One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


104. Niall Horan 29

~This is a love story. It’s not an average love story, though. Not the cliché: Boy meets girl, girl falls in love, boy breaks girls heart, they make up, happy ending, blah, blah, blah. This love story’s a bit different. It’s the story of a girl named Lauren (me) and a boy named Niall. Although this isn’t like most love stories, it started off like one.
I was just a journalist writing for a small town paper when I got my big break working for Sugarscape. Being the sarcastic, witty person I am, writing the articles wasn’t hard. It was just interviewing the people that was my problem. I was a shy person but naturally social at heart. I just….couldn’t show it. I preferred to stick to behind the scenes work, which Sugarscape understood…most the time. The shyness also applied to my love life. I never, as lame as this sounds, had a boyfriend. As far as I knew, guys never really had the feels for me. So saying I’m not experienced in “that area” would be a bit of an understatement. But one day it all changed, and not just my career, but my love life as well. Everything flipped upside down by just a simple, “Hello.”
“Hi! I’m Niall Horan.” The peppy Irish boy said extending his arm. Today was the “big day” as my boss would call it. The “highlight of my career”: Interviewing One Direction. They were known as the up and coming boy band, the new Beatles, but from up close they just seemed like average boys. After exchanging names with the rest of the boys, we all sat down. Normally I would be the one working the camera and my partner, Anna, would interview them, but Anna was on sick leave. Sugarscape couldn’t get an extra interviewer in so the lucky contestant was…me. “So…um…hi!” I said trying not to make eye contact. “Hello!” They all said into the camera. I took in a deep breathe and tried to appear as confident as possible.
“So I have some questions from the fans…” I started.
“Yeah, go ahead.” Liam said with an encouraging smile. I think he could tell I was nervous. I looked at the list of questions.
Are you single
Are you a virgin
Who’s your celeb crush?
Harry, do you want Louis’ carrot?
What?? The day I have to interview someone, and not just someone, ONE DIRETION, I get the weird questions.
“Um…are you single?” I asked.
“I’m not.” Zayn said. “I have a beautiful girlfriend.”
“Me neither.” Liam said.
“Same.” Louis yelled. I warily looked at the last two: Harry and Niall.
“I’m kinda…dating around…but…um….nothing serious at the moment.” Harry stated. I nodded then looked at Niall and couldn’t help but smile. He had beautiful eyes that connected with mine like a lock and key. A small smirk, barely visible, played on his lips. I felt something wrench in my stomach that’s been there before, but pushed away and rejected so many times I dare not mention. “And- and you?” I asked.
“…Depends.” He said. I cocked an eyebrow.
“If you’d like to go to dinner with me.” My face heated and unbearable shade of pink as his fellow band mates snickered. Again, I wasn’t the most outgoing person in the bunch so I barely ever got asked out. If I did, it was by guys who only wished to make a mockery of me.
“I’ll um…think about it…” I said still stunned. He seemed shocked as well. Almost hurt.
The rest of the interview went surprising smooth. As the boys were walking out, I noticed Niall didn’t make eye contact. “Hey.” I heard Liam whisper. I shot him a smile. “I think Niall fancies you a bit.” He said with a wink. I blushed. If he really fancied me he wouldn’t have walked away so easily. And just like that he was right in front of me. “Are you done thinking…by any chance?” he asked. I giggled a bit.
“Say yes…please?” I laughed.
“Yes, Niall.”
“Great! Tonight at 8 at the Landscape!”
“Ok! See you soon” I said. He smiled and pulled me in for a hug. His arms were wrapped tightly around me and he smelled of Axe. Just like that it was over and he was gone.
I spent an hour fixing myself up for my date. A I admired my reflection, I smoothed out my long dress and pushed my hair behind my ear. I took a deep breathe in. “You will do great.” I whispered and tried my best to believe that.
As I made my way into the restaurant, I saw Niall sitting by himself at a table. He was early…I liked that. I made my way over to him, and I couldn’t help but notice how insanely attractive he was. He hadn’t noticed me coming yet, which gave me time to admire his handsome complexion. He turned his head and our eyes locked immediately. I smile spread across his face and a sea of butterflies fanned out in my stomach. Suddenly I was on the ground and he was by my side. “Holy shit! Are you okay?” he was asking. I grasped my elbow in my hand, “Yeah, ow, yeah, I’m fine.” I said standing up. What a marvelous impression to make on the first date. Clumsy me. “Sorry, guess now would be a great time to mention I’m really clumsy.” He laughed. “I’ve noticed.” We sat down at out table with a couple of stares following us. And let the night begin…
I flopped onto my bed. I felt like crying. That was possibly the worst date ever. I had never been more awkward in my life. I would not be surprised if he never wanted to see me again. Good thing I got his number before I made a complete fool of myself. I took a sigh in. This had to change. I sat up and decided it would.
The next day I went to the mall and brought a whole new wardrobe, makeup, and accessories. I was determined. I knew very well that changing yourself for someone would get you nowhere, but I wanted to change. Not for Niall but for myself ,as well.
When I had finally finished and was satisfied (thanks to the help of tons of tutorials on YouTube), I called Niall. Now I was completely confident. “Hello?” He answered.
“Hey, babe. It’s Lauren. “ I said.
“Um….Lauren? What?” He laughed a bit.
“Yeah. How would you like to go on a date?” I asked.
“Yeah s-”
“Great, so meet me at Landscape at 8. Night.” I hung up. Now to test my faith
Before I could make it into the restaurant, I stopped and took a deep breathe. Here’s to change. I walked right in a when I saw Niall I made sure to walk as confidently as I could. This time I didn’t trip. His eyes were wide and he looked stunned. “Hey.” I said. “H-hi.” He mumbled. “What happened?” He asked looking me over. “I just figured I need a change. So I did.” I replied not stuttering or mumbling once. He came over and pulled my chair out for me, and I sat down. “Thanks.”
“Um…I don’t know what to say…” He said looking at the table.
“Well don’t. Let me start by saying, I’ve changed. I’m no longer the silly, naïve, clumsy, weird, shy, girl I once was. I’m more confident”
“But…what if I liked that silly, naïve, clumsy, weird, shy, beautiful Lauren? This- this isn’t you. This is a fake. A wannabe. I liked how unique you were, and how cute and shy you used to be. It was adorable. But I don’t know what this is. I don’t know why you did this.” He said. “Look, I don’t mean to hurt you or anything, but….I don’t want you to change….” He looked genuinely into my eyes. I started to tear. In a way I just wanted to be accepted. I wanted to feel happy in my own skin, and find someone who could love me the way I was. “Lauren, I want you to be my girlfriend. But only if you’re willing to go back to the real you. The amazing you.” He said smiling. I nodded. “Yes, please.” I giggled.
“Now can I do something I’ve wanted to since I’ve laid eyes on you?”
“Sure?” I replied. He then leaned forward and pressed his delicate lips to mine. My heart was beating out of control and I smiled. I was finally comfortable being me.
I stopped typing and looked at my work. I was finally done writing my story. After I printed it I pushed it into my binder with the rest of my stories, I looked over at my wall at my Niall poster. So deep in my heart I wished I could meet him. I wished this whole story could be real. But for now I was just stuck writing about him. I sighed and checked my email. My one new message read: We here at Sugarscape are happy to announce your new internship here. We hope to see you soon. I laughed happily. Now I was just one step away from my dream….and maybe a shot at love too.

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