Attitudes and Appetites

Mystery Inc. joins the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a quest to grab Cortez's long lost Aztec jewels before the Shredder does...


8. Part Eight

BOOM! Everything went white and then everything went clear. The sky was blue and the sun was shining like Atzec gold. The mountain was undamaged as if Acolnahuacatl was never there. In fact, Acolnahuacatl was not there at all! He seemed to have vanished.
   "Oh," groaned Mikey. "What happened? What's going on?" He felt like he needed a stretch so he stretched his arms He stopped. In front of his eyes, he saw green turtle hands.
   "Er, guys?" he called. "Are you seeing..."
   "Yes, Mikey!" Donny cheered. "It's good, isn't it?"
   "Like, I'm back in my own body!" Shaggy exclaimed happily.
   "Yes, you all are," Splinter smiled as he saw his sons and Mystery Inc. all back in their own grown bodies.
   "Where's Acolnahuacatl?" asked Leo.
   "He is vanquished and gone back rot to the underworld where he belongs," Splinter told him.
   "Ada really has some girl power," April said.
   "Ada!" Shaggy gasped. He ran to the bottom of the mountain where Acolnahuacatl was last seen before vanishing into a ball of white flames. He was shocked to find Ada unconscious on the rocky floor. He turned her around and saw her beautiful face.
   "Shaggy, you're alive," she smiled weakly.
   "Like, don't worry, Ada," said Shaggy. "I'm going to get you all the help you need." He tried to pick her up.
   "No!" she shouted. "I'm not going to make it."
   "What?" asked Shaggy.
   "My time has come to enter the Heavens and defend it from the Underworld," Ada explained.
   "But I thought we defeated Acolnahuacatl," said Donny, as he and everyone gathered behind Shaggy and Ada.
   "Acolnahuacatl is no longer alive," Ada told them, "but the demons in the Underworld still remain and there is no Gods or warriors up in the Heavens to take charge of, so I must go alone."
   "Take me with you!" shouted Shaggy, getting all emotional. "Raph, help me! You can do it!"
   "Sorry, Shaggy, but I can't and it won't make things any better," Raph sighed.
   "Besides, this isn't a fun job and you won't be happy," said Ada. "And I would be even unhappier if you were up there so miserable. Promise me you'll stay down here, look after your friends, help others and have a good life."
   "But – "
   "Promise, Shaggy," said Ada, gasping for air. "Promise."
   "I promise," Shaggy finally said, as he lowered his head.
   "Thank you," said Ada. She leaned forward and kissed Shaggy on the lips. "Thank you for everything." She lied back down again. "Goodbye."
   Shaggy held Ada's hand until it went stone cold. Shaggy sniffed, wiping the tears out of his eyes. Everyone was sad for him. No one knew what to say or do. Then Splinter walked forward and put his hand on Shaggy's shoulder.
   "She really loved you, Shaggy," he said. "She loved you like no other person in this world. She may have died, but she did not die in vain. You helped her defeated her worse enemy and she is grateful to you for that."
   "Master Splinter, I hate to interrupt," called Leo, "but we got company." 
   "What company?" asked Raph, drawing out his Sais.
   "Not that sort of company," Leo told him. "I meant the Spanish Police and Army is here!"
   "My sons, let us hide," ordered Splinter. Then he turned to all the humans. "I leave the public in your hands. Good luck!" With that, he and the Turtles vanished behind the other side of the mountain.
   The Police and the Army met up with Mystery Inc. Then the royal guards pushed through them.
   "Inclinarse ante su majestad, rey Juan Carlos!" ordered the Captain.
   "What?" everyone exclaimed.
   "I think he means bow down," Velma thought, bowing down.
   "For what?" asked Daphne.
   "For him," replied Velma. Everyone looked to see the King of Spain walking towards them. Everyone bowed down.
   "Espanol?"asked the King. "Francaise? Deutsch? English?"
   "Yes, Your Majesty," replied Fred.
   "My friends, I and my country are forever in your debt," smiled the King. "Tomorrow I will declare the day a national holiday to celebrate your brave and selfless victory against the Evil Aztec God. Who do I have the honour knowing the names of the heroes?"
   "There is, like, only one hero, Your Majesty," said Shaggy. "Patrick here."
   "Yeah, he was the brains of defeating the Evil God," Daphne added.
   "Patrick, raise," the King said. Patrick shyly obeyed.
   "Your Majesty, I couldn't have defeated them without my friends here," said Pat.
   April had a radio in her pocket and it was on. On the other side, Donny held his radio out, so he, his brothers and Splinter could hear.
   "I also have to thank five more friends who are publicity-shy, but nonetheless helped to save the world."
   The Turtles and Splinter smiled at Pat's modesty.
   "May I know their names?" asked the King on the radio.

"Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and their Master Splinter," Pat finished for his speech in the garden of the Royal Palace of Madrid. His audience was Mystery Inc., April and Casey, the Royal Family, Dukes and Duchesses and a lot of citizens who applauded him.
   "I must also mention," Pat went on, "that I am sorry to say that we lost one friend. A woman who was beautiful not just in looks but by her knowledge of the Aztecs, as she was a long Aztec descendant. Without her, this world would have ceased to exist. And so on behalf of the entire world, I thank you, Adalina Dickson."
   Everyone applauded more.
   The King came to him. Pat bowed down. "Patrick O'Boyle, by the power invested in me, I hereby dub you Sir Patrick O'Boyle and award you the Spanish Golden Medal." He pinned it on Pat's shirt.
   Then the King turned to Mystery Inc., Casey and April and ordered to come to him. They all bowed down. He made April, Daphne and Velma Ladies of Spain and gave them Spanish Silver Medals. He gave the newly-dubbed Sirs Fred and Shaggy Spanish Silver Medals. He just gave Casey a Spanish Bronze Medal. He was about to moan, but April nudged him to bow down, smile and walk away.
   The King turned to Scooby Doo, who bowed like a dog would. His Majesty crotched to him and put a Spanish Golden Medal on his collar. Everyone cheered.
   "Oh, Pat?" he called to the brave Irish boy. "If and when you can, give these medals to your shy friends."
   "I will, Your Majesty," smiled Pat, taking the medals.
   The King turned to the crowd. "Vamos a comenzar las celebraciones!"
   And what a day it turned out to be. Vast feasts, talented dancers dancing, children playing games and everyone having a great time, Pat had never had a day like this in his entire life.

When night time came, Pat and his friends went to the darkest part of the Royal Garden, where Master Splinter and his sons were waiting.
   "I'm sorry I kept you waiting, guys," Pat apologized, giving his friends plates of Spanish pizzas.
   "Nothing to be ashamed about, Patrick," smiled Splinter. "You giving those speeches about us are enough for us."
   "No, it's not," Pat said happily, giving them the Medals. "By Order of the King of Spain." He gave one to Leo, Donny, Mikey and... Where was Raph? Pat looked around and saw that he was high in the nearest tallest tree.
   Pat climbed up the tree and showed Raph the medal he earned. "By order of the King of Spain," he said.
   "For running away from my family, for letting one of my friends get into a relationship that quickly ended, for being a pain in a shell and a disappointing brother and son?"
   "Raphael!" called Master Splinter. "Come down here."
   Raph did all he was told and bowed before his master.
   "Raphael, you realise your mistakes and have learned from them," said Splinter, "but maybe this whole battle could have been a very different story if things had not played out the way it did. Besides Adaline is not dead; her body maybe forever in sleep, but her spirit lives and fights on in the Heavens. So stop dwelling on your mistakes and celebrate all the good things you have done."
   "Raph, can I say something?" asked Shaggy.
   "Go ahead," said Raph.
   "I always was and always will be a coward, but you helped me become more like a man than I ever was," said Shaggy.
   "Rand Ri reel rore rike ra rog!" Scooby growled viciously. Then he chuckled.
   "And I wouldn't have become who and what I was today without you, Raph," Pat joined in. "So thank you..."
   "Master!" smiled Scooby, Shaggy and Pat.
   "No, no," Raph chuckled politely. "I'm not a master. It's not me who helped you what you became today. It's you who helped me. Helping you actually helped me more. Before I met you, I thought everyone was happy if I was out of their lives and they were out of mine, but, thanks to you, I realise what I was missing and now I got it back, so thank you, guys."
   "That was really moving, Raphael," smiled Splinter.
   "That was really touching, Raph!" said Donny.
   "Yeah, that made me feel really good, Raph," said Leo, putting his arm around his brother.
   "I meant everything I said," Raph told him, "and you are my oldest brother, but I still don't look up to you."
   "Still, Raph, the King insists," said Pat, giving him the medal. "And so do I."
   Then the sound of a crowd came into the Royal Garden. Pat looked out and gasped. "It's my parents and the kids and everyone on my cruise. They must be looking for me."
   "Go on, Patrick," said Splinter. "It is time for us to go, too. But I do hope we shall meet again."
   "Goodbye! Good luck!" everyone said.
   "Take care of yourself," smiled Raph.
   "Goodbye!" smiled Pat as he went to the crowd. Everyone climbed onto the tallest tree and saw Pat being hugged by his parents, being greeted by the kids who were his new friends and the crew congratulating him.
   "What shall we do?" asked Mikey.
   "Well, we can't go back to New York until I repair the Turtle Stealth, which will take no less than two weeks," Donny said.
   "Then we are stuck here for a fortnight," moaned Splinter.
   "Well, I could do with a vacation," said Daphne.
   "Me too!" agreed Raph.
   Everyone agreed.
   "Hey, April, any rooms in the hotel you're staying at?" asked Mikey.
   April and Casey looked at each other. When they were on their romantic getaway, they were hoping they could have a break from all the madness their friends get into, but when they did their bit to help the Turtles, it made them feel good and realise how much they missed them. They smiled and nodded.
   "Plenty," April answered happily.
   "Then let's go!" cried Leo.
   They happily jumped down and ran out of the garden.
   "Scooby Dooby Doo!" cried Scooby Doo.

Back at Retrio Park, Ch'rell was still laying on the floor. He had not moved since he summoned Acolnahuacatl. Then his eyes opened! He saw the groaning Foot Soldiers alive, but barely standing. He heard Hun and Stockman groan as they got up.
   "You!" Ch'rell shouted, as he got into his Shredder suit. He grabbed Hun and Stockman by the throats. "You two betrayed me!"
   "Forgive me, Master," begged Hun. "It was the power in those jewels that got the better of me."
   "Yeah," joined in Stockman. "Even my genius brain is not immune to the powers of those jewels. Besides, if the Turtles defeated that evil god, and I'm pretty sure they did, they will return to New York and they will be ready for your revenge."
   The Shredder growled and then he let them go.
   "You had better be right this time," shouted the Shredder. "Foot Ninja, let us return to New York! For yet some unfinished business..."


• Written by Bobby South

• Scooby Doo created by Hanna-Barbera Productions

• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

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