One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


56. Zayn Malik 8

~Now that you can’t have me
You suddenly want me
Now that I’m with somebody else
You tell me you love me
I slept on your doorstep
Begging for one chance
Now that I finally moved on
You say that you miss all alone

Kennedy POV

I made my way around the university campus, tossing my long black hair over my shoulder. It was about a five minute walk still to my lecture theatre, but I only had two minutes to get there to be on time. And I didn’t want to miss the lecture. Not with him in the room.
I share lectures with Zayn Malik. Yes, Zayn Malik from One Direction. He’s my best friend. I’d known him from back before he went on X Factor. Back when he wanted to be a Drama or English teacher. I’ve always wanted to go out with him because he’s such an awesome person, but I’ve never had the courage or forwardness to ask. And I’m pretty sure it can’t happen now, because every girl will want to be clinging onto his arm. Still, it’s good hanging out with him. The fame hasn’t gotten to his head yet, and I’m hoping it never will.

I was dressed in my usual Indies attire. I had on a knee-length skirt that puffs out at the bottom at least a foot out from my waistline, a white shirt with a print of Japan on the front, and my awesome ‘like a boss’ kick-ass black boots that buckle up halfway up my legs. My trademark owl necklace is sitting on my front, hanging on a thick silver chain. I have a full front fringe with my long hair curled as usual at the back, an old shoelace used as a hippie-looking hairband around my head.
Yes, my favourite genre of music is Indies. Actually, I’m in my own small Indie Rock band called Mother Architecture. Random name, yes, but seeing as half of our members are studying Architecture at university, it seemed fitting. And we all love our mums…

Who do you think you are
Who do you think I am
You only loved to see me breaking
You only want me cause I’m taken
You don’t really want my heart
No, you just like to know you can
You’ll be the one who gets it breaking
You only want me when I’m taken

“Hey Zayn, vas happenin’?” I asked, copying him. He chuckled.
“Not much bro!” He often tried to be gangster. It never worked.
“I can’t physically be your bro. For one, we’re not related. And I’m actually not a guy, believe it or not.” He punched me on the arm.
“I know that, its obvious you’re a girl. God, look at what you’re wearing!” I flicked him on the nose.
“Look but don’t touch, ay?” He growled and took a seat.
“Whatever Trevor.” I poked my tongue out at him.
“It’s Kennedy, not Trevor. You know that.” He scowled at me playfully. “Idiot.” Before we could continue our verbal war, the lecturer marched into the room, dumped his gear on the front table and linked up his computer to the projector, warranting a hush from the inhabitants of the room. Zayn rolled his eyes at me. This was a boring lecture with a boring lecturer. I braced myself for boredom.

I mumbled to myself and began writing lyrics throughout my notebook. Zayn watched, occasionally stealing my pen and scrawling a word or two into my unfinished sentences, giving me a look. I always glared at him when he came up with just the word to fit. He knew me too well. I turned the page over after the lyrics were done and started brainstorming some guitar riffs. I knew this would be an awesome song when I’d finally written it all. I thought for a moment, contemplative. I scrunched my nose and began sticking some notes in the manuscript paper. A darker song, so I’d keep it in a minor key, mainly E minor and D minor because they were easy to go from one to the other. Maybe a diminished seventh? Nah. A drum beat came to mind. I quickly tapped it out on the notepad before me, smiling as I did so. That was a keeper. Lucky for me, the lecturer was completely out of it today. He didn’t notice neither of us were paying attention.

You’re messing with my head
Girl that’s what you do best
Saying there’s nothing you won’t do
To get me to say it
You’re impossible to resist
But I wouldn’t bet your heart on it
It’s like I’m finally awake
And you’re just a beautiful mistake

Zayn POV

Kennedy was being as creative as usual, writing up lyrics spontaneously. She’s so amazing like that. I watched her in fascination as she tapped down a few rhythms and wrote out a few chords that I knew would fit perfectly with the words. Ed the drummer, Shaun the bassist and Kennedy, both vocalist and guitarist, made up the Indie band Mother Architecture. They weren’t signed yet, but I knew once someone found them out, they’d be big. Just with Kennedy’s singing alone, that was all they needed to reach the top of the charts. They wrote their own songs, they designed their own clothes, they were bound to make it one day. Perhaps she’d be even more famous than me and One Direction.

