to Panem. Peeta really likes seeing our old "friends." My son, Rye, asks so much about our pasts. He asked about Annie, since he saw the letter she sent us, which led to Finnick, which led to death, which led to Rue, and finally led to Prim. Do you know how hard it is to tell a 5 year old about games that would make children fight to the death? I could never do it. I couldn't tell him or Willow for that matter. Finally we arrive at Panem.

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