Attitudes and Appetites

Mystery Inc. joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a quest to grab Cortez's long lost Aztec jewels before the Shredder does...


2. Part Two

Mystery Inc. had been talking with the Turtles and their Mater Splinter.
   "So if you help us, I promise your secret will be safe with us and so will our new alliance and friendship," said Fred.
   "But how do we know you'll never break that promise?" asked Leo.
   "How about they send about twelve pizzas every time they come to visit us?" Mikey chuckled.
   "Well, with friends like you and adventures you guys have, how can we possibly forget?" replied Velma.
   "Yeah, since a lot of people whoever we meet are saying it, I'm beginning to believe it," said Donny.
   "Why do you believe other people, Don, and not me?" asked Mikey.
   Splinter got up and sat in front of them, looking into each of their eyes. "I believe you," Splinter told them, trusting his gut.
   Then the door opened and Raph, Shaggy and Scooby came in. "So what did I miss?" asked Raph.
   "Well, my son, your brothers and I have agreed to help Mystery Inc. solve their mystery," Splinter told him.
   "Just as I thought: Nothing!" snapped Raph.
   "What? You mean, you won't help us, Raph?" Leo looked suspiciously at him.
   "No, I meant nothing compared to this: Foot Ninja outside the door!" Raph told them. "I tried to stop them, but they are much faster and stronger than before!"
   The Foot Ninja arrived and started attacking Raph. Scooby and Shaggy ran away. Master Splinter and the other Turtles ran to join the fight.
   "Hide behind the sofas!" Leo ordered to Mystery Inc.
   "Yeah, just imagine this is like a Doctor Who moment," Mikey giggled.
   "Mikey, less talk, more fighting!" yelled Donny.
   While the Turtles and Splinter were fighting, Fred and the girls were hiding behind one of the sofas. Then Daphne felt like something hit. "Freddie, what was that for?" she snapped.
   "I didn't touch you," said Fred.
   Then Velma's glasses were swiped off her! "My glasses!"
   Then Fred was picked up in the air and thrown onto the girls. They all groaned.
   Scooby and Shaggy were hiding behind the table and had seen what had happened to Fred and the girls. "Like, no one will find us here, Scoob!" Shaggy told him.
   "Ro!" agreed Scooby. They were lifted up in the air.
   "Man, we're flying!" said Shaggy happily. Then they saw that the Foot were carrying them after they came after their invisibly trick. Then they were carried out of the lair.
   "They're getting away with Shaggy and Scooby!" yelled Fred.
   "Me and Raph will go after them!" cried Leo. "Come on, Raph!"
   Raph and Leo kick and fought their way out of their lair.
   "This way! Come on!" Leo led the way down the sewers, but he couldn't see Raph grinning evilly behind him.

Back in Stockman's lab, the lasers was getting closer and closer to the real Scooby and Shaggy.
   "Man, I can't believe it's ending like this!" moaned Shaggy.
   "Row?" asked Scooby.
   "Well, I thought I'd get one last final meal at least," replied Shaggy. 
   "It doesn't have to be!" cried a voice that sounded like Raphael.
   "What?" cried Shaggy, Scooby and Stockman all at once.
   Two Sais weapons hit the laser guns and they exploded. They saw a box being punched inside and a big green turtle wearing a red bandana emerged from it.
   "Raph?" asked Shaggy.
   "Yeah, chicken man, fresh out of the box!" the Turtle smiled. Then he turned angrily to Stockman, grabbing him. "What have you been up to, Stockman?"
   "It's not me, it's you who have been up to something!" protested Stockman. "You have led an army of mousers to attack your lair. Once you're dead, the Shedder will respect me more and then when he least expects it, I'll – "
   "Zip it, coat brain! Don't you go anywhere!" Raph threw his enemy away. He went for the door, when –
   "Rxcuse rus!" yelled Scooby.
   Raph turned to see the always-hungry duo still trapped, ran to them, cut the straps to free them and help them up.
   "He made copies off us to lead copy you and copy us and the metal mice to attack your family and our friends," Shaggy told him.
   "Well, come on, then!" Raph snapped.
   And off all they went.

