Attitudes and Appetites

Mystery Inc. joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a quest to grab Cortez's long lost Aztec jewels before the Shredder does...


6. Part Six

Night time hit Retrio Park. In the heart of the park, the Foot gathered around and prepared for the night's ceremony. Stockman inspected the rock altar the Purple Dragons have stolen from the Aztec Temple on their expedition and lit it up with fire.
   Hun went to the darkest part of the forest and found Ch'rell resting next to his suit armour. "The ceremony is ready, Master," he reported.
   "Excellent," said Ch'rell, entering his Shredder army. "Are you ready to live in a new world, Hun?"
   "I am," said Hun.
   "I promise you, old friend," the Shredder went on, "as long as I am the ruler of this planet, I shall give you everything you want." He walked off.
   "Thank you, Master." Hun grinned evilly as he followed his master.
   The Foot and the Purple Dragons bowed as the Shredder walked to the altar, followed by Hun. Stockman moved out of the way.
   The Shredder chanted in ancient Aztec and the darkest sky the world had even seen took over. He chanted more and placed the jewels on the Altar. The surface of the Altar began to sink down, but then it quickly rose up.
   "What?" exclaimed the Shredder. "What is happening?" He turned to see Hun was holding something in his left hand. "Hun! What is in your hand?" he demanded to know.
   "A... um... dagger," Hun lied. "To kill the god when he gets here."
   "Is that so?" Stockman walked behind him and stunned him with his electric hand, causing the strong man to drop out of his hands... the real jewels.
   "These are the real jewels!" exclaimed Stockman. "He's been trying to steal your glory!"
   "If you knew," Hun growled, "why didn't you take it off me and return it to the Master earlier? Hmm?"
   "Uh... Because..." Stockman tried to think. "So I could watch Master execute you for it." He picked the jewels up and walked on. But Hun was not a muscle-bound fool as he seemed to be. He knew Stockman was up to the same thing as he was.
   "Here you go, Master," Stockman said, offering the jewels to his master. The Shredder tried to take them, but Stockman threw them on the Altar! It went down! The ground shook hard. The Foot Army found it hard to stay up!
   "Now I will rule the world when I kill the monster!" Stockman cried.
   Hun pushed him out of the way. "You will be my slave when I become Earth's greatest hero!"
   The Shredder knocked both of them down. "I started this and I will finish it!" he shouted. "Do you understand?"
   The dark clouds had a flashing white lighting. And out of it came... Acolnahuacatl! The God of the Underworld was as terrifying as he looked on Aztec art and stone walls.
   The Shredder drew out his swords. He was waiting for the right moment. As soon as the Evil God came closer to him, Hun tried to steal his right sword and Stockman tried to take his left.
While the three were fighting each other, the Foot Army saw Acolnahuacatl coming to the ground. No one knew what to do as the Shredder was too busy fighting Hun and Stockman. Then one decided, "Every man for himself!" And they tried to attack the God, but one by one they fell down in front of him.
   Acolnahuacatl came to the Shedder, Hun and Stockman. They stopped and saw two long sharp swords coming towards them.


