Attitudes and Appetites

Mystery Inc. joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a quest to grab Cortez's long lost Aztec jewels before the Shredder does...


3. Part Three

Hun lowered the swords down and... stopped? A gas hit his face... a gas that came out of Scooby's rear end.
   "Phew!” Raph moaned as he ripped the net open with his Sai. I wished I borrowed Donny's gas mask!"
   "Get them!" ordered the Shredder.
   The Foot ran after them. Raph held them off, while Scooby and Shaggy ran away. The Foot that was chasing had lost them. They searched high and low, far and near, inside and outside, but they could not find them.
   Soon Shaggy and Scooby came out of the crane they were hiding in. They each exhaled a deep sigh. "Re're rafe row!" smiled Scooby.
   "Like, yeah," agreed Shaggy. "Like... no!"
   The Foot was standing in front of them. They charged for them, but then they quickly vanished. They were running away from a big, plump, African-American man in a security uniform arrived. He spotted Scooby and Shaggy.
   "You two!" he yelled. "This is private propriety! What are you doing here?"
   Scooby and Shaggy couldn't think of anything to say or do.
   "Are you guests for the maiden voyage of this brand new cruise?" asked the officer.
   "What cruise?" asked Shaggy.
   "This new cruise: The Unknown Discoverer!" Scooby and Shaggy look to see the largest cruise they have ever seen. It was big and grand as the popular major cruise corporations.
   "Yes, sir, we are," said a voice. A figure wearing a long brown coat and a long hat arrived. "Here are our tickets."
   When the security officer took the tickets and inspected them, Shaggy looked under the hat. "Raph?" All he got was a ‘shush’!
   "These tickets seem okay," said the officer. "Follow me."
   They all followed him.
   "Like, where and, like, how did you get those tickets, Raph?" Shaggy asked.
   "I took them from a family who wasn't going on the cruise," replied Raph.
   High above them on top of the metal crates stood the Shredder and his Foot. "What am I to do now?" asked the Shredder. "I cannot go on that ship nor can I let them escape!"
   "Master, I have taken care of that problem," said Hun. "I send the Purple Dragons on the cruise. They'll find those three and that woman from the expedition and that jewel. And they'll bring them all to your secret location."
   "Good!" said the Shredder.
   "Brain over muscle, hey, Stockman?" Hun chuckled, as he knocked Stockman off. The poor scientist landed in an old rusty barrel.

Master Splinter, Mystery Inc. and the Turtles arrived back at the lair. Donny went to his lab and put the red jewel he took from Stockman's lab into the scanner. Everyone stood behind him.
   At last, Donny got a result, but he was still unsure. "Well, from what I can tell, these treasures are not like anything on Earth. In fact, I don't even think it's on Earth."
   "Aliens?" exclaimed Daphne.
   "Long story, Daph," Leo said. "Remind to tell you later."
   Velma had been borrowing one of the Turtles' books. Its subject was Aztecs. "According to this book, it says, 'The Aztec God of the Underworld Acolnahuacat hid parts of his spirit in different jewels so when he is discovered, he can unleash his spirit and rule the world in his darkness."
   "But we only found one jewel," Fred pointed out.
   "It goes on to say," went on Velma, "that, 'When Cortez conquered the Aztecs, he found five jewels, but lost one during his final attack. He gave up on it and returned to Spain, but fearing that anyone, wherever it was the King of Spain or pirates, would take it off him and use it for their own gain instead of surrounding to him, he decided to bury the jewels in the sea.'"
   "Does it say where?" asked Leo. Velma shook her head.
   "If we go to Spain and find these jewels, we can find a way to destroy them and get rid of his spirit, not that I believe in it tough," Donny suggested.
   "How?" asked Fred.
   "We can take the Shell Sub," replied Donny. "I made modifications to it. Nothing can stop us!"
   "Is that so?" Splinter arrived on scene. "I cannot find Raphael nor Scooby and Shaggy because they all have lost their faith in us. And I sense you are all feeling much better without them. And if you think you can go on this mystery without them, you are not thinking clearly. Go and find them, convince them to work with you again and everything will get solved smoothly. Goodnight, my sons and friends." And, with that, he went to his room.
   "So what gear do we need?" asked Fred.
   "Well, we'll take the Shell Sub," replied Donny, "and I'll take some of my techno gear and, Mikey, you're in charge of the food."
   "All right! Jamie Oliver's got nothing on me!" Mikey boasted.
   "But wait!" interrupted Leo. "Didn't you here Master Splinter? We can't leave until we found Raph, Shaggy and Scooby."
   "And how will we find them if we just sit here, Leo?" asked Donny.
   That really got Leo. He sighed. "All right, but if Sensei finds us, I'm not taking the blame this time!"
   Everyone got ready and entered the Shell Sub. "What modifications did you make, Don?" asked Mikey.
   "Well, I – "
   "Because I thought you would paint this Sub yellow so we can all live in a Yellow Submarine, Yellow Submarine," Mikey sang.
   "We're Turtles, not Beatles, Mikey!" Leo snapped. "Now, get on board!"
   Soon everyone was onboard and the Sub began its latest voyage.