Leo had been running for a long time with the fake Raph. Then strangely enough they found the fake Scooby and Shaggy standing there. "Come on, Raph!" ordered Leo, as he charged for the Foot ninjas.
   Within seconds, Leo took care of them. Then he saw that the fake Raph had not moved a bit. "What are you waiting for?"
   "For what?" His answer was a kick in the head... from his brother. "Raph, what the shell? Do you know who you're attacking?"
   "A pain in the shell!" said the fake turtle. "A pain I would like to get out of my shell!"
   An upset Leo angrily drew out his swords and charged for the fake Raph, who drew out his Sais.
   Master Splinter, Donny, Mikey and the rest of Mystery Inc arrived in the sewer slider. They stopped near the fake Shaggy and Scooby.
   "My sons, what is the meaning of this?" Splinter demanded to know, but the fake Raph was too busy knocking Leo down.
   "Stop this, Raph!" ordered Donny, as he grabbed Raph's left arm and Mikey grabbed his right arm. "Stop this right now!"
   Raph just kicked Donny in the face and Donny landed in a pile of bricks, knocking him out.
   "Your brain losing power just as much as your inventions, Don?" the fake Raph chuckled.
   Meanwhile, Mystery Inc. had been watching. "We've got to do something!" said Velma.
   "Yeah!" agreed Fred. "Come on, guys!" Then they ran to help the Turtles, but they saw the fake Scooby and Shaggy just standing there. "Guys?"
   The fake Scooby and Shaggy were just like statues. No matter where Fred and the girls touched or smelled any part of them, they found nothing.
   "Do something!" snapped Daphne. All they got was a burp from the fake Scooby and a fart from the fake Shaggy. "Ew! Anything besides that!" Then she saw Scooby's teeth stuck in his skirt. "Scooby, what are you doing?"
   Fred and Velma were also grabbed by Shaggy's arm by their necks and he was lifting them in the air. "You're stronger than you look, Shaggy!" groaned Fred, though Shaggy's arm.
   Meanwhile it was Mikey's turn to be beaten by Raph. He had stole Mikey's nunchucks and lifting him like he was on a trampoline. "One for the money," Raph counted, "two for the show, three to get ready and four to... nunchunk out!" And with that Mikey was launched up like a rocket, hit a pipe and he fell down in the water. "Pleasant dreams, Pipe Brain!"
   Then suddenly Raph was knocked down by his Master Splinter. The grey rat stuck his stick in the mean turtle's shell and discovered it was made out of clay. "I knew this was not my son," Splinter said.
   The Turtles examined. "He's made out of clay," said Donny. "But why he could have the skills and the spirit of Raph I don't know."
   "Neither do I about Scooby and Shaggy," Velma called over. Splinter and the Turtles saw Scooby and Shaggy still standing still and still holding Mystery Inc.
   "Please forgive us, guys!" said Leo as he kicked both of them in the sewer water, freeing Mystery Inc.
   The clay Raph came up from behind Leo and started to strike him down with his sais, but Donny whacked him on top of Shaggy and Scooby with his bo staff. Then with his giant flame thrower he melted them to bits. He picked up the Sais. "Made out of plastic but, with this microchip, it makes the sounds of two Sais when they're clashed with other weapons."
   "And these clothes," said Velma, as she examined the clothes, "are made out of tissue paper. Even Raph's bandana."
   "I always know when Raph's been to the bathroom, but this – "
   "Mikey!" warned Leo and Donny.
   "If that's not the real them, where are they?" asked Daphne.
   "They must be here somewhere," thought Velma.
   Donny put his hand in the water and picked up a piece of clay. He hopped to the sewer slider and inserted it in the scanner. He looked at the map and saw where it led.
   "Anyone want to come for a free ride?" Donny joked, starting the machine up.
   Everyone got in, except Mikey. "How much will it cost, chauffeur?" asked Mikey, putting on a British posh voice.
   "Just get in!" Leo snapped, pulling Mikey in the machine.
   And off they went, not noticing three figures appearing out of the shadows.
   "Should we go after them, Raph?" asked the real Shaggy. "They are looking for us."
   "We can solve this thing much better if we were our own gang," the real Raph told them.
   "I don't know..."
   "Look! You just told me your friends are picking on you for what? Being scared? Eating too much? Running in the face of fear?"
   "Rall rof rhe rabove," Scooby replied.
   "Well, my master and my brothers have been picking on me for my temper, impatience and clumsiness," Raph went on. "We don't need them. We just need... us! What do you say?"
   The turtle held his hand out. Shaggy and Scooby looked at each other and put their hand and paw on the green hand.
   "All right, let's go!" Raph cried
   And, with that, the troublesome trio went the opposite way the other guys went.