In the dark sky, as if things weren't grim enough, the Turtle Stealth was steering out of control. Not because of the dark clouds, but because Master Splinter was still not a good pilot any day or night, let alone a very dark night!
    The humans and the Aztec monsters were bumping into each other.
   "I can't take much more!" moaned Raph. "Are we there yet?"
   "We are!" cried Pat, getting out his GPS. "We are above Retrio Park!"
   "Good!" Donny cried as he pulled down a lever and the cargo bay opened.
   "Like, we're not jumping out, are we?" Shaggy asked, holding Scooby together.
   "Keep it together, guys!" Raph said, holding both of them. He ran to the edge of the plane and looked down. "Here we go!"
   "Raph, wait!" Leo cried, but Raph, Scooby and Shaggy was gone. "Hothead!"
   "Well, there are trees in the park," said Donny, "and on the plus side, there'll be three less guys for me to take down." With his left leg, Donny picked Velma, Daphne and Mikey and, with his right leg, he picked up Leo and Fred. "Hold on!"
   "Wait for me!" cried Casey. "I'm coming too." He ran down to join the gang, but he slipped on some loose oil and slid down to get coiled in a bunch of ropes.
   "What about me?" asked April. "I need help too."
   "Yeah, looks like you're all tied up, Case," Mikey chuckled. Everyone laughed at this joke. Then they stopped when Donny flew out and down.
   "Ladies and gentlemen, please remain squeezed very tight and prepare for COWABUNGA!" screamed Mikey.
   Down and down and down they went when Donny felt like something was moving. "Mikey, stop moving!" he snapped. "Or I'll drop you!"
   "I can't help it!" Mikey shouted. "Your feet aren't exactly safety harnesses!"
   "And we're slipping too!" Velma pointed out.
   "Guys, keep it cool!" Leo ordered.
   "How can we, Leo, when we're in a warm country?" asked Mikey.
   "That's not even funny, Mikey!" snapped Leo.
   "No, seriously, I'm sweating and – "
   "So that's why I feel like I'm losing control!" thought Donny.
   "Donny, there's only a hundred feet to go," said Leo. "Don't lose focus!"
   Donny tried his best to hold everyone, but his feet didn't seem to agree and he was forced to let go of everyone! They saw they were all falling towards the pond and they closed their eyes. They were expecting a splash, but there wasn't! They saw there were three creatures in the pool already.
   "So much for this hothead and his goofy companions?" said Raph.
   "Very impressive, Raph!" Leo muttered sarcastically.
   They looked up to see the Turtle Stealth falling towards the ground nearby.
   "I hope they make it out okay," said Leo.
   "Yeah and I hope they haven't damaged my invention," said Donny.
   They all got out of the pond and starting running to where the white light was.
   "Wait, guys!" cried Donny, who was hovering above the trees.
   "What do you see, Donny?" asked Leo.
   "Us," replied Donny.
   "But we're, like, down here," said Shaggy.
   "No, Shaggy," said Fred. "He means our former bodies."
   "You will not believe what we are doing in the city of Madrid!" cried Donny. "It's as Ada said!"
   Donny could see the Turtles' former bodies were attacking the city of Madrid. The bodies of Mystery Inc. were also chasing the citizens around.
   "Bow down before Lord Acolnahuacatl!" Fred's body shouted.
   "Lord Acolnahuacatl!" cried the bodies of Daphne, Velma and Shaggy.
   "Rord Racolnahuacatl!" shouted Scooby's body.

