Attitudes and Appetites

Mystery Inc. joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a quest to grab Cortez's long lost Aztec jewels before the Shredder does...


7. Part Seven

The Aztec monsters were still standing near the Plaza Major.
   "Guys, we've been here for ten minutes and we still have no idea where this God may be or what we can do!" shouted Leo. "We're running out of time!"
   "Well, what can we do, Leo?" asked Donny. "Electricity's down, the buildings are ruined and there is no way of getting any ideas anywhere in this world, let alone Madrid. What we need is some research about the Aztecs!"
   "Look on the bright side," Raph said, pointing to the crowd. "No one's chasing us, let alone this Evil God."
   "If I could say something?" Pat offered. "I studied Aztecs in school. I'm dyslexic but from what I can remember from reading in an Aztecs book that legend has it that whenever the gods came down to Earth, they would have needed to be on the highest mountains to grab the mere mortals' attention. Then the Aztecs would have a choice: Either bow down to the Gods and live or disobey them and die."
   "Acolnahuacatl's proving that already," Raph pointed out.
   "So what you're saying, Pat, is that Acolnahuacatl must be going to the nearest mountain to deliver the end of the world?" Velma said.
   "For a dyslexic boy, Pat, you sure are a genius!" exclaimed Mikey.
   "One problem: we go anywhere near him and try to attack him and everyone and everything will die sooner than he plans," Leo pointed out.
   "Then why don't we try attacking him first?" suggested Pat.
   "How do you suggest we do that?" asked Raph.
   "Well, for a start, my guess is one of the mountains in La Pedriza," thought Donny.

Donny was right. Acolnahuacatl was on the highest mountain of La Pedriza. Ada was lying down buried in a bunch of rocks. Only her pretty face was the only thing to see. She tried to get out, but she was deeply buried.
   "Why bother trying to escape when you know you are going to die?" asked Acolnahuacatl. "Besides, you should be more grateful that I have spared you as my last sacrifice so you can watch what no one else will see."
   "I see nothing to be grateful for," Ada growled angrily. "I wish I was the first to die."
   "The Gods grant wishes for no one except themselves!" shouted the Evil God.
   "The good Gods would," said Ada.
   "That is why they were weak and I am strong!"
   "Were? You mean – "
   "Yes, they are dead and I am the only god left!" grinned Acolnahuacatl.
   "You're lying! You're lying!" shouted Ada. Then she got a slap in the face.
   "If I hear one more – " Before Acolnahuacatl could finish, he heard rocks falling. He looked ahead and saw rocks were falling at the bottom. He heard something behind him too, so he turned around and saw he was right. He grinned evilly.

"Man, I tell you, Scoob," Shaggy panted, as he and Scooby was moving the rocks, "these rocks are very heavy."
   "Guys, less moaning, more lifting!" Raph whispered, as he was moving the harder rocks.
   "I just hope that Ada is ok," Shaggy said.
   "I'm sure she is," Raph said.
   "She is," said a spooky voice.
   They all turned to see Acolnahuacatl standing behind him. Raph angrily threw a big heavy rock and it hit the Evil God in his face. He grinned. "Well done, strong turtle," he said, clapping. "You have distracted me from the last stage of my plans. I could do with more fun before the world ends." He drew out his swords and began to attack Raph.
   The turtle was walking backwards as he defended himself from Acolnahuacatl. "Guys, a little help?" he shouted.
   "Like, we're busy already," shouted Shaggy. Raph looked up to Scooby and Shaggy running upwards as they were chased by... Acolnahuacatl? What was going on?
   Then Raph had an idea. "Leo? Donny? Mikey? Give me a hand?"
   "We're busy, Raph!" they all cried.
   "I know I've been a pain in the shell, but – "
   "Seriously, we're fighting Acolnahuacatl!" Leo cried back.
   "No, I'm fighting him!" cried Fred.
   "I thought I'm fighting him!" thought Mikey.
   Raph turned to see his family and friends were fighting and running from Acolnahuacatl! A lot of Acolnahuacatls! He had an idea. He jumped up ahead of the Evil God, knocked him down and quickly ran upwards.
   Scooby and Shaggy were out of breath and stopped for a breather. Then their spirit version of Acolnahuacatl arrived and prepared to strike, but he was kicked off. Raph came up and helped Scooby and Shaggy up to the top of the mountain. They saw Ada still alive.
   "Like, how are you feeling?" asked Shaggy.
   "Top of the world," Ada smiled.
   "Free her, guys!" ordered Raph. "I'll be right back!" And he was off.