"No, not this one!" sighed Shaggy,
   "Rot rhis rone, reither!" moaned Scooby.
   "Guys, we have running around this entire cruise for about two hours and you still haven't found our room!" snapped Raph. "Not to mention someone would have noticed that there is a giant green turtle on this ship!"
   "Hey, can I help you, Mr. Turtle?" asked a female voice.
   They all turned to see a beautiful tanned young maid. "Well, can you help us find our room?" asked Raph.
   The maid looked at their room key card. "Why, it's just over here."
   It was the room they were standing next to. "Right where we started," Raph moaned under his breath.
   They all went in. "Row!” explained Scooby. “Rhis ris rery rice!"
   "But there isn't any rice in this room, Scooby," said Raph. "But it is a very nice room." And it was. Lovely warm beds, already made, a big bathroom for three and a balcony to see the world, it was a room neither of the three had never had in their whole lives.
   Shaggy gave the maid a tip. "Thanks, Miss..."
   "Adalina. But please call me Ada," the maid smiled. They were staring at each other for a long time.
   "Well, thank you, miss," said Raph, breaking it off. "That will be all."
   He slammed the door after her and walked past Shaggy who continued to stare at the door.

The next morning, Raph, Scooby and Shaggy were having a buffet breakfast. Scooby and Shaggy had plates of everything they could have, which was all the food in the dinning room. They managed to save some for Raph. He hesitated, but finally dug in.
   "I haven't had this much good food in my life," Raph told the hungry duo. "All I live on are rotten pizzas and that healthy but disgusting food my master always want to me to live on."
   Soon they finished their food. "Who's gonna pay?" asked Raph. "I'm a guy who lives in the sewer, so don't ask me."
   "I don't have a penny!" cried Shaggy.
   "Re reither!" added Scooby.
   "I'll pay," said the voice of Ada, the beautiful maid.
   "Like, thanks," smiled Shaggy. She began to walk away, but Shaggy got up and chased her. "What would the nice lady want in return?"
   "Well, I would like to get to get off this cruise sometime and see the world," said Ada.
   "Well, how about this, Ada? You pay for mime and my friends' food and I'll take you off the cruise every time we stop," Shaggy offered.
   "Oh, that would be, like, so awesome," Ada cheered, hugging Shaggy.
   Raph and Scooby couldn't believe what they're seeing.
   Realising what she's doing, she let go of Shaggy. "But how? Someone can't replace my duties as the maids."
   "Like, I think someone can," said Shaggy.

Soon Scooby, dressed in maid's clothes, was busy tiding up the rooms. Raph, wearing a steward's suit and a human face mask, would sit down on a chair and read the newspaper.
   "Come on, Scooby," said a teasing Raph. "Put a little paw into it."
   And every night when they would rest in their own room, Shaggy would come in and show pictures of him and Ada on their adventures off the cruise, from Greece, Turkey, Albana, Monarco and Italy. Then Shaggy would fall asleep.
   One night, Raph saw Scooby looking a little depressed. "What's up, Scoob?" he asked.
   "Raggy rending rore rime rith rhat rirl rhan re!" sobbed Scooby.
   "Don't let it get you down," Raph said, but it started to make him think that how Master Splinter was always giving him more criticism than his brothers. And that didn't help the poor mutt either.
   "Come on, let's get out before we get cabin fever," smiled Raph, putting on his steward uniform.
   "Roaky!" agreed Scooby, putting on his maid uniform.
   They went out of the room and were about to go outside, when someone called them. They turned to the Chief Steward. "Our Cruise Activities Director is having a meeting with the Captain. Can you two go to the kids' room and keep an eye on them?"
   "No prob!" Raph smiled.


