Attitudes and Appetites

Mystery Inc. joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a quest to grab Cortez's long lost Aztec jewels before the Shredder does...


4. Part Four

"We're running low on potato chips and pizzas, Donny," Mikey reported, looking through the cupboards.
   "And we've finished watching George Basen: Kill Spreader... for the eighteenth time," moaned Daphne, as she, Velma and Fred were standing in front of a TV screen.
   "What about those nineteen sequels?" asked Leo, who was in the co-pilot's seat.
   "Well, they're all just junk!" replied Fred.
   "Don, we've been in this sub for more than a week," Leo told him. "How much further?"
   "About one more..." Everyone looked worried. "...inch away!"
   Everyone smiled. Don lowered the sub and parked it on the sea bed.
   "Okay, Donny, where are the jewels?" asked Leo.
   "Well, according to the scanner," reported Donny, "they are parked somewhere here, just about a few steps away."
   "Well, that's no problem for me and the girls," Fred said. "Right, girls?"
   The girls nodded and agreed.
   "Can I come too?" asked Mikey.
   "No, I'm sure we'll be all right," said Velma.
   "Well, if you're sure," said Leo, "we'll be here in case you need us."
   "But take these trackers with you," Donny told them, chucking one to each of them. "It's the same as the tracking device in this sub. It should help you find the jewels."
   "Okay," Fred said. "Come on, girls."
   Fred and the girls entered the air lock. Mikey tried to have a peek of Fred and the girls changing into their scuba gear, but Leo pulled him away. Then Fred in his scuba gear knocked on the door and gave Leo a "ready to go" sign.
   "Okay, Donny, let the water in!" Leo ordered.
   Donny nodded and pressed the buttons. Water filled the airlock right up. Then the clever turtle pressed the button to open the hatch and the Turtles saw Fred in his blue swim shorts, Daphne in her orange bikini and Velma in her pink swimsuit swim wearing the turtles’ breathing gear swimming away.

Velma was holding her tracker above the sea bed. "They should be around here somewhere," she said.
   Daphne was swimming with them and then a shadow that swam above her made her stopped. "Guys, did you see that?" she asked.
    "What?" Fred asked.
   "There was this big shadow thingy above us and it swam fast!"
   "Not that I've seen or known," said Fred, swimming on.
   "Me neither," added Velma.
   "Guys to Shell Sub," Daphne said to her radio. "Have you guys seen anything on your scanner?"
   "Not what I've seen," replied Donny.
   "I've found it!" exclaimed Velma.
   "The monster?" exclaimed Daphne.
   "No, where the treasure is!" replied Velma.
   Fred got out a little wooden handle. He pressed the button and the small handle turned into a shovel! This was Donny's latest invention! Daphne and Velma did the same and they started digging.
   After a few minutes, they dug up the treasure chest!
   "Great job, guys!" Leo cheered, as he saw Fred carrying the chest to the Sub. The girls followed him. "Now bring that chest here and we’ll – "
   Then something swooped in front of Fred, causing him to drop the chest.
   "What happened?" asked Leo. Then the submarine spanned around as if it was out of control. "What's happening, Donny?"
   "I don't know!" Donny yelled, as he tried to steer the Shell Sub.

Out in the sea, Fred and the girls picked themselves up. "You girls, okay?" asked Fred.
   "No, Freddy," replied Velma.
   "Look!" ordered Daphne.
   Then Fred saw something. It was a dark creature about ten feet. It had eight tentacles and six evil-looking eyes and a mouth the size of an island of Spain! Its skin was white as a snowman, with grey ugly scales.
   "What is that?" everyone asked. No one knew.
   "Leo, get on to the guns!" ordered Donny. "Get ready to stun him!"
   Leo obeyed.
   "Mikey, where is he?" Donny went on.
   "I can't see him anywhere, Cap'n!" Mikey cried, looking out of the window.
   "On the radar!" snapped Donny.
   Mikey jumped to the radar. "He is about... five... inches away!" he called.
   "Uh, oh!" Leo and Donny cried together. Then the whole sub shook and turned upside down. Everyone could see the monster was really close to them.
   "Fire, Leo!" ordered Donny.
   Leo gave it all the sub got, but the monster was immune to all the weapons and instead it stunned the sub itself! The power went down and the sub crashed into the seabed.
   "We've lost all power, including the emergency backup power," Donny reported.
   "All right, everyone," Leo said. "Let's put on breathing equipment and get out of here."
   "The doors are jammed, Leo," Mikey reported, looking everywhere, "and there’s no breathing equipment at all."
   Then a water drop fell on top of him and everyone saw more water drops were coming from the roof.
   "Well, if we don't have any breathing equipment at all, we're not going to breathe at all!" cried Mikey.
   "What can we do, Donny?" asked Leo.
   "I wish I knew," said Donny. "I even wish I knew how I could help Mystery Inc. out there."

