One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


37. Zayn Malik 5

~Kayla POV
It was a cold and miserable day. But I didn’t mind. It was always raining in London, and despite everyone else wanting a ‘bearable’ cloudy day, I still preferred to just watch the rain fall softly from the heavens to the cold, concreted ground. Such is life. I smiled to myself, flicking my long, jet black hair over my shoulder as I stared out the window of room 24A. No one fully understood the true beauty of rain; it was a life-giver to us humans, we only lived through its falling and the plants it healed in the process of its cycle. Perhaps I am a nature lover, compared to other people, but I don’t mind that either.
“Kayla, are you in there?” my best friend Stacey waved an excited hand in my face.
“Come on Kayla, snap out of it,” she giggled, pressing her finger on my nose.
“What?” I complained, swatting her away.
“You realize only THE One Direction from X Factor are coming into school today!”
My eyes widened. They better not be coming to my class, not with the way I was dressed today! This black and grey checkered school skirt and its matching white blouse could be the ugliest of school uniforms even at the best of times. There was no way in hell I’d let him see me in this!

Yes, that’s right. For all of you who don’t know me my name is Kayla and I have the biggest crush on Zayn Malik. He is the biggest sex god in modern boy band history. He might slightly have two left feet whenever he even attempts to dance, but at least he’s not so much of a show-off as Liam is. I love his beautiful hair and especially his dark, alluring eyes. He’s also tall, which is a bonus. Even when he’s looking nerdy with his glasses on he still manages to pull off the whole I’m-too-hot-that-if-you-touch-me-I’ll-sizzle look. He’s got everything compared to a plain old English girl like me. Everything. Jeez, when the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ video came out on Youtube I did the whole fangirl scream, and then started balling my eyes out because they were just SO HOT!
So yeah, not the best idea to stick me and One Direction in the same room. I don’t know whether I’ll faint or get really shy and do something stupid that’ll embarrass me for the rest of my life!
My thoughts were cut abruptly as our annoying maths teacher, Mr Belrose, walked in. Stacey quickly jumped up off the desk and into the seat next to me.
“Class we have some special guests with us today,” he began. Oh crap, I thought, just what I need.
“Please welcome the boys from One Direction, they’ll be sharing our algebra lesson for today!” he continued excitedly. I heard a snort from the other side of the door. Stacey and I turned to each other, stifling giggles. Who in their right mind would enjoy algebra? Honestly. Mr Belrose needed to get a life. Although quite frankly it seemed he’d never get one because he was so nerdy and weird.

The boys walked in. All of the girls started to turn bright red, including me. First was Niall, followed by Harry (at this point Stacey couldn’t help but let out a squeak), then Louis, Liam and finally Zayn. I looked up at him, my face paling. For a few seconds our eyes met, a clash of icy blue and chocolate brown. It felt like an eternity, like I was falling into his dark orbs, headfirst into a wide, swirling river. I looked away as quickly as I could; I didn’t want him thinking I was some weirdo fangirl that wanted to stalk him. Although secretly I probably did want to do that… One thing I knew was certain, he was far more attractive up close and in real-life than on those beady, pixelated videos I watched of him online.
The boys all introduced themselves one by one, which earned them some well-deserved screams from the female population of the class, and a few rolled eyes and groans from the males. Mr Belrose assigned the boys to seats, and, just to make matters worse, Liam was placed to my left. I smiled welcomingly at him, muttering a tentative ‘hi’. I handed him the algebra pop quiz that was going around the room. This was going to be an awkward, bloody mess.

Zayn POV

I thought it was going to be one of those awfully boring days where all we did was sign random people’s pieces of paper they threw in our faces, but turns out I was incorrect. This school was different to all of the others we’d been to in that they actually wanted us to go into lessons. The other ones just had us all sitting down at a boring assembly or singing a song or two, shooing us off afterwards. We actually had to do work! And algebra was just so annoying…
It wasn’t too different in terms of the students though. There were always lots of younger girls following us around like lost-puppies, asking us for either a photo or autograph. Some would faint if they got within 3 metres of us. That was true with most of the girls in this room. They all stared unnervingly at us, boggle-eyed and twitchy. It was actually slightly off-putting.