Back in the park, the gang were devastated.
   "I know I didn't do it," said Daphne, "but I feel like I did it!"
   "I know what you mean, Daph," said Leo, "but we can put a stop to this if we find Acolnahuacatl and vanquish him as soon as possible."
   "Is that so?" asked a spooky voice.
   "Raph, you're really getting under my shell!" snapped Leo.
   "Don't look at me, bro!" shouted Raph. "Look behind you!"
   Leo looked behind himself and he turned back. "That's the last time you'll – " Then he stopped and turn back around and saw Acolnahuacatl hovering behind him!
   "Hello," greeted the Dark God.
   "What have you done with our friends?" shouted Raph.
   "Well, she is all right!" He showed his left hand and no one was in it other than Ada.
   "Ada!" shouted Shaggy, running for her.
   "No, Shaggy!" Raph shouted, holding him. "He's too dangerous!"
   "That is correct, wise turtle," Acolnahuacatl smiled. "Stay away from me and she will be unharmed too, unlike the others."
   "What?" Leo shouted.
   "Your metal friend, your muscular friend and your smart friend have fallen before me!" He kicked with his powerful feet the bodies of Hun, Stockman and the Shedder – unconscious. Ch'rell roll out of the suit and looked like still jell-o.
   "That's not our – " began Raph.
   Leo cut him off. "And what about our Foot... 'friends'?" he asked.
   "They are alive... for the time being!" The Underworld God smiled, as he moved out of the way to see the entire Foot Army chained to trees. Splinter, April, Casey and Pat were also chained to trees too. Everyone was relieved, except Donny who saw that his Stealth Turtle had crashed into the pond! "Nice flying, Sensi," he moaned to himself.
   "And your lives will be spared if you surrender to me! And the world will be spared! Leonardo, Frederick Jones, bow before and kiss my hands now."
   "You're going on a date with him?" exclaimed Mikey. Everyone shushed him.
   Leo and Fred looked at each other before they surrendered and walked to Acolnahuacatl, bowed before him and kiss his hand. "We surrender!" Fred and Leo said together.
   Acolnahuacatl laughed his head off. "You think I am a stupid fool?" he chuckled. "I know each and every single lie when you tell them! Poor choice! Now the world will surrender before me, but you warriors will be my first sacrifices! Starting with her!"
   Shaggy ran for Ada, but Leo and Fred caught him.
   "Don't worry about me, Shaggy!" shouted Ada. "I'll be fine! You must fight..."
   "Nothing!" Acolnahuacatl interrupted, slapping her hard. "Goodbye, my foes!" And, with that, he was gone.
   "Come on, guys, let's free our friends!" Leo ordered. He and Raph, using all their strength, freed their sensei from the chains, while Fred and Shaggy freed April and Scooby bit the chain of Casey, while Daphne and Velma helped Pat out.
   "What a trained dog, you dog is," smiled Casey.
   "Rog? Rhere?" asked Scooby. "Ri'm rot ra rog. Rot ranymore."
   "But it is your mind and your spirit that makes you what you are, not your species," Splinter told him.
   "So what shall we do, Master Splinter?" asked Leo.
   "Your friend, Adalina, said we must fight – " Splinter began to think. "What did she say your former bodies were being used for?"
   "To be framed for unleashing Acolnahuacatl so the Shedder can look innocent, kill the God and rule Spain and the world," Donny told him.
   "But they were just Foot Soldiers who were willing to die for the Shedder," Leo added.
   "Hmm, I do not think so," thought Splinter.
   "Wait a minute," said Velma. "Could be that those people were loyal to Acolnahuacatl and went as spies for the Shedder? To convince him to unleash him into this world?"
   "He does not take persuasions lightly," said Splinter. "Either he thought of all the power he could take from the God of the Underworld or those people were clever enough to twist the mind of the Shedder. Anyway, we are wasting our time. Let us go and save the world."
   "Right behind you, Sensei," Mikey cried, as he led the army out of the woods.
   "Raphael, wait!" ordered Splinter.
   Raph obeyed. "Yes, Master?"
   "I can see you have learnt your best lesson and that you are improving," said Splinter.
   "Well, the fact I wish I didn't get Shaggy to meet Ada in the first place is helping a bit," confessed Raph.
   "True, but, because of that, I am proud of you and to welcome you back into our team," said Splinter, holding his hand out. Raph happily took it and shook it.
   "Let us go," ordered Splinter.

