Attitudes and Appetites

Mystery Inc. joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a quest to grab Cortez's long lost Aztec jewels before the Shredder does...


5. Part Five

"Oh! Ohhh..." Velma groaned and groaned. "What happened? Where am I? I can't see!" She didn't have her glasses on and was bumping into walls and rocks and something sticky.
   "Here's your glasses, Velma," said a voice she knew only one person would have.
   "Shaggy? Is that you?" she asked. She put her glasses on and she saw the green monster standing next to her. She screamed and walked away. As she was screaming, she put her hands in front of her, except they were not arms, but pink tentacles! She saw a puddle of water and walked over it. She hesitated but brought herself to see what she was – a slim pig-like creature with a large turtle-like shell and a rhino-like horn on her face. She screamed and bumped into a black-skinned snake-like creature with two teeth on his face and long blond hair.
   "It's all right, Velma," the creature said with the voice of Fred.
   Velma turned around to see everyone: A pink humanoid pigeon-like bird which had the voice of Daphne, a purple fox-like creature with black sheep-like wool that had Leo's voice, a green fat creature with a llama-like face and neck and the body of a kitten who had the voice of Mikey and a yellow hairy beard dragon-like creature with dark giant wings which had Donny's voice.
   Finally, she turned to the monkey-like creature. "Scooby?"
   "Reah, rit's re."
   "Wow!" exclaimed Donny. "Not saying I like this, but, in all my knowledge of science, I would have never imagined something like taking a live brain and putting it in someone else's body would work."
   "I would," said Mikey. "It's that Donald Duck cartoon! Or was it Goofy?"
   "How does it feel, Don?" asked a voice. "Feel like an idiot not thinking about this stuff?"
   "That's enough, Raph!" Donny snapped. Then everyone stopped and saw the voice came from the dark corner.
   "Is that you, Raph?" asked Leo.
   The strong furry monster came out. "Well, I'm not the Raphael who left you at the Laboratory."
   "But you are the Raphael who walked out on us back at New York!" an angry Leo yelled.
   "Come on, Leo!" Raph protested. "What good was there to keep me back there?"
   "Us, Master Splinter, our friends!"
   "Well, April and Casey have been on their vacation for two months and seeing Master Splinter spoiling you three doesn't make me feel happy," Raph told him, "so I thought it's better that I start living my own life for everyone's sake."
   "Is that what you really think?" snapped Donny.
   And while the Turtles were arguing, Fred and the girls were talking to Shaggy and Scooby too.
   "You mean, you saw us and you never followed us?" yelled a shocked Velma.
   “Why?" Daphne demanded.
   "Well, for one thing, we always, like, spilt up this way," Shaggy said for himself.
   "Rand re've reen reeling ra rittle reglected!" added Scooby.
   "How can you possibly feel neglected?" Daphne demanded to know.
   "Always getting us into mysteries, always complaining about how much we eat, always bossing us... and so on," said Shaggy.
   "Is that why you didn't come with us?" snapped Fred.
   "It's not just that!" Raph yelled from the corner. "I'm the one who stopped us joining you guys."
   "Oh, this just gets worst and worst!" moaned Leo.
   "You ain't got right to talk to me like that, Splinter Jr.!" shouted Raph. "You're not our master. You've just copied Master Splinter all your life and never thought of any ideas for yourself."
   "Oh, now you've done it, Raph," Leo said coldly. "You've really got me going now!" His purple arms prepared to strike at Raph, but Raph was quick enough to dodge.
   "How about that?" he chuckled meanly. "I have been practising and, FYI, on my own!" Then he was trapped by a wall. Leo charged for him but was stopped by a pair of two beautiful arms.
   "Ada?" Raph was surprised.
   "Like, what do you want this time?" Shaggy asked angrily. "First, you tricked us and let the Shedder take our bodies and our ex-friends' too! What's next?"
   "My help!" Ada shouted. Everyone was confused. "All this was to help you. All of you. Look, about two weeks ago..."

And she told the whole story. She had no family all her life, no home (not even an orphanage) and no money. But she did have only one thing: Faith in the Gods of the Aztecs. Two weeks ago in Brazil, a man called Oroku Saki found her and convince her to go to the temple of the Aztecs and find the lost treasures that Cortez never found. He arranged a crew to help her found the jewels. He promised her that they would be safe in a New York museum and it seemed to be true but she discovered he had been lying all the time when Stockman's mousers attacked the museum. She was in the building when it happened, but she escaped by the nearest Fire Exit.

"Wait! What about the other crew members?" asked Mikey.
   "They were Purple Dragons," sighed Ada. "They betrayed me, too."

She followed the mousers to the docks which was where the Shedder was telling the Foot his plan and planning to go to Spain and unleash Acolnahuacat, the God of the Underworld. Then she disguised herself as a maid on that cruise and hoped to stop the Shredder, but then she saw something special in Raphael, Scooby Doo and Shaggy Rogers.