But there was one girl in the classroom that stood out from all the rest. She had long, flowing black hair and the most stunning, icy-blue eyes I had ever seen. She was quite tall, and looked slightly older than her age. She also seemed very shy; at least compared to her bubbly blonde friend. I sighed under my breath as I heard Liam being placed next to her. Maybe during the break I could go over and start a conversation with her? She seemed like such a sweet girl, and besides, she wasn’t drooling on him like other girls would have. She seemed more composed.
I looked over and our eyes met. Right then, I knew that I was her favourite in One Direction. But that really didn’t worry me in the slightest. I would rather have a quiet and sweet girl like her as a fan over those crazy stalker bitches any day. I’m not sure if she felt it too, but I felt something when our eyes locked. It was like something clicked in my mind; like a fragile key fitted into a tiny lock that only I knew about.

Kayla POV

Liam was actually such a sweet kid. Despite his popularity and fame, he seemed like a very fun and laid-back person. He was actually the type of guy I’d have as a friend. But just a friend. He couldn’t fill up my heart like he could. The beautiful and eccentric Zayn Malik.
The bell rang and immediately Stacey turned and smiled widely at Liam.
“Hi,” she said casually, “I’m Stacey, what’s up?”
“Uh, hey,” Liam replied somewhat shyly, “I guess you already know who I am.”
“Yeah,” the conversation continued, and I cringed as Stacey kept bombarding Liam with random questions. That girl could get embarrassing, but I’d always stick by her as a friend. I jumped when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

There was only one person who sounded like that. And that person was him. Come on Kayla, don’t do anything stupid!
“Hi,” I responded quietly. Zayn pulled up a chair.
“Ah Zayn,” Liam began, trying to weave his way away from Stacey. “How’d you find the algebra pop quiz?” I watched with a nervous smile as Zayn responded quite animated to Liam. I blushed when I noticed that despite he was talking to Liam, his eyes were fixed still on me. Soon, all of the other members of One Direction crowded around Stacey and I, as if we were the only sane girls in the room. Stacey began her rant with Harry. Surprisingly, she didn’t look nervous at all. How did she do that? She and Harry looked like they were already like… best friends or something? I sat in silence, watching her with fascination. Zayn cleared his throat somewhere next to me. Finally, he struck up a conversation.

“So, what’s your name?”
“My name’s Kayla,” I responded nervously. He smiled at me.
“Woah, that’s a pretty name, especially for such a pretty girl like you.” I couldn’t believe he said that! I didn’t know how to respond to him. I felt my cheeks getting even redder than before.
“Uh… thanks,” I said, now intensely interested at my shoes.
“So, tell me stuff about you,” he continued, giving me his sexy smile. “Like… what’s your favourite movie? What do you do in your spare time?”
“Uh… this might sound weird, but my favourite movie is ‘The Ring’. I just love horror movies…” I began, turning to him to see is reaction worriedly. But he smiled at me, and my fears instantly evaporated. Here he was, the famous Zayn Malik, and he was accepting a plain, boring girl like me. I instantly gained confidence.
“In my spare time I often listen to music, or I play softball or volleyball.”
“Cool,” he winked. I blushed, a small smile playing at my lips. “I guess you could say I’m also kind of sporty. In our spare time when we’re not recording or singing we play soccer.”
“Awesome,” I grinned at him. He smiled happily back, handing me a piece of paper. I furrowed my brow, looking down at the paper. I opened it tentatively, revealing numbers scrawled across it in a messy hand. I turned to Zayn, my mouth gaping.
“Uh… are you sure?” I stuttered.
“Sure am,” he responded coyly, “One doesn’t meet a cute girl with an amazing smile like yours everyday.” I giggled nervously. Without warning, he leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. My eyes fluttered in surprise, before closing as I savoured the moment.

As we pulled apart, Zayn and I got a few wolf-whistles from the other boys from One Direction, and I noticed a few of the other girls in the room glaring daggers at me. But I didn’t mind this at all, much like I didn’t mind the fact it was always raining in London. Somehow, I knew that kiss wasn’t going to be the only one I’d receive from my idol, the perfect star, my Zayn Malik.
I rang him that night, and I’ve been talking to him ever since. Now he’s my boyfriend and we’re both all smiles.

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