In which a bullied Luke is saved by a shadowed figure. A figure that has been running with the wolves since he was three. When no one believes Luke he decides to investigate by himself, and what he finds is Ashton


1. 0.1


"Stop! Please!" I sobbed as they continued to beat me.

"It's what you get, you little fag." One of my classmates said spitting on me.

I whimpered as one of their shoe clad feet connected with my stomach. I heard their hyena like laughter as they kicked me around. I could feel the blood dripping down my face, some falling onto my lips. The matalic taste of it making me sick to my stomach. I tried curling into a fetal position but one of them grabbed my legs and started to pull.

I screamed and clawed at the ground, earth and dead leaves finding it's way under my nails. With all my strength I thrashed around trying anything to get them to let me go. The side of my face was hit with a shoe and I let go of the ground, my hands going to cover my cheeck.

Warm tears rolled down my face as I gave up and let them take me. I didn't bother making any noise as the ground cut my back. I could hear them talking but I couldn't make out what they were saying. The leaves crunching made it hard to hear.

"It's this way!" I heard one of them yell and I looked over.

The guys who had my legs turned and dragged me the other way. All I could see was trees and leaves. Dread filled in me as I felt the earth tilt. My hand instinctively reached out and I grabbed a tree root. The guys who were pulling me jerked to a stop.

"What the fuck." One of them said and elbowed the back of my leg. I cried out but didn't let go.

"What's taking so long?! The waters perfect!"

I screamed. I was a decent swimmer but with a handful of boys who dispised my existence I don't think the outcome will be pretty. Leaves crunched and I saw one of them coming over from the trees. I tightened my grip on the tree and silently started to say my goodbyes.

"What's taking so long?" The boy asked once he gets to us.

"The fag won't let go!"

I heard a heavy sigh and then a sharp pain erupted in my side. I screamed and my hands slipped from the root. They pulled me away before I could grab it again and started pulling again.

I started sobbing hesterically. I would've probably passed out if I had been standing. My body was shaking and it was hard to breath. I didn't even feel when they stopped moving and dropped me. I could taste the bile in the back of my throat fighting to come up.

"Hey, dicksucker," a boys says snapping his finger in front of my face."can you swim?" He asked smirking.

My eyes grew and I opened my mouth to protest but it was soon filled with water. I started to freak out and thrash around. Once my head broke the surface of the water I gasped and sputtered for air. I could hear their laughter ringing in my ears. A hand came down on the back of my head and pushed me down. Water filled my senses and I screamed into the cold liquid.

My hair was pulled and my head jerked up, my scalp burning from the harsh grip. Deafening laughter pounded into my ears but was soon replaced with water as my head was pushed back into the water. My lungs felt frozen as the water filled them. I could feel my strength leave me, finger by finger.

My head was once again pulled up but instead of sick animalistic laughter blood curdling screams filled the air. My lungs took that as its chance to heave up all the water. I collapsed on the ground in a heap, water running from my mouth. My body was shaking and I had no control.

The screams vanished and I shakily looked around. The boys had disappeared. I scanned the treeline for any signs of them but there was nothing. I coughed and struggled to sit up, wincing. I sucked in a breath as pain radiated throughout my abdomen. I pulled up my shirt with shaky hands. My stomach looked like a canvas and the artist had gotten mad so he decided to throw all his paint at it.

I reached down and poked one of the many bruises. I hissed at the pain and made a face. I dropped my shirt as I heard crunching. I looked up and saw a tall dark figure hiding in the shadows of the treeline. I gulped. I was going to die.


So that's the 1st chapter. I hope you like it. Like and comment. It would mean alot. This is also on Wattpad.

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