"Hmm, first time I've ever felt really special," smiled Raph.
   "But still she like used us!" moaned Shaggy.
   "But why did you have our brains taken out of our bodies?" asked Velma.
   "Yeah, why couldn't we have stronger bodies or model bodies?" asked Mikey.
   "Because this isn't like technology you can tamper with to get into private security areas," replied Ada. "Only demons from the underworld can fight Acolnahuacat. Human bodies are no match for him, no matter how clever or skilled they are."
   "Or Turtles, for that matter," moaned Donny.
   "Listen!" Leo cried out. "Master Splinter is always telling us it's our minds and spirits that lead us to victory, not our bodies and weapons."
   "But what about our voices?" asked Velma. "Why do we and the monsters that have our bodies sound the same?"
   "Even I don't know all the power of the Aztec Gods," confessed Ada.
   "What is happening to our real bodies?" asked Daphne.
   "Now this is the reason why I was thrown in here," Ada said.

After the experiments were finished, she had planned to store the bodies in a room, where they will be safe. But, sadly, the Shredder found out, took the bodies and used the minds of the creatures the heroes are in now so, when the attack comes, they will be framed for unleashing Acolnahuacat in the first place.

"Let me guess," interrupted Mikey. "The Shredder defeats Acol... Nal – you know who and he gets a reward."
   "The ultimate rewards: The power to rule the living and the dead," said Ada. "Which the Shredder intends to unleash at Retrio Park tonight!"
   "We must get out of here!" cried Fred.
   "But, like, how?" asked Shaggy.
   "I'm on it," said Donny, looking around the cell.
   Then the cell door opened. Everyone saw a small boy outside the cell.
   "Pat!" cried Shaggy and Raph.
   "Yes, I know, it's you guys," smiled Pat.
   "But how?" asked Raph.
   "These guys helped," replied Pat. Outside the cell, a man and a woman revealed themselves.
   "April! Casey!" cried the Turtles, feeling very pleased and happy to see them.
   "What have you guys done to yourselves?" asked April.
   "Well..." began Leo.
   "We know already," interrupted Casey. "Pat here fired up the previous security camera footage to see what happened so we're up to date."
   "Well, we're nearly up to date ourselves," said Leo.
   "The only thing we'd like or need to know is how Pat met you guys," said Raph.

When Raph and Scooby left the cruise to find Shaggy, Pat was enjoying his snorkelling, but he enjoyed it so much that he forgot to get back on the cruise. They had taken off without him! But five minutes later, a speedboat was coming. A red-hair woman in a purple bikini was driving the boat while the strong man in green summer shorts was water-skiing behind her. The woman was obviously April and anyone could predict that the man was Casey. They were still on their vacation. April stopped the boat, causing Casey to fall on the boat.
   "April, what the shell?" Casey demanded to know.
   "There's a boy in the sea," April told him.
   Casey saw the boy and that he was drowning because he had in the sea too long. Casey dived in and brought Pat up to the boat.
   "What are you doing out here all by yourself, kid?" asked Casey.
   "My name is Pat," said Pat. "And would you believe me if I said I was with a man, a dog and a giant green turtle who wears a red bandana?"
   And of course they would! Pat remembered seeing Raph and Scooby swimming away towards outer sea and April knew that was somewhere near Alicante. So they went. They found a secret lair and waited for the Shedder and his army to leave. April thought the guys might be in the building and in trouble if they weren't fighting the Shedder.

   "And you were right!" Leo smiled. "Come on, guys. Let's get out of here and go save the world." Everyone walked out.