Leo and Fred were struggling to fight off their spirit version of Acolnahuacatl. Then he got kicked and fell past Leo and Fred. They looked up to see Raph above them.
   "Just making up for my bads," Raph said.
   "You've convinced me enough, Raph," smiled Leo. "But why free me first?"
   "Well, as much as I dislike it, we need you to lead our way out of this," confessed Raph. "So I'm listening, bro..."

Casey, April and Pat were pushing rocks down as quickly as they can.
   "Your plan seems to be working, Pat," smiled Donny, as he was high up in the air.
   "Yes, an immortal God defeated by a six-year-old boy," said the voice of Acolnahuacatl. Everyone turned to see a spirit version of the Evil God.
   "I'm eight!" snapped Pat.
   "Whatever," Acolnahuacatl snapped.
   Donny flew to him and tried to slam him with his Bo Staff, but Acolnahuacatl caught it and smacked Donny away. He tried to hit the humans, but he was grabbed and thrown backwards by Leo.
   "Thanks, Leo," said Donny, as he grabbed the Bo Staff that Leo threw to him in the air.
   "Guys, now you're not busy," said Leo, "Donny, come with me. The rest of you guys, get to the top of the mountain.

Daphne and Velma were running from their spirit version of Acolnahuacatl. They had to stop and believe.
   "This is impossible," panted Daphne. "Any ideas, Velma?"
   "This is a real God and even he is making me feel like we're just two hungry – "
   "Re ran rear rou!" Scooby shouted from a far distance.
   "Not you, Scooby and Shaggy!" shouted Velma. "I meant like those bullies at school!"
   "Well, bow before me and I will protect from all the bullies in the world!" shouted Acolnahuacatl.
   "You're the biggest bully we know and have ever seen!" shouted Daphne.
   "Well, I can promise you I will be the last bully ever for you," said Acolnahuacatl.
   Daphne and Velma began to run away again. Acolnahuacatl jumped up high into the sky, drew out his swords and charged for the two girls. He hit two things, but it wasn't the girls. It was Raph's Sais! The Sais forced the swords out of the Evil God's hands and then the Evil God was knocked out on the head by a giant rock. He fell down, revealing Fred behind him.
   "I don't know my own strength sometimes," he smiled.
   "So?" asked an unimpressed Daphne.
   "Fred, escort them up above!" Raph ordered, as he jumped down.
   He landed on the ground near the mountain and looked around. Then he got kicked down by another version of Acolnahuacatl! He saw he dropped his Sais out of his hands but, before he could get up, he was pushed down by the Evil God. He got out a spear! A sharp shiny spear! He was aiming it for Raph's heart. He began to push it in, but it stopped just above Raph's chest. Raph looked to see Acolnahuacatl smiling as he fell down in front of Mikey, waving his nunchunks around.
   "I missed saving you, bro," Mikey grinned.
   "Yeah, you're really a superhero, Mikey," said Raph.
   Mikey smiled as he and his tough brother went back to the top of the mountain.
   "Not!" added Raph.

Everyone was on top of the mountain. Everyone finished freeing Ada from the rocks.
   "Like, are you okay, Ada?" asked Shaggy.
   Ada embraced Shaggy in tears. "I'm so sorry, Shaggy, but I had no choice."
   "I'm just glad you're safe," smiled Shaggy.
   Then the rocks they were standing on rumbled and they all fell down to the ground. Donny tried to fly but falling rocks hit both wings. They landed on the ground. They looked up to see all the spirits of Acolnahuacatl standing next to them. One stood out.
   "Well, I am impressed!" he smiled. "But I am tired of games, so I shall play just one more with you."
   "What's it called?" asked Mikey.
   "I call it 'Facing the End of the World'," Acolnahuacatl chuckled. Then all the spirits went white and wrapped around together. Then the white light grew and grew until it reached the sky. Out of the light came a dark, scaly, vicious-looking creature that was tall as a whale with giant wings of a bat and a face as big, ugly and scary as a dragon's face.
   "Now the world shall end!" Acolnahuacatl cried. "Staring with you!"
   He charged for the gang who rolled out of the way.
   "Let's spilt up and drive him away!" Fred ordered.
   "More like fly him away!" Raph said.
   Everyone agreed with Fred, except Scooby and Shaggy. "Like, I was afraid you were going to say that!" Shaggy shouted.
   "But he didn't say with who, did he?" Raph said, running behind them.
   As they ran into the caves, Raph saw Acolnahuacatl behind him. While running, he knocked over some rocks that brought the big rocks down, hoping it will defeat Acolnahuacatl or at least stop him. And it did stop him moving, but then he quickly vanished.

