Frozen in time

Emma snape a girl frozen in time will she find her true identity. Her brother likes her and she works for the enemy


5. hermione and the slytherin

Hermione's pov

I walked outside for my free period and saw someone staring at me and it was jack a slytherin and I guy I liked i then was grabbed and was pulled away from walking to him and it was Ron and Ron kissed me and said " hermione stay I love you and he isn't good enough for you " and then I slapped him across the face and walked away to jack and he said " hi there " and I replied " hi " and he then asked " did it hurt ? " and I replied " did what hurt ?" And he smiled and then said " when you fell from Tennessee because you're the only ten I see " we laughed and walked away I was now his girlfriend and it made Ron made with anger and I cursed him and his girlfriend lavender I made her teeth grow but the nurse fixed it and I ran away from someone who was chasing me and I Screamed

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