One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


47. Zayn Malik 7

~“Remind me why I’m seeing this stupid movie with you again?” I asked loudly. My friend Emma just shrugged.
“We like horror, and you don’t. Therefore, because there are more of us than you, we see horror.” I growled at her and smacked her playfully on the head.
“Em, I’m not that stupid. But seriously. Why this movie? It looks dodgy and creepy and… just eww.” Emma and the other girls laughed at me.
“Come on, its only called Chain Letter. It was out last year, but it didn’t have long in the cinemas so they decided to screen it again for this week. Don’t be too scared, I’m sure you’d guess the plot by now. You’re smart like that.”
“Yeah, I’m guessing some people are stalked and then they have to pass on a chain letter or something and there’s probably some murderer in it as well. Probably if they don’t pass on the letter the murderer will kill them.” Emma slapped me in annoyance.

“Oh my God, Belle, just go and ruin the whole storyline for us.”
“I wasn’t ruining it, and I could be wrong anyways. I was just using the conventions of horror film. Everyone knows that there’s a murderer or at least some kind of morbid killer in a horror film. What’s more, using the title, and BAM! There you are, simple but effective plot line.”
“But knowing you you’re 100% right.”
“Oh shut up. Why couldn’t we just watch the Notebook?” I asked pointedly. She shrugged.
“Half of us have seen that already.”

Petty conversation was ended as we all shuffled into the cinema. Although it was already passed dinner I had decided to buy myself a large popcorn. Well, you could always empty out the contents of the container on the floor and stick it on your head in the scary bits. Which is probably what I’ll do. So we all marched in and took our seats. And, as luck would have it, I was sitting dead in the middle.
“I’m not liking this,” I mumbled to myself, taking my seat. But then I turned around and noticed a hot guy sitting next to me.
“OK, maybe things are getting better,” I muttered under my breath.
“What?” the guy turned to look at me. He had dark hair that seemed to defy gravity. Woah, he must use a stack of hair gel. He also had gorgeous, large and expressive eyes. Total hottie. But I could have sworn I recognized that face somewhere.
“Hi!” I said, holding out my hand. “The name’s Belle Tyler. And just so you know I’m really not good with horror movies so I might commando roll over you for the exit later.” The guy gave me a warm smile.
“I’m not good with horror either. I was dragged here by my friends.” He nodded to a group of boys. A whole bunch of more familiar faces.
“I’m Zayn Malik,” he whispered the name in my ear. “Nice to meet you Belle.”

The lights were dimmed and the movie began rolling. It was scary from the word go. First thing you see is a woman with her legs chained to two cars. Her head is covered in duct tape, and fear radiates as she realizes where she is. A man starts the first car, unaware of what will happen if he leaves. A second woman watches, tries to warn the man, but she’s too late. In the first five minutes I’m already cringing.
“Jesus Christ,” I cuss under my breath. I tilt my head to see if Zayn’s alright with this, but he’s just sitting there staring, wide eyes. I grabbed his hand and gave it a tight squeeze.
“I’m going to get nightmares,” he whispers to me. I nod vigorously.

We both turn to once again face the movie. It’s about halfway through, and my prediction was correct. Some girl called Jessica receives a chain mail from her friend Rachael who got it from her brother. And now she’s all concerned because people are dropping dead around her. And those are the people she chain mailed. There’s a particularly graphic scene, and it’s going to be stuck in my head for at least the next decade, if not longer. There’s a man, presumably one of Jessica’s friends, called Johnny. He didn’t send the message on. So he’s in a gym, doing what you usually do in gyms. He stoops to get a drink from the water fountain, and BAM!, he’s smacked in the back of the head repeatedly by some creepy hooded guy that reminds me of a Death Eater from Harry Potter. But that’s not all. Oh no. He’s chained by his arms and legs to a gym set and slowly you hear cracking sounds as his bones are splintered. And for the sake of keeping you sane I’ll stop there.

