One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


7. Niall Horan 3

~Hi, I'm Louise Peazer and yes I am Danielle Peazer's younger sister. I'm 19 and Danielle just turned 24 back in June. Since I am her little sister I have met One Direction and I have the BIGGEST crush on Niall. But, anyways here's how my story started.
It was a normal Sunday in June, actually it was Dani's bday. I was sitting on the couch watching reruns of Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. "That dress is so pretty." I mumbled to myself as Dani came running down the stairs. "Louise, what are you doing?" she asked placing her hands on her hips. "What do you mean what am I doing? I watching tv, isn't it obvious Dani?" I countrered. "The boys are coming over to celebrate my birthday and you look disgusting." she said gesturing to my pjs. "Hey, I don't look that disgusting." I said standing up. "Whatever, just go change." she said turning off the tv and walking into the kitchen. I ran up to my room and picked out a gold top, black skirt, and black glitter boots.I walked down the stairs and saw the boys were standing around Dani just talking, when I cleared my throat.
*Niall's POV*
Wow, Louise looked beautiful. God, Ihope she loves me the way I love her.
(Back to Louise's POV)
"*Gasp* LIAM!!!!!!!!!" I squeeled and ran up and hugged him. I don't really like him like that, I just like to tease Dani by flirting with him and they both know I don't mean it but, Liam plays along, so it's even funnier. "Hey, babe." he says kissing me on the cheek and Dani comes up and pushes me into Niall and says, "My turn." and he kisses her on the lips. *Sigh* They'll be together forever.
*Niall's POV*
Great, that's just great. She loves Liam the way I love her. Well, I'm gonna have to change that.
*Louise's POV*
"Well, just for Dani's birthday I thought I would make her a cake." I said taking Liam's hand and walking into the kitchen. "Is it a red velvet cake by any chance?" she asked and Niall took her hand. I look over at Liam and he doesn't look happy. I on the other hand was hurt,beyond hurt. Liam looked at me and realized that I was...........hurt? I don't know exactly what I was feeling because I was feeling alot of feelings.......I guess that's what you would call it. Liam gripped my hand even tighter and dragged me upstairs to my room. He threw me in and rushed in behind me, closing and locking the door behind him. "Liam, babe, let me out." I said walking towards him. "Not until you tell me what the heck just happened down there." he said crossing his muscle-y arms, infront of his chest. "What?" I asked, playing dumb or at least trying too. "Louise, I saw the way you looked at Niall when he did that. Don't play dumb." he said uncrossing his arms and grabbing my shouders. I on the other hand just stared at him. "Wait, Louise, do like Niall?" he asked shaking me just a little bit. My eyes widened in fear and he just smirked. "Oh my God, you do don't you?" He let go of my shoulders and unlocked and opened the door. I didn't want him to tell Niall or Dani or the other boys so I tackled him to the floor. I'm surprised that I did and he was too, I mean he was way stronger than me. "How the heck did you do that?" he asked. "I honestly don't know, Liam. But, listen to me." I started before I was cut off. "Don't you mean babe?" he asked smirking. "Shut up and let me finish. Don't you dare tell Niall that I like him." I finished. "And if I do?" he countered. "I'll tell Dani that you forgot her birthday." I said. "Fine, I won't tell but, don't you dare tell Dani that I did, Louise." he said. "Don't you mean babe?" I asked mimicking him. "Louise, can I ask you something?" I heard Niall ask coming up the stairs. "What is going on here?!?!?" he screamed. Dani came running up the stairs. "What the.....?" I rolled off of Liam and ran downstairs, tears forming in my eyes. I was almost certain that Niall would never like me now. I didn't even stop in the living room, I just ran out the door, not caring about the footsteps I heard behind me.
*Niall's POV*
"What was that?" I yelled after Louise ran downstairs. "Yeah, what was that?" Dani asks. "Look, Dani, I've gotta tell you something but, Niall I really need you to talk to Louise. Please?" Liam asked. "Yeah, alright." I said and started walking down the stairs but, when I heard the front door slam, I ran down the stairs and out the door before the boys could even walk out of the kitchen.
*Dani's POV*
"Liam, what did you want to tell me?" I asked. "Look, Louise really likes Niall and now she thinks he hates him. We need to set them up." Liam said. The urgentcy (sp?) was kinda frightning. 'There's no way Louise likes Niall.' I thought as Liam explained how we would set them up.
*Louise's POV*
I just kept running, not caring it was pouring. I just kept running, I heard footsteps behind me but, I didn't dare look. When I finally couldn't run any more I collasped and just started sobbing. The footsteps stopped and the person who was chasing me sat down next to me and hugged me. I finally stopped crying long enough to look up and see who it was. "N-Niall?" I asked. "Louise, we need to get you inside." Niall said before kissing my forehead. "Niall, I can't walk any more. My legs just won't do it." I said looking up. "Then I'll just have to carry you." he said picking me up bridal style and started walking back to mine and Dani's flat. We were about halfway there when Niall asked me, "Louise can I put you down so I can ask you something?" "Yeah sure." I said and he put me down. "Louise, I've really liked you for a long time, since the day we met 3 years ago." he said stepping closer to me. "So, I was wondering would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked me. So, I kissed him in the pouring rain.
*3 years later*
Me and Niall were sitting on the couch watching Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. "That dress is so pretty." I said snuggling closer to Niall. "Yeah, Louise can I ask you something?" Niall asked standing up. "Yeah, sure babe." Me and Niall had been dating since Dani's 24th birthday, 3 years ago. He got down on one knee and asked the question I was waiting for, "Louise will you marry me?" The tears started pouring down my face,"Yes." I got off the couch and jumped into his loving arms and he put the ring on my finger.
*4 months later*
I was standing at the alter holding hands with my soon to be husband, Niall Horan. Dani and Eleanor were my bridemaids. And Liam,Zayn,Louis,and Harry were the groomsmen."I now pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." the priest said before Niall grabbed my hips and pulled me in for a nice long kiss. It was a small wedding only family and a couple of friends. Lux was such a cute flower girl and was now chasing a butterfly and that's how my story ends. Oh, wait a minute. I guess I should tell you how everything turned out. Niall and I had two kids a boy named Owen and a girl named Emilia. Danielle and Liam got married 3 months after we did and they have a daughter named Kelia (pronouced Ka-lia). And Louis and Eleanor got married 2 months BEFORE we did and they have the cutest little twins Tommy and McKayla. Oh, and the band is still together and they have 5 albums out with a 6th one in the works. The question you're probably askin gnow is: What about Harry and Zayn? Well, Zayn proposed to Perrie 3 weeks after Dani and Liam had Kelia. And Harry has had his girlfriend Erica for 3 years and is planning on proposing soon. They are such a cute couple. So, that's how everything turned out. We all lived a very long happy lives together the end.

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