One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


79. Zayn Malik 10

~“I-I don’t know what to say?”
It was 7pm and I had opened the door to the most gorgeous boy in the world standing in front of me holding a huge bouquet of flowers.
“Don’t say anything, I told you I was going to make this first date a good one. I’ve put this off for too long now.” Zayn had always been the one that I wanted, but we’d only recently decided to step our friendship up a notch, it had happened at my dad's wedding (of all places) we had just found ourselves kissing behind the wedding cake while my family danced around drunkenly. Getting it on with Zayn Malik, now that’s a way to lighten up a dull family wedding I tell you.
He was older than me, not by too much, but older than me, and best friends with my brother Niall. All of these things complicated the situation but it wasn’t going to stop me.

He’d obviously gone all out tonight as he stood there at my door wearing an expensive looking blazer and shoes. Along with a white top and dark jeans he looked incredible, he’d told me nothing apart from that I should dress nice and that he was going to surprise me and make tonight worth agreeing that I would go on a date with him. I’d put loose curls into my hair and was wearing my favourite dress that hugged my figure. I couldn’t wait! Of course, I hadn’t told him that, hence why he was making such a big effort. Being the cool cat that I am, I’d decided to make him think that it would be hard for him to get me. I’d said I’d been drunk at the wedding and he needed to impress me somehow, and I was so glad I’d decided to play it that way now.
He handed me the flowers as I took them and placed them on the side.
“Aww that’s sweet Zayn thank you.” I gave him my sweetest smile and he smiled back at me. It made me weak at the knees but I wasn’t going to let it show, I wanted him to think I was in control.
“Wow Rachel, you look stunning.” He looked me up and down with a cheeky smile on his face as I stepped out of the door closing it behind me. I could feel myself blushing so tried to hide my face, it didn’t work, he cupped my chin in his hand and tilted it up towards him. He kissed me once on the lips and then moved away leaving me wanting more, this boy really did know what he was doing when it came to girls.

Taking my hand he started walking towards the car parked at the end of my drive. It had blacked out windows and looked a lot more posh than the old thing my mum owned.
“Zayn, where are we going?”
“Oh you’ll see.” He turned and winked at me as he opened the car door for me to get in. I had literally no idea where we were going to be going. Zayn was still a mystery to me so figuring out what was going on inside his head was near enough impossible.
The car ride to wherever we were going was peaceful, mainly because I’d found myself typically nervous as I usually was around him, I looked straight ahead but could feel his eyes burning into me and when he thought I wouldn’t notice I felt them travel down to my chest and then my thighs.
He broke the silence, “Look, Rachel, if you don’t like me, just say?”
Shit, I’d played it too cool, he’d got the wrong idea.
“No Zayn, I do… I do like you, I was just… I dunno, I was being stupid, I really like you I do.” I spoke in a fluster, desperate to let him know that he wasn’t wasting his time.
His smile grew wider as he let out a laugh “I know you do, I just wanted to make you say it out loud, loser!”
I sat in shock, in disbelief at how he’d managed to get that out of me so easily. God he was good, I was left speechless as the journey carried on, I soon relaxed and we started talking again just like we used to, when we were just friends. I knew he liked me, and he knew I liked him, simple. I was so excited for our date.
About half an hour later the car stopped, I got out of the car to see where we were and saw we were next to a field, a plain old field, didn’t look like there was anything around for miles either and Zayn walked slightly in front of me leading the way across the grass.
“Zayn, the car?”
“It’s okay, I’ve told the driver I’ll call when we’re ready.” It was all a bit weird for my liking, why was he taking me to a random field for our first date? But then I saw it, a blanket laid out on the ground with a basket next to it.

Zayn went and sat down on it beckoning me over, “Aww Zayn, It’s so flipping cheesy… but I love it.” He pulled me down on top of him and I found myself perched on his lap. He leant over and took food out of the basket along with various other goodies.
I leant down and pecked his lips, “It’s a good idea Zayn, but why this?”
“Well I wanted to be alone, and I dunno, I just thought it’d be nice.”
“Well it is, it’s lovely, thank you.” I felt so happy that he’d done this for me, in all honesty I’d expected him to have just booked cinema tickets or a table at a restaurant, but he’d really put some effort in.
We ate the food and drank, talked, laughed, flirted, joked and then just sat back watching the night sky, Zayn was sat cross legged and I was lying back onto him, it was clear tonight but it was still a bit nippy and I was starting to regret not wearing anything but my dress as I began to shiver slightly.
Without saying a word Zayn took his blazer off and put it round my shoulders shielding me from the cool air. He was being such a gent tonight, I couldn’t quite get my head around it, no one had ever treated me this way.
“It’s getting late Rachel, and I’d love to stay here with you all night believe me I would, but if I don’t get you back soon your parents and Niall will never let me take you out again”
“Yeah okay” I sighed, I really didn’t want to go, because once a day is over, you can never get it back.

Zayn called the driver back and within minutes he was here, he must have been waiting round the corner. We got back in the car and I wished the journey would last forever.
I leant my head on his shoulder and stayed there as he kissed the top of my head soothingly. When we arrived back at my house I really, really didn’t want to leave the car.
He opened the car door for me and we walked back up the driveway, I was feeling so glum as we approached the door and I didn’t want to look him in the eye so I chose to stare at my feet instead.
“Zayn, tonight was lovely, thank you for everything.” I smiled at him through my disappointment of having to leave him as I unlocked the door hesitantly.
“You know, if you were my girlfriend we could have nights like this basically all the time” he used his hands to raise my chin up to look at him directly in the eye.
“What are you saying?”
“I’m saying, I want you to be my girlfriend, properly. Now.”
He said it with such conviction, and with such a sincere look in his enchanting eyes that it left me dumbfounded. The excitement in my belly rose as I realised what he was proposing. He looked so good in that moment and I wanted nothing more but for him to pin me up against the wall and kiss me until I couldn’t breathe.
But through my excitement, I took a deep breath in, one out and spoke just one word.
“Yes” smiling at him I put one hand on each of his cheeks and tiptoed up to kiss him, he kissed me back and then reached down and picked me up in his arms like a bride.
His cheeky smile made my insides flutter as he carried me giggling through my doorway and placing me softly down onto my sofa. Kneeling down besides me and kissing me once again he rested his forehead against mine our lips only centimetres apart as he uttered the words “Thank you” as he turned and walked away for the night.
I lay on the sofa watching him walk away and thought to myself.
There he goes, Zayn Malik. My wonderful boyfriend.


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