But there was one thing that had to happen before they went global. One thing that meant everything to me. I was going to ask her out. I wasn’t sure when, but it was going to happen. She was gorgeous and talented. Endowed with wide, chocolate brown eyes, tanned skin, moderate curves and that long black hair that flitted down her back like waves on the ocean, she was beautiful and attractive. I loved her style. She was Indies. Different from all the girls that wore their Supre or whatever shop brand that all the girls wore. No, Kennedy made her own clothes; she bought the materials, fabrics and stitched them together to create something new. She was artistic, mysterious and interesting. All that I looked for in a girl was embodied in her.

Who do you think you are
Who do you think I am
You only loved to see me breaking
You only want me cause I’m taken
You don’t really want my heart
No, you just like to know you can
You’ll be the one who gets it breaking
You only want me when I’m taken

I lifted my head from her notebook, noticing that we were almost through the whole of the lecture. I hadn’t been taking notes, and I was already behind as it was. I didn’t actually pay attention to any of the lecturers here at university, but I didn’t really have to. I already had a place in One Direction, so my job for the rest of my life was pretty much assured. But hers wasn’t. I usually took notes for her and explained the coursework to her so she could pass.
Actually, come to think of it, I’m only in this course because I want to be with her.

I sat there, suddenly resigned. I was wasting my time here. If I ask her out, I don’t have to come to these lectures. I’ve got quite a bit of money in my bank account from CD sales alone. Enough to support both of us, and perhaps enough to get her and Mother Architecture noticed by the media. If I dated her, maybe the paparazzi would get interested and find her talents.
So that’s what I’ll do. I’ll ask her out. Then we can finally be together…

Thank you for showing me
Who you are underneath
Thank you I don’t need
Another heartless misery
You think I’m doing this to make you jealous
And I know that you hate to hear this
But this is not about you anymore

Kennedy POV

I stood up the minute the lecture finished, intent on running to the guys to let them know that I’d got another song up. I knew Shaun could always make up his bass parts within minutes, but I was really interested in how Ed would find the drum part I’d written. I was brought out of my thoughts by a familiar voice.
“Vas happenin’?” Zayn stood up next to me.
“Well, I’m gonna take this to the guys. Wanna come?” I asked, holding up the notebook. He nodded.
“Yeah, I wanna hear what you’ve done with that!”

It didn’t take too long to reach the lecture rooms dedicated to Architecture. Out of all the days on the two week cycle, today was one of only two days when our lectures actually coincided and we were on campus on the same day. Today, after class, we would usually go over to Shaun’s house to muck about on our instruments or play fruitless hours of Halo on his Xbox 360.
“Guys, I’ve got a new song!” I called, running up to them.
“Well then, let’s go see what it’s like!” Ed announced, throwing his arms above his head extravagantly, pulling them into a stretch. “Oh, hey Zayn,” he greeted, noticing the tall dark figure in the background.

Who do you think you are
Who do you think I am
You only loved to see me breaking
You only want me cause I’m taken
You don’t really want my heart
No, you just like to know you can
You’ll be the one who gets it breaking
You only want me when I’m taken

Shaun stuck the keys in his front door and pushed it open, waving us all in. Zayn took his usual seat in the corner of the room, watching as we all tuned up and the other guys ran a few times through my ideas.
“Awesome drum part. Anyone would guess you actually played drum. Not too easy, not too hard, but it sounds much more sophisticated than most drum parts I’ve seen!” Ed seemed happy.
“Thanks. How about you, Shaun? Got any bass part to go with that?” He nodded.
“Yeah. An easy fit. Nice pick of chords.” I nodded. It was time to get started. I set up the mike on a stand and slung the guitar over my head.

I watched Zayn closely as we played through the song. He had really taken to it, constantly staring at me as I delivered the lyrics in a clear, expressive voice. When we’d finally finished, he stood up, clapping enthusiastically.
“That was amazing guys!” he said, running up to me. “You’re all really talented.” What came next was completely unexpected. He grabbed my chin, tilting it upwards, until his lips met mine. After a few seconds we both pulled apart.
“Zayn?” I stated with wide eyes. “Uh, why did you kiss me?” He looked me up and down.
“Why does I guy usually kiss a girl? Because I like you, Kennedy.” I blushed.
“Oh, Zayn and Kennedy, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Shaun sang. I slapped him.
“Be mine?” Zayn asked. I just nodded.
“Hell yeah!”

Now that you can’t have me
You suddenly want me

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