Your Lucky Day.

Please forgive me if this isn't the best, it's my first fanfic. Chapters are still coming, Hope you like it ��.
Made for all Niall Girls ;)


1. Suprise, Suprise

Darcy's POV

It's my birthday today, there is only one thing I asked for A One Direction Ticket. I always ask for the same thing but can never get it due to the cost.

I walked downstairs to see mum and dad awake cooking breakfast, they said 'Happy Birthday' and passed me a card. I opened the card to find money another envelope and the card. I proceeded to open the other envelope and almost screamed they had bought me a One Direction Ticket and a VIP ticket.

The next Suprise was that the tickets were for TONIGHT! I ran to my room and started to get ready to meet the loves of my life.


I'm on my way to the concert and I'm happy as ever, not long and I'll meet them. I don't like choosing favourites but i have a soft spot for Niall James Horan. I can't wait to hear them in concert for the first time, and even better I'm front row in the middle.

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