“Zayn, I can’t stand this, so I’ll be doing that commando roll over you now.” He grinned at me.
“Thought you’d never leave. But I’m coming with you, I don’t like this and I quite frankly don’t want to see the ending of this,” I nodded, throwing the leftover popcorn across at Emma.
“I’m ditching you guys, have fun.” I grabbed Zayn’s hand and he led me out of the theatre, to do things more civilized.
We walked across to the nearest coffee shop and he ordered for the both of us.
“My treat,” he told me. I raised my eyebrows and smirked at him.
“You’re totally in love with me,” I said jokingly. He laughed and took a seat.
“Haha, maybe.” The response confused me. Maybe he did like me? No. There could be no way. I’d only just met the guy. I knew like… nothing about him.

“So…. Tell me about yourself,” I ordered him. He laughed.
“Well, you already know my name. Uh, I’m Muslim. Half Pakistani and obviously half English.” I nodded. “I like sport, and uh… singing.” There was more he was going to say.
“OK. Well, I’m Christian. All English, although my mum says there’s some American blood in there somewhere which amounts to pretty much the same thing.” I thought for a second. “Likes include dancing, making friends, reading… obviously not horror movies…” I giggled at myself. Man, I sounded so girly.
“Cool.” Our hot chocolates were brought to us. Zayn had also ordered a small slice of banana bread.
“I know it’s a bit late, but you think you could go halves with me?” I nodded.
‘Thanks, but you don’t have to pay for it all.” He shook his head.
“Nah, it's the least I can do. After all, you are keeping my company out here.” I smiled at him.

It was then I decided to ask the question.
“So… singing, how’s that going?” I asked. He looked down and I noticed his ears redden. “Woah, don’t get the wrong idea. I think its cool you’re a singer. Not many guys do it, so it’s cool to be different.” He smiled warmly at me.
“Thanks,” he mumbled, taking my hand. “This is a secret, but I’m going to tell you anyway.” I nodded.
“Well, you know the X Factor…” I nodded, thinking. Cripes. Realisation finally hit.
“You don’t need to tell me anything else. I recognize you now,” I said, poking him like a crazy person. “You’re like… famous! That’s so cool!” He chuckled.
“And there I was thinking you had no idea who One Direction was.” I blushed and hid myself in my scarf.
“Hey, I knew you guys looked familiar! That’s got to count for something.” He laughed.
“You know, you’re really sweet…” he trailed off. I blushed profusely.

It was a moment perhaps the both of us knew was coming. He and I both leaned forward, so that our noses were touching. I closed my eyes and he did likewise, so that our lips finally came into contact. After a few seconds we pulled away, gasping for breath. He tasted sweet, like hot chocolate with marshmallows and melted butter. I realized I was falling in love with him.
“Wow, that was nice.” I told him, squeezing his hand. “Want to do that again?” I asked flirtingly. He gave a smirk.
“There’s plenty of time to do that later.” I sighed. “Right now the movie’s probably finishing, so we should head back. But here.” He handed me a slip of paper. “Keep in touch, beautiful?” I blushed.
“Well duh.”

So we headed back, hand in hand to the cinema. My friends and One Direction were tapping their feet on opposite sides of the theatre. I giggled. The girls hadn’t realized just how close they were to One Direction. It was actually quite funny. When we finally walked through the front doors eyes widened.
“Wait… Belle and Zayn Malik?” Emma said with wide eyes. I laughed at her.
“Em, I’ve got to say thanks for suggesting we go to a horror movie. I wouldn’t have met Zayn otherwise.” She looked at me, eyes still wide.
“Um… so what happened?” she asked.
“Well, I ditched you and had hot chocolate with Zayn Malik.” I smirked at her. “And I got his number!” I said flirtatiously, waving the slip of paper in her face. “He’s going to be my babe.”

Zayn was doing the same with his ‘friends’ that I now recognized as the rest of One Direction. He looked over at me with a smile on his face.
“So I got to go out with a hot girl after I ditched you guys,” he told them all.
“Belle.” He called me over, grabbing my hand. “You guys should see her smile…” he trailed off. I giggled and hugged him.
“Shut up Zayn, I’m not that amazing,” but even as I said that, my bright blue eyes were bursting with happiness. “You're the hot one.”
All my friends stood there flabbergasted. As did One Direction. This was going to be quite a relationship indeed.

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