Madrid was down on its knees. The good guys' former bodies had taken control of the entire city. All the Madrid Police and the entire Spanish Army was defeated too. Every man, woman and child was drawn into a crowd in the Plaza Major, where they were chained to the ground.
   "Behold... the Lord Acolnahuacatl!" shouted the former bodies.
   Everyone gasped as they laid their eyes on Acolnahuacatl walking towards them.
   "My mere mortals of this world," he said, "I can see all the troubles on this planet. Criminals, pollution, war. That is why I have come down here. As long as I am the ruler of this planet, I promise you will right all the wrongs in this world and make life happier and easier for you."
   "How can you possibly do that?" asked one man.
   "You dare to question me?" asked the Underworld God.
   "Yeah," replied the challenging man. "Right and wrong is a point of view that everyone has and I have doubts about your laws and making us happy."
   "Well, I can do you one favour," said Acolnahuacatl. "Put you out of your misery." He pointed his finger and out of it came white lighting that hit the man who vanished. Then he turned to the rest of the crowd. "Anyone else want to challenge me?" No one answered. "Very wise of you all."
   "We do!" cried a voice. Acolnahuacatl turned around to see the good guys standing behind him.
   "Well, I am impressed," Acolnahuacatl smiled. "But I am not going to make it boring. Let us have more fun!" He clapped his hands and the good guys' former bodies arrived in front of them.
   "Guys, you know what I'm thinking?" asked Leo.
   "Yeah, way ahead of you, Leo," everyone answered, including Raph. But there was one who didn't.
   "No," said Mikey.
   "Well, you'll see when you fight yourself," Donny told him.
   "Oh, I get it now," said Mikey.
   "CHARGE!" shouted Leo's body.
   "CHARGE!" shouted Leo, as he ran to fight his former body.
   All the good guys charged for their former bodies and attacked them. Splinter, April and Casey got three axes and started freeing the people.
   No matter what they tried, the former bodies kept hurting the good guys. They had weapons to attack them.
   "Guys, are you finished with those axes?" Leo asked to Splinter, April and Casey.
   "You can have mine," said April. She was about to throw it to them, but Splinter with his cane prevented her from doing so.
   "No!" he shouted. "This is my chance to prove my theory of mind and spirit over body and weapon."
   "I don't know, Master Splinter," Mikey said, trying to dodge his former body. "It doesn't seem that way."
   "Only if you think like that, Michelangelo," Splinter told him. "Think you can defeat and you will."
   "Well, it's worth a shot," Mikey thought. As his former body's nunchunks came to hit him, Mikey avoided it and kicked the turtle's head. The body fell down and dropped his nunchunks. Mikey picked them up and kissed them. "Did you miss me?" he asked his favourite weapons.
   Leo, Raph and Donny watched the whole event.
   Leo dodged his former body's sword attack by jumping behind him and kicking him to the nearest wall. That caused his former body to fall down and drop the swords.
   Raph's former body was just as angry as Raph could be. He was charging for the monster with his Sais. As he was preparing to strike, Raph caught his former body by his arms and threw him behind. He picked up his Sais. "Brain over brawn, strong head," he said to his former body. "Did I tell myself that?"
   "What's the matter, you long stick?" said Donny as he flew around his former body who was trying to hit him with his Bo Staff. Donny snatched the staff and hid his former body on the head really hard.
   "About time someone did to you," said Mikey. "Apart from Master Splinter."
   "Come on, let's help Mystery Inc.!" ordered Leo.
   For the first time in a long while, the Ninja Turtles – though not in Turtle bodies – were fighting together as they helped Mystery Inc. from their former bodies. They were all on the ground.
   "Are you guys all right?" asked Donny.
   "Like, never better," smiled Shaggy.
   "That's the first positive attitude I've heard form you from weeks!" exclaimed Daphne.
   "Yeah, so, do you feel part of the team?" asked Fred.
   "Like, yeah," smiled Shaggy.
   "Reah!" agreed Scooby.
   "Guys, sorry to interrupt but look!" Velma pointed to their former bodies where they were glowing with white! Then white glows came out of the mouths and flew into Acolnahuacatl,
   "Thank you, my foes, for giving me more power," he smiled.
   "I thought it would make you weak!" shouted Ada, who was still in his left hand.
   "Here is a riddle: What is a pretty face without a good brain?" Acolnahuacatl asked.
   "A damsel in distress?" Ada guessed.
   "Very clever," the Evil God chuckled. "And you guys are very clever to work how to save your former bodies from me! Except they are not safe nor are anyone."
   "What do you mean?" Leo demanded to know.
   "You are intelligent, so use your heads!" shouted Acolnahuacatl. "That is what your master keeps telling you, is it not?"
   "Thank you for that remark," moaned Splinter sarcastically.
   "And you will not have your friend to give you any more secrets!" went on Acolnahuacatl. "And if you try to rescue her or stop me or do both, you will be vanquished before you even begin."
And, with that, Acolnahuacatl and Ada vanished into thin air.
   "Where's Ada?" cried Shaggy. "Like, I've got to save her." He began to run, but Fred and Raph held him.
   "I'm so sorry, Shaggy," said Fred, "but if we try to help her, we won't really be helping her."
   "Yeah and that guy really means his stuff," agreed Raph.
   "But we can't just sit here and let him destroy this world," said Daphne.
   "Well, I can't think of anything else to do," said Velma.
   "Neither can I," sighed Donny.
   "Well, if this is our last night on Earth, can we at least have one final pizza?" asked Mikey.  Everyone glared at him. "What? I wasn't joking!" There was a long pause. "Fine."
   With the world in this evil god's hands, with no one with anything including ideas and no one hungry enough, not even for their favourite food, what could be done? Anything? Anything at all?

To Be Continued...

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