Raph and Scooby made their way when they saw a kid who looked seven and had black hair standing outside. He was wearing a suit, looking like he was a first class passenger. He was also looking sad.
   "What's the problem, kid?" asked Raph. "That play area too poor for you?"
   The sad kid turned around. "They won't let me join their games, because I suck at video games and I'm reading mystery books instead of watching action movies," replied the kid, who had an Irish accent. "And if that wasn't bad enough, my parents don't want to spend with me. They're more interested in their work than my hobbies."
   "And what hobbies are those?" asked Raph. "Solving mysteries? Like Scooby here?"
   "Rhat? Ro!"
   "I'll tell you what, if I see something strange, I'll call you to solve it," said Raph gently. "Now come on and make new friends, kid."
   "The name's Patrick and I'll be with you in a minute," said the kid.
   In the kids' playroom, the kids were playing video games. They stopped and saw Raph and Scooby coming in.
   "Well, don't let us stop you playing our video games," Raph said. But all the kids just stopped and stared because of how different Raph and Scooby looked.
   Scooby was sniffing the room and found some yummy kids food to eat. "Rood! Rummy!" The maid dived in and ate it.
   The kids gasped not because the food was gone, but because the maid was actually a dog!
   "Scooby!" Raph yelled, running after him. But he fell under the table and the kids saw that out of the table came a big giant green turtle. They screamed and tried to run out. But Raph got in front of the door and locked it.
   "Wow!" the children screamed.
   "How did you do that?" asked one of the girls.
   "Where would be the fun in telling you?" asked Raph.
   That got to the kids.
   "Well, if you're supposed to be in charge, what are we to do?" asked one of the boys.
   "I have only one rule,” Raph said. “Have fun!"
   And all the kids went to have fun. Some played video games, some read books and some ate food, one of them including a great dame. But one kid with ginger hair had a water balloon and he was aiming for a quiet kid who was quietly reading. Just as he was about to throw it, something popped his balloon and water fell on him.
   "A plus rule: Behave!" Raph ordered.
   All the kids laughed. Then the door appeared outside. It was the Cruise Activities Director. All she could see were a handful of kids playing yet behaving, a maid and a steward. "You guys my substitutes?" she asked Raph and Scooby.
   "I guess," replied Raph.
   "Reah," agreed Scooby.
   "Well, the kids are enjoying themselves, so I thought you could do me a favour tomorrow," the Director said. "I talked with your boss about it and he said you two can, so I would like to watch these kids as they go – "

"Rorkling!" exclaimed Scooby.
   "Yeah! Just sit here and watch kids have fun and go snorkelling!" moaned Raph.
   They were standing on the mini deck of the cruise and watching all the kids have fun. Well, all except one. There was Patrick in dark red swim shorts. He was just standing there, looking worried.
   "What's the matter, kid?" asked Raph. "What's stopping you?"
   "Nothing except the fact that I can't swim and no one can help either because they can't swim themselves or they're too selfish!" Patrick snapped. "And need I mention that I have been waiting for a mystery to solve!"
   "Oh, yeah! About that..." Raph thought of something to make Patrick try to swim. Then he looked ahead. "Look, Scooby! Shaggy!" he exclaimed.
   "Raggy? Rhere?" Then Scooby felt like he was pushed into the sea. "Relp! Relp!"
   "Oh, dear, there's a maid in the sea who's drowning," said Raph. "I can't let him drown but I can't leave my post either."
   Patrick sighed. "I know the maid is actually a dog called Scooby Doo, Raphael the giant turtle." He jumped into the sea, leaving a stunned Raph on the deck.
   Patrick was drowning himself. Then he saw Scooby drowning. He lifted his arms up and down and he was moving and moving in the water. And he was going faster and faster! He picked Scooby up and took him back to Raph.
   "You see, Pat," smiled Raph. "You don't know these things if you don't try them."
   "I guess so," said Pat.
   "Now you know how to swim, why don't you go and show it to your friends?" suggested Raph.
   "Well, I don't know..."
   "Go on," Raph insisted. Pat swam away to join the snorkelling.
   "Rhy rould rou rant rim ro rave run rike rhat rif rou ran't rave rit," asked Scooby, drying himself off.
   "Because I'm practising a lesson Master Splinter is trying to teach me but I'm always failing: Never be jealous," Raph answered. "And I think that's a lesson you need to learn, Scoob."
   "Rho? Re?"
   "I know you're jealous of Shaggy spending time with Ada instead of you."
   "Like, I don't know, man. There might be sea monsters." They saw Shaggy, in baggy swim shorts, and Ada, in a white strapless bikini, with snorkel masks on a long away.
   "Oh, come on, Shaggy," Ada smiled, holding his hand.
   "Oh, okay," said Shaggy, as they together dived down.
   Raph and Scooby kept on the lookout for about ten minutes. "They haven't come up for about the last ten minutes. Come on, Scoob!"
   Scooby was nervous to step in the sea as usual, but it seemed as he had no choice, as he was pulled down by a large green hand.
   Everyone in the sea would have seen many wonderful things in the reef but none so other than a giant turtle and a sea dog (not a dogfish) at the bottom of the sea bed.
   Further away from the reef, Raph and Scooby pulled their heads up.
   "Rhere rare rhey?" asked Scooby.
   Raph saw a speedboat speeding away. "Just follow me, Scoob!" ordered Raph, as he led the way.