Fred, Velma and Daphne were running as far as they could. Then who should appear in front of them in a flash, but Acolnahuacatl!
   "Hello, Mystery Inc.!" he greeted evilly. He chased Fred and the girls, who ran backwards. They fell down and Acolnahuacatl got closer and closer to them. He opened his mouth and out came fire! But before it even got passed by his giant nose, a Bo Staff knocked him in the throat, causing him to choke. Everyone saw Donny flying in the air in! The Evil God and the Flying Monster engaged in a fight while flying. Donny tried to at least hit his opponent, but despite his large body, Acolnahuacatl was too quick. He blew his most powerful breath, sending Donny to land on the rocks. When Donny picked himself up, he saw he didn't have his Bo Staff with him anymore. He looked to see it wasn't far from him. He got up to pick it up, but a white furry giant paw of Acolnahuacatl held him to the ground.
    Acolnahuacatl opened his mouth. Donny's skin was peeling off and it was being sucked into the disgusting mouth. Then the Evil God screamed in pain and flew off. Donny saw Splinter hanging on the back by his cane stuck in it.
   Leo and Mikey were running with April, Casey and Pat, as they saw Splinter on Acolnahuacatl.
   "We've got to help, Master Splinter!" Leo told Mikey. "Come on!"
   He and Mikey ran.

On top of a nearby hill, Scooby, Shaggy and Raph were catching their breath.
   "Man, I thought we were never, like, gonna lose him," panted Shaggy.
   "Re roo," agreed Scooby. As he stepped forward, he slid on a loose rock and he was falling down.
   "Scooby Doo!" shouted Shaggy as he tried to reach for his best friend, but he fell down too.
   "Guys!" cried Raph as he tried to grab Shaggy, but he couldn't reach them. Then he saw the dopey duo land on the back of Acolnahuacatl.
   "Time for a free ride!" Raph shouted as he jumped and landed on the back.
   Donny ran to Leo and Mikey on a edge of the mountain.
   "Care to give us a lift, Don?" asked Leo.
   "No can do," replied Donny. "My wings are crippled, but I can jump and fight still."
   "Then let's get ready!" Mikey cried as he pointed to the sky. Leo and Donny saw Acolnahuacatl coming closer and closer!
   "Ready..." said a focused Leo. "Steady... Go!" And they all jumped over the giant head and landed on the back.
   All April, Casey, Pat, Fred, Daphne and Velma could do was watch as the rest of them were flying high into the air.
   "We must do something!" said Daphne.
   "But what?" asked Velma.
   "Like finding out where Ada is," suggested Pat. Everyone looked around and couldn't find the pretty woman was.
   "My sons, Shaggy, Scooby, climb upwards to the head!" ordered Splinter, as he led the way. They obeyed.
   They got to the head. "What do we do now?" asked Mikey.
   "I say give 'im what for!" shouted Raph as he got out his Sais.
   Before he could do anything, Leo stopped him. "Wait! You call that a surprise attack?"
   "No more surprising than I know that you are on my back, Leonardo," said Acolnahuacatl.
   "Yeah, no more surprising than – " Then Leo stopped, realising what had just been said.
   "But I shall surprise you with your last surprise!" Acolnahuacatl shouted. He flipped over and the gang was holding onto the fur for their dear lives. Then the Evil God was charging towards the rocks and was getting closer and closer.
   "Any regrets, Scoob?" asked Shaggy.
   "Ri rever rad renough rood!" Scooby confessed.
   "I wish I was brave like everyone else," Shaggy sighed.
   "You're the bravest man I know, Shaggy!" cried the voice of Ada.
   Shaggy looked up to see Ada running on the chest of Acolnahuacatl. "Like, what are you doing up here, Ada?" asked Shaggy.
   "Saving your lives and everyone in this world," Ada answered.
   "We will see about that!" cried Acolnahuacatl. He flipped over to the other side and Ada was falling to the ground.
   "Ada!" cried Leo.
   To make matters even worse, she fell into the jaws of Acolnahuacatl! He lifted his head up and swallowed!
   Shaggy grew angrier and angrier. "Eat me as your next course!" he shouted. "I'm coming for you, Ada!" He let go, but was caught by Leo.
   "Hold your appetite, Shaggy!" snapped Leo. "I've got a better idea for this main course than yours."
   Acolnahuacatl was getting closer and closer to the rocks. Then he saw two swords falling towards the ground. He ate them.
   "I hope you know what you are doing, Leonardo!" shouted Splinter, as he dropped his cane.
   "Yes, I do, Sensei!" said Leo.
   "About time I heard Splinter say that to you!" Raph shouted, as he dropped his precious Sais down. Leo glared at him for that insult.
   Donny dropped his beloved Bo Staff and Mikey dropped his favourite nunchunks for Acolnahuacatl to eat.
   The Evil God was getting closer and closer to the rocks and to the rest of the gang. Closer and closer and closer and then –

To Be Continued...

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