Mystery Inc. was still struggling out there. The monster had attacked and kicked them. One tentacle knocked Daphne to the sea bed. When she tried to pick herself up, she saw her legs were deep in sand and they were sinking!
   "Help!" she cried. "Help! I'm in underwater quicksand!"
   Fred and Velma saw Daphne.
   "We're coming, Daphne!" cried Fred.
   They swam above Daphne and tried to pull her out, but it was no use. She kept sinking. Then Fred and Velma were pulled away by tentacles.
   "Get off! Get off!" they cried, as they vanished into the ugly mouth.
   "Guys, are you there?" Daphne said into her radio. But the radio went static and the last thing she saw before she went into deep sand was the sub stuck to the sea bed.

In the sub, it was three-quarters full of water. The Turtles had reached the roof.
   "Any regrets?" asked Mikey.
   "Yeah," replied Leo. "I wish I listened to Master Splinter in the first place!"
   "I wish I didn't put the new coat of paint on this sub," Donny moaned.
   "I regret... nothing," said Mikey.
   "What about being a shell for brains?" asked Donny.
   "Oh, that makes us feel really good about ourselves, Mikey," moaned Leo.
   "More than that monster out there," Donny sighed, looking out.
   "Let's not make our last minutes of life sadder than it already is," said Leo.
   "No, really!" exclaimed Donny. "There is a squad of divers attack the monster." Leo and Mikey swam to Donny and looked out of the window. He was right. The monster was being attacked by divers.
   "Look, one's got the chest!" cried Leo. And he was right. "What's next?" He got his answer when the sub shook and was being pulled up to the surface.
   Their sub was put on a larger submarine. The doors were opened by the divers and the Turtles walked out and saw that they were on a submarine owned by the Foot.
   "My beautiful monster!" Stockman moaned. "I know it was supposed to be in a fight, but I insisted not a scratch, let alone a lot of broken parts."
   "Well, I didn't promise anything so I don't have to take the blame," giggled Hun.
   "Get ready to attack!" Leo ordered the Turtles.
   Then Hun walked on the scene. "You will surrender your weapons to us!"
   "And why would we do that?" asked Leo.
   "Because!" Hun snapped his fingers. They all turned to see the monster being loaded on the ship. The mouth opened... mechanically! Foot soldiers ran in and they chucked out Fred and Velma on the deck. Then the soldiers drew out their swords, lifted them up and lifted them down just before their necks... They stopped because the Turtles threw their weapons to Hun.
   "Where's Daphne?" asked Fred. "Is she all right?"
   The Turtles bowed their heads as they went into chains.

They were soon transported to the Shredder's Secret Laboratory. They were taken to the main lab where the Shedder was waiting.
   "Ah, my old friends," said the Shredder. "So good of you to come. Pity you kept your friend waiting." He walked away to reveal that sitting there was...
   Despite Daphne being tied up in chains and had a handkerchief in her mouth, everyone was happy she was alive and safe.
   "Yes, she is unharmed and she will be as long as you surrender to me," the Shredder said. "And if you try to attack me, I have enough power to blow you up along with Spain," The Shredder pointed out. He showed on the computer the nuclear weapons ready to blow up Spain. "If I have to fight you, I will activate them. You have about three seconds to make your choice."
   One... The Shredder walked to the button; the Turtles and Mystery Inc. didn't know what to do. Two... The Shredder's finger landed on the surface of the button; the Turtles and Mystery Inc. was discussing what to do. Three... The Shredder lifted and lowered it...
   "STOP!" shouted Leo. The Shredder stopped. "We... surrender."
   "What?" The Shedder was amazed.
   "We surrender!" Leo repeated much louder.
   "I find that hard to believe," said the Shredder. "But you will have a chance to prove it. Hun, take them to their cells!"
   Hun gave the order to the Foot Soldiers and they started to escort the Turtles and Mystery Inc. Then Leo nodded to Donny and Mikey and they kicked the Soldiers that held them in the stomachs. Then they freed Mystery Inc. from their soldiers and they ran for it.
   "Well, don't just stand there! After them!" ordered Hun.
   "No! Halt!" ordered the Shedder.
   "But, Master – "
   "Just trust me!" smiled the Shedder. "They know nothing of what lies for them."