Soon the machine took the other guys to the destination, which was Stockman's secret lair. They had a good look around. Velma was very upset. She saw broken mouser pieces and the clay that made the copy of Raph, Scooby and Shaggy. Then she saw something shiny. She took out of the mouser's mouth a nice shiny red jewel. Donny arrived and took it off her.
   "This must be one of the treasures that were taken from the museum." Velma was silent. "I'm sorry, Velma," said Donny.
   "Don't worry, I've gotten over him," Velma said, feeling hurt but hiding it. "To think he also killed my friends."
   "Well, I don't see any one of them," said Fred. "Or any traces."
   "Master Splinter, what can you sense?" asked Leo.
   Splinter stood in his mediating position and everything went silent. "I feel... that they are..." Everyone feared for the worst. "...alive." Everyone brightened up. "Yet I cannot feel where they are. Not even my heart can trace them."
   "Then where are they?" asked Daphne.
   "Wherever they are, I'm sure they're happy, eating all they want and nowhere near any – "

"MONSTER! You drive like a monster!" Shaggy screamed as he and Scooby were on the shell cycle being driven by Raph.
   "Hey, less screaming from you, more food for you! Both for you!" snapped Raph. The goofy duo remained silent.
   "May I ask where we are going?" asked Shaggy.
   Raph stopped the shell cycle and Scooby's and Shaggy's faces were inside a big pipe, with their legs sticking out.
   "Well, let's not just hang around now we're here," Raph said, as he began to climb up the ladder. Scooby and Shaggy picked themselves up and followed the green mean turtle.
   They discovered they were in New York docks and they quickly hid behind the barrels. They saw Stockman walking to a bunch of people, led by a very strong man.
   "Have you got the red jewel?" demanded the strong man.
   "No, Hun, but our master will be pleased with these pieces of treasure," smiled Stockman, as his stomach opened his stomach and produced the treasure.
   Hun smacked his hand and the treasures flew in the air. "You know the Shredder won't accept this. You failed him!"
   Raph gasped.
   "Rho's rhe Rhredder, Raggy?" asked Scooby.
   "Shh!" ordered Raph. "Besides, he's grey, not red!"
   "Hun, let him go!" ordered a mean menacing voice. Out of the dark shadows arrived... the Shredder.
   Hun obeyed. "But, Master, he's failed you... again! He's got you the wrong treasure!"
   "That was a fake plan," the Shredder told him. "Stockman, did you fulfil your special mission?"
   "Well," began Stockman, "I kidnapped one of the turtles and made a copy of him and made him lead an army of my mousers to the Turtle's Lair. So those turtles will be dodos by now."
   "Good," said the Shredder. "Then I will be able to find the true jewel of the treasure and, when I do, I will rule the world!"
   "Ro, rou ron't!" Scooby growled, popping his head up.
   Shaggy popped up to shush him.
   An annoyed Raph popped up too. "Can't you control your dog, Shaggy?"
   Then the troublesome trio realised their mistake, as the Foot was looking at them.
   "Stockman!" growled the Shredder.
   "I'm outta here!" Stockman tried to run for it, but he was stopped by Hun, who was holding him by the shoulder.
   "Well, nice meeting you, but we're gonna let you get on with your plans and we'll come back and ruin them for you," said Raph. "Come on, guys!"
   But as they got up, they were greeted and caught by the Foot. "Oh, crud!" moaned Raph. The angry turtle kicked the Foot soldiers off him and freed Scooby and Shaggy. They ran for it. Then a flying net caught them that was set off by Hun. "Oh, crud again!" repeated Raph.
   Hun dragged the net to the Shredder. "You have meddled with my plans ever since you and your brothers and master and his master and all the other masters before you had come into my life," the Shedder growled at Raph. Then he turned to Scooby and Shaggy. "And you two have meddled into enough people's business ever since you began with your friends. But no more! I will finish you now, I will find and finish your friends and families and then, with all of you gone, no one else will mess up my plan! Hun, see to it!"
   Hun drew out two samurai swords and lifted them upwards.
   Raph shut his eyes, preparing himself for it, while Scooby and Shaggy, on all fours, covered their eyes and shivered like a couple of scaredy cats or dogs or whatever.


To Be Continued...


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