One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


90. Zayn Malik 11

~Karen impatiently paced the small space of her boyfriend’s bathroom. As she passed by the mirror, she would pause for a moment and gaze at her reflection. Her reflection was the same as usual; curly blonde hair, blue eyes and beautifully curvy. There was a small difference though, her mouth was set in a grim line where a smile was usually in place, her boobs were a little bigger, and her tummy a little more round.
She picked up her phone that was lying on the sink, thought about calling someone, put it back down. Karen began pacing once more, this time chewing on her nails. The object on top of the toilet seat scared the living shit out of her.
Her boyfriend was waiting outside of the bathroom for her where they were supposed to be on their way to his family’s house in Bradford. She had complained of having some stomach problems, and rushed into the bathroom with a bag from the local pharmacy before he could really worry.
At the thought of him, someone rapped their knuckles on the door.
"Karen? Love? You okay in there? It’s been a while…" the boy’s British accent drifted through the door. Panic seized Karen’s lungs and she shoved herself flat against the door quickly.
"Ahhhhh don’t try to come in. It’s poop. It’s…EVERYWHERE. IT’S EVERYWHEREEE AND COMING OUT OF ME LIKE LAVA!" Karen shouted. There was a pause as her boyfriend took in her statement.
"Oh ... kay. Err maybe light a candle or something when you’re done yeah?" Karen covered her mouth to stop from laughing.
"Yup, will do babe." Karen replied. She heard him walk away from the door and breathed a sigh of relief. Karen then stared at the clock on the wall, the ticking sound echoing in her skull. It seemed like it was counting down to doomsday. As the little clock needle moved to the next small dot, Karen took a huge breath and leaned down to pick up the small object on the toilet seat.
She stared at the two pink lines and nearly choked. Oh god. Karen shook the small stick in her hand, hoping it would erase the positive sign on the face of it; it didn’t.
With the pregnancy test still in hand, Karen slid down the door to the ground before reaching up and grabbing her phone. She called her best friend.
He picked up on the fifth ring.
"Crikey Kar, you woke me up from quite a good nap. Was dreamin’ ‘bout this one girl who looked a bit like a cross between Megan Fox and…" the boy spoke upon answering.
"Nialler, I’m gonna die." Karen interrupted him. She twisted one of her blonde curls around her finger and softly banged the back of her head against the door. There was a pause before the blonde boy on the other side of the line replied.
"Alright Karen what is it? Quit with the dramatics, we aren’t in one of your plays." Niall spoke seriously. Karen sighed and stared at the positive pregnancy test in her hands.
"I have an alien inside of me now. Sucking the life out of me…Your best mate is the father…" Karen said. Niall cleared his throat.
"Which one is that?" Niall asked. Karen threw back her head and laughed, wishing she was near him so she could punch him. Niall chuckled too.
"I don’t know what he’s going to say Nialler. I don’t know what we’re going to do, what I’m going to do…this will change everything." Karen stated and sighed, her tone now serious. Niall sighed too, and Karen could hear him munching on something.
"If I know me best mate, which I do, I think he’ll be happy as ever about it. Maybe a little nervous, but happy. He loves ya babe. A lovechild won’t change that. Now get off the phone with me and go tell him, so I can call up the other mates and tell them!" Karen smiled her hand already unconsciously on her stomach.
"You wouldn’t! Don’t you dare tell them Niall!" Karen threatened. Niall just laughed before hanging up the phone. Karen laughed softly before pushing herself off the ground and standing. She stared at herself in the mirror, pulled up her shirt and looked at her tummy.
It was crazy to think a little human was growing inside of her right there right now. First thing was first, she’d tell her boyfriend about it and go from there. Karen stuffed the pregnancy test in her back pocket, and then got a towel and began stuffing all of Zayn’s shampoos and mousses into it. She formed some sort of makeshift infant, and then opened the door of the bathroom.
The sight of Zayn Malik sitting on the plastic seats outside the service station bathroom, tapping his finger on the side of it and staring off into space made her breath catch a little. A little piece of him would be permanently with her from now on. Wow.
He turned his remarkable brown eyes to her as she came out of the bathroom, smiled, and then dropped his gaze to the towel bundle in her hands. He stood from the chair, a clear question written on his face. Karen pressed her lips together before tossing the wrapped towel at Zayn.
"CATCH THE BABY ZAYN!" Karen shouted as she did so. Zayn yelped and grabbed at the towel, but failed miserably. He ended up catching a corner of the towel, and they both watched as it unwrapped and all of his shampoos and beauty products rolled across the floor.
"Uh ... Karen?" Zayn asked, as he stared at the towel in the corner of his hands. Karen put a hand over her face.
"You dropped the baby Zayn. Oh my god." Karen mumbled through her hand. Zayn laughed and then began hurriedly gathering up the bottles. He wrapped them back up in the towel and held it out to her.
"There. I’ll play along ... the baby is fixed." Zayn said, smiling. Karen shook her head at him, but grinned.
"You can’t just put back together a baby Zayn ... " Zayn’s eyes dropped to the bundled towel in his hands and then back up to Karen.
"But it’s not a real baby?" Zayn asked, sounding really confused. Karen gasped and then reached in her back pocket and quickly pulled out the pregnancy test. She held it up in the air dramatically.
"IT’S A REAL BABY NOW THOUGH ISN’T IT?!" Karen cried out. Zayn gasped, swore, dropped the towel to the floor once more, and stared up at the stick in her hand.
The bottles of Zayn’s products once again rolled across the floor.
"Is that ... what ... really?" Zayn stuttered out. Karen looked at him and watched as his adam’s apple bobbed in place several times. His eyelashes brushed against the underside of his eye as he blinked rapidly, clearly dazed.
Karen walked forward and held the test out to Zayn, who took it in return. He stared at it.
He then stared at Karen, his eyes slowly gazing down at her stomach.
Karen suddenly felt completely vulnerable, completely embarrassed.
"Oi. There’s a little me inside there." Zayn stated. Karen just nodded in affirmation. Zayn slowly walked forward, his hand reaching out. Karen stared down at his hand as it touched her tummy.
"Mum’s going to tear me a new one for this." His eyes creased a little. “You should’ve wrapped it better Zayn Javadd Malik, what were you thinking getting this decent girl pregnant and you aren’t even married!" Zayn continued, his voice going high pitched as he mocked his mother’s voice.
Karen placed her hand over his and shyly looked up at him.
"But ... you’re okay with it? You still-still want to be with me?" Karen spoke. Zayn immediately gathered Karen into his arms, his hands going in their familiar places.
"Are you kidding? Lou’s gonna be so jealous I popped a baby out before him!" Zayn and Karen both laughed. Zayn kissed the top of Karen’s head, and spoke more seriously next. “I love you Karen, this doesn’t change a damn thing about that, just makes it all that more better."

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