The Turtles and Mystery Inc. were running like the wind down the hall.
   "Wait a minute!" Donny cried. They all stopped and looked at him. "I have a funny feeling about this."
   "Why?" asked Fred.
   "One: We don't have our weapons. And two: We have been running for about half an hour and no one's come after us," explained Donny.
   "Maybe we're too fast for them," said Mikey.
   "No, I think the Shedder's set a trap for us," said Donny.
   Nobody knew what to stay and think. Then they heard a loud banging coming from one of the metal doors nearby. Donny walked to the door, studied the padlocks, picked up a loose nail and cut the wires. The door opened and there were three dark objects. One looked like a tall man, one looked like a dog and one looked like a giant turtle. They moved forward, but the objects fell down and they represent giant balloon shapes of their friends.
   The Turtles and Mystery Inc. couldn't believe what they saw.
   "That got us," Donny said.
   But not as much as he, Leo and Mikey were pulled up by large brown furry arms. Velma and Daphne were pulled up by a large pink tongue. Fred was swooped up in the air.
   Fred saw the Turtles were held by a strong brown furry monster with a frog-like head with teeth like an angular fish! He also saw the girls being held by a giant green insect-like monster with four thin horse-like legs and shark-like teeth! All the others saw Fred was hanging in the air by a creature that was looked and acted like a monkey but was scaly and blue-skinned with a black beak.
   The Turtles and Mystery Inc. tried to break free, but it was no good. Then a throwing star missed the monkey-like creature causing him to drop Fred. Fred landed in... Raph's hands!
   "Raph!" everyone cried.
   "Stand back, everyone!" ordered Raph. He threw more stars.
   The Turtles were the first to be free and, when they landed, they caught the falling Daphne and Velma.
   The three monsters came down and closer to the teams. "Follow me!" ordered Raph.
   The whole gang obeyed. They followed him to the end of the room and walked out of the door. In the next room, Scooby and Shaggy closed the door behind them and jammed it with tables and chairs and everything.
   "Wow! You guys saved our lives," Fred said happily.
   "Like, we're a whole team, right?" smiled Shaggy.
   "Reah!" agreed Scooby.
   While everyone was talking, Donny got out his little scanner from his shell and secretly scanned Scooby and Shaggy. But when he tried to scan Raph, the mean turtle kicked the scanner out without turning around!
   "Ha! Got you, Donny!" he chuckled. "I know I haven't been with you guys much, but I have been training and I have been on the case just as much as you."
   "Yeah, but we've found these jewels from the Atzecs," said Donny, showing them to him. "What have you done?"
   "I found out this place, where the Shedder is planning to take over the world," Raph said.
   "Yeah, where you got caught and we rescued you," giggled Mikey.
   "Guys, this is just like the old times, but we must destroy those jewels," Leo told everyone.
   "Put the jewels on that tray and they will be below and burnt up into ashes!" Raph told him.
   Donny put the jewels on the tray on a table in the burning area. He pressed the button and the tray went below into the glass table. Everyone watched as the jewels burnt up into very roaring flames!
   "Come on, everyone, let's go home," Leo said.
   They began to walk out, but they were greeted by the Foot Army. They charged for the Turtles and Mystery Inc. and they fought hard and hard. But without their weapons, there was nothing they could but to get caught.
   The Turtles and Mystery Inc. saw Raph, Scooby and Shaggy just standing there next to the wall doing nothing.
   "Help us, Raph!" Leo shouted.
   "I actually enjoyed my time to myself," said Raph. "I was better off and you were better off, so let's carry on that way, shall we?" And with that, he walked off.
   "Scooby! Shaggy! Do something!" yelled Mystery Inc.
   "Like, if we're the goofs in the gang, why do you need us?" asked Shaggy.
   "Reah!" agreed Scooby. And master and dog left the room.
   The Turtles and Mystery Inc. were so heart-broken that their old friends just allowed the Foot to strap them to a table each.
   The Shredder, Hun and Stockman entered the room. The Shredder turned the flaming table off and proudly took out the undamaged jewels!
   "Do whatever you want to do to us, Shredder," moaned Leo. "You'll be doing us a favour. Just make it quick!"
   "Ah, but I'm going to give you a fate worse than death!" chuckled the Shedder evilly. He turned to the Foot. "Bring in our friends!" he ordered.
   The Foot brought in six cages with a different Aztec monster in it each. They were both vicious and ugly. Mystery Inc. and Mikey were scared, but Leo and Donny were still tough.
   "What are you doing, Shredder?" asked Donny. "Boring us till we – " Then something fell onto his head. It was a metal box with a bunch of wires hanging above it. He then saw his brothers and friends getting the same. He saw six more boxes going inside each of the cages and onto the monsters. "That doesn't answer my question," said Donny.
   "No, but maybe this will," laughed Stockman, as he pulled down the lever. The room sparkled and lit up as the Turtles and Mystery Inc. shook and wobbled as electricity took over their whole bodies and the monsters likewise. Stockman grinned evilly at his success, as the Shredder, Hun and the Foot watch with glee on the electric torture of their enemies!

To Be Continued...


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