After hours of swimming, Raph and Scooby have reached a sort of science station in Alicante near Spain. Raph saw some pipes with water falling into the sea. "Come on, Scoob!" he ordered.
   They got out of the sea and climbed the rocks to reach the pipe. Raph jumped on the nearest pipe and pulled Scooby up. They crept through the pipes and they entered the nearest room. It was another lab, only ten times the normal ones, even Stockman's. They heard voices coming from downstairs. They crept to the balcony and hid behind it. They saw Shaggy and Ada rounded by Purple Dragons, the Foot, Stockman, Hun and the Shredder.
   "I pay money for you to go on a cruise to do me a mission and you still let me down!" screamed the Shedder. "You bring me a bunch of teenagers, but no Turtle or jewel."
   "But we did do our best, boss," said one Purple Dragon.
   "These two were involved with the Turtles," said another.
   "Well, one of them," added a third.
   The Shredder walked to Shaggy. "Where is this turtle? Where are the Aztecs jewels?"
   "Like, I don't know," answered Shaggy.
   "Very well, I shall let you go," said the Shredder. Shaggy looked hopeful. "In free spirit!"
Shredder lifted his arm up and prepared to strike Shaggy, when a Sai stopped him off. He turned to see Raphael holding him off.
   "Raggy!" Scooby cheered, jumping onto Shaggy and licked him.
   "Like, I'm pleased to see you too, Scoob!" Shaggy said.
   Then two foot soldiers held them down and put them in manacles to the floor.
   The Shredder managed to kick Raph away, who landed on the wall. The giant turtle was picked up by Hun and was in chains to the floor! He was put near Scooby and Shaggy.
   "Well done, Hun!" said the Shedder.
   "It's all thanks to our newest member... Adalina!" smiled Hun.
   A shocked Shaggy saw Ada was standing next to the Purple Dragons. "A – A – Ada?"
   Ada sadly walked to Shaggy. "I'm sorry, Shaggy, but I'm the true servant of Acolnahuacat. I was born to serve under him. It's part of the Atzec tradition. If I don't help him escape from the jewels and let him rule this world, I will not be spared from his underworld. I'm so sorry."
   "Yeah, right," Shaggy snapped, turning away from her. "I'd rather let them bring whatever's coming to us than see you again."
   "As you wish," said the Shedder. "Stockman!"
   Stockman came through a door and walked to the computer. He typed and above the trapped three came three metal boxes connected to wires. Each of them had a box stuck tight on his head.
   "What are you doing, Stockman?" Raph demanded to know.
   "Since you lost your family and your friends, I'm giving you a new life," smiled Stockman.
   Then he saw some strange weird creatures that look like from Aztec mythology, but real! They were in a cage and with the wires that were similar to the ones Raph, Scooby and Shaggy had on. "No! No!" But their screaming didn't stop anything or help them, as the lights went brighter and brighter.

To Be Continued...


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