Raph jumped next to Leo. "Whatever you command, Leo," Raph warned, "I will do it, but only for Master Splinter. It's not because I think you're a wonderful leader."
   "You know what, Raph? I wash my hands off you," snapped Leo. "You've done enough, what with taking our bodies and our friends' bodies away and bringing little kids into this scheme."
   "Well, at least I'm good at choosing allies!" shouted Raph. "Better than when you decided to join the Shredder and his armies and getting us involved with that City War in New York and – "
   "Right, that's it!" Leo screamed, who stopped walking. "Is that why you don't believe in me? So I made a few mistakes in my life, so what? You made – "
   "Guys!" interrupted Casey. "Donny and April need to work out how to get out of here."
   Raph and Leo went silent and gave each a cold shoulder.
   April and Donny worked on the computers. "This should open the gate and if it does..." Donny muttered to April, as he typed on the keyboards. Then the giant door opened and they could see sunset.
   "Come on, everyone, let's get to the park before nightfall!" cried Fred. Everyone ran out for the gate, but it came down quickly! Everyone was surprised. There was a mean laughter. They turned to see Stockman standing next to the computer.
   "Well done, my monastery friends!" chuckled Stockman. "Very clever of you to figure a way out, but you're still not as smart as me!" He pressed a red button and the room went red and wailed with alarms. "You have a whole minute to find a way out."
   "So do you, Stockman," Donny pointed out. "You're blowing yourself up along with us."
   "Am I?" smiled Stockman as he vanished. He was a hologram.
   Everyone looked around. There was no way to get out. They had no weapons or anything to break the giant door down. There were no windows. There was not even a fire extinguisher in the room to do anything. The gang was giving up. No one had an idea at all and they were giving up all already.
   Then Pat pointed up. "Anyone noticed the sky hatch?" he asked.
   "But how do we get up there?" asked Donny.
   "Don, fly me upwards and I'll open the hatch and hold it while you help everyone out," Raph told him.
   "Raph, if you think this is going to make everything – "
   "Tell me off later, but now let's get everyone out!" Raph snapped.
   Donny quickly grabbed Raph and flew up to the hatch. He threw his quick-tempered brother to the hatch and he opened the hatch like he promised. And one by one Donny picked and flew everyone to the top of the roof.
   At twenty seconds left, all that was left was Pat, who was checking the countdown. The building had started to rumble and part of the balcony fell above of him. He was unhurt, but trapped.
   Raph used all of his strength to push the whole hatch to as far as it will go. He dropped down and lifted the balcony off. Pat rolled out. Donny flew down and picked them both, but they were both heavy. Raph dropped down and Donny could fly up easily.
   "What? Raph!"
   "Just get the kid to safety! I'll get out somehow!"
   Donny sadly flew out of the building with Pat.

They landed outside the building where everyone was waiting.
   "Where's Raph?" asked Leo.
   Donny couldn't answer. Then the building exploded. Everyone bowed their heads in sadness.
   "In the end, he risked his life for us," said Leo.
   "Yeah, he seemed rough and tough, but I know he was a good Turtle," said Donny.
   "Yeah, I know he was a Turtle up his own shell and he was a muscled-bound – "
   "Moron?" asked a voice.
   "Yeah, a muscled-bound moron, but – " Then Mikey jumped. Everyone turned around to see Raph standing there!
   "Raph! You're alive!" everyone cried.
   "How did you get out?" asked Fred.
   Raph stepped one step away and revealed –
   "Master Splinter!" cried Leo, Donny and Mikey.
   "Yes, my sons," smiled the old rat. "I have followed to Spain by plane since you disobeyed me and went off."
   "But how do you know it's us, Master Splinter?" asked Donny.
   "Like you friend Miss Dickson said, and me for that matter," said Splinter, "it is not your body or your weapons that gets your missions done, but your mind and your spirit that gets the job done."
   "So you're not mad with all the troubles that we've done to ourselves and others?" asked Mikey. "And that goes for Raph, too."
   "Well..." Master Splinter. "I am disappointed. Especially with you, Raphael. For running away just because I give you more lessons than your brothers."
   "Forgive me for not looking that way, Master Splinter," said Raph, "but one lesson I remember you giving me was that 'to be true to yourself'. And that's what I was doing. I actually thought it would do all of us good if I left."
   "That's why I stuck with you, Raph," said Shaggy. "I feel the same the way my friends have been treating me."
   "Re roo," agreed Scooby.
   "Besides, Sensei," Raph went on, "I don't see why I should take a leaf out of Leo's 'wise guy' book or Donny's techno book or Mikey's joke book."
   "You are missing the point..." Splinter began.
   "Master Splinter," interrupted Fred. "I'm sorry to interrupt your class, but we must get to Madrid by sunset, or the Shredder is going to unleash the evil god from the underworld."
   "We will discuss this later," Splinter told his sons severely. "Right now let us get to Madrid." He led them to the nearest beach.
   "It will take us about four and a half hours to get there," Velma pointed out. "We will never get there in time. Only in time to see Spain and the world in ruins."
   "Now, Miss Dinkley, you must not think like that," Splinter told her. "I always say, 'When there is a will, there is a way.'"
   "I don't remember him ever saying that," Donny whispered to Mikey. Splinter turned to them as if he heard them. Donny gulped.
   "And this is my idea to prove it," Splinter said, as they reached the beach. They were standing next to a big metal stealth-like plane painted with turtle colour.
   "Is that my Turtle Stealth?" asked Donny. "You came here in that?"
   "Yes, Donatello," answered Splinter. "Now get in! I will fly!"
   "What?" exclaimed Donny, who was very fond of his inventions.
   "I flew here to Spain and I had no trouble flying," Splinter said as he got in the cockpit. Everyone strapped in. "Except for the take-off and the landing."
   "What?" Now everyone was worried and they had a right to be. Splinter kept on forgetting where the 'Start' button was and when the plane did take off, it was rolling on the sand and it looked like it was crashing on the sea, before it finally took off.
   "I feel sicker on this plane than when I woke up in my new body," moaned Mikey.
   "Ri rouldn't rargee rore!" agreed Scooby.
   But there was no time to lose and the plane was on its way.

To Be Continued...

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