One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


101. Niall Horan 28

~“Let’s just lie in bed all day.” I said smiling wide at my boyfriend. He rolled over and stared at me hysterically. “Why?” He whined.
“Fine. What do you wanna do?” I asked.
“I don’t know. What do you wanna do?” He mocked. I rolled my eyes.
“Lie in bed.” He placed a sweet kiss on my temple.
“If that’s what you wanna do, princess.”
“It is.” I stated aggravated. Niall grabbed my hand and entwined our fingers. It was silent for a moment.
“So we just lie here?” He asked chuckling.
“Yes, and cuddle.” I scooted closer to him then wrapped my arms around his torso. I gave him a tight squeeze. “You’re like a teddy bear.” I giggled. Outside the rain was poring. The smell of fresh rain blew in from the windows, blowing the curtains up in the wind. I felt Niall’s rough guitar hands caress my waist under my tank top. I matted our legs together and pushed my hips closer to his, leaving no space between us. When I laid my head on his chest I heard his heartbeat beating out of control. Hot breathe lashed across my ear as he whispered, “Kiss me.” with his deep Irish accent. Tilting my head up, I placed delicate kisses up his neck, making sure to stop at his soft spot, then kissed along his jaw line to his lips. When I got there I hovered above them. “You’re so gorgeous.” He mumbled before crashing his lips on mine. They fit together perfectly. Moving naturally in time with each other. He traced his hand slowly up my thigh while I placed my hands flat on his chest. His tongue traced the outline of my lower lip and I giggled. The loud sound of lighting nearly made me jump out of my skin. He laughed when I screamed in terror. Playfully hitting his chest, I yelled, “It’s not funny!” That only seemed to make him laugh harder. I loved when Niall laughed. There was something so special about it. The way he would tilt his head back and open his mouth wide was amusing to me, yet also adorable. His laughing soon faded to chuckling. He shook his head ,smiling, then pulled me into his arms. I felt his head nestle into the crook of my neck. He softly kissed it. “Lissie, I have to tell you something important.” His voice was slightly muffled.
“I leave for tour again.” My heart dropped at his words. The knot in my throat started to grow and my eyes watered. I knew that he was eventually going to have to leave again. I was just hoping it wasn’t soon.
“When?” I asked trying my hardest not to sound like I was about to cry. He gently kissed my neck again before answering, “In four days.” I slowly closed my eyes and was thankful Niall couldn’t see my face. I didn’t want him to see my crying. Four days. Four days was all I had with him until he left for another five months. I loved One Direction. I loved that he was living out his dream every day. I just hated that he had to leave. I hated that we were always followed and mobbed. And I hated having our business spread out for everyone to see on the internet, along with rumors. Just for a split second my life was feeling normal, but once he said those words the normalization left.
“I’m sorry.” He mumbled after some time of silence. I half smiled at his adorableness. He actually believed this was his fault. I slowly caressed his back.
“It’s not your fault, baby.” I mumbled. “You can’t help it.”
“I wish I could. I love you so much and I don’t wanna leave you again. I wish I could just pack you in my suitcase and carry you along with me.” I laughed through my tears. I could feel him smile into my neck.
“I love to hear you laugh. That’s one of the things I’m gonna miss the most when I’m gone.”
“I’m gonna miss everything about you, babe.” I said. Niall started humorously humming "Everything About You" by his all- too-amazing boy band, One Direction. I playfully nudged him.
“God, I love you!” I said laughing.
“I love you, I do!” He cooed.
Niall’s P.O.V
As the rain spattered on the pavement outside, and blew in a cool breeze, I held Lissie in my arms as she quietly slept. Starring down at her beautiful face, I caressed her cheek. She was so beautiful. She seemed so peaceful in her sleep. That’s just it. I couldn’t leave her. Five months without my princess is like five months without music ,or even worse, food! It’s just impossible. I wish I could bring her with me but management would never let me. It’s moments like this where I wish I wasn’t famous. I jumped a little, shaken out of my thoughts, as she stirred and mumbled my name. An involuntary smile spread across my lips at the mention of my name in her sleep. Somehow that made me ecstatic; just really happy she was dreaming about me. God, I hope it isn’t a nightmare. I only wanted her to have sweet dreams.
The Day of Niall’s Departure
Today Niall’s leaving. It breaks my heart to the core to see him pack and get ready to leave me for five months. As I watched him stuff clothes and what-not in his suitcase, I pleaded with my heart to stop hurting, my eyes to be strong and not shed tears, and my body not to jump on him to keep him from leaving. I didn’t wanna make this any more painful for him than it already was. When that dreadful moment came for him to actually leave, I gave in. I broke down. Niall gave me a tight hug while stroking my hair.
“I’m really gonna miss you.” He said. His voice was shaky as he tried to hold back tears.
“Me too.” I tried to say but was muffled by my sobs. The loud honking of Niall’s ride made me grip him tighter.
“I love you, baby. Soooooooo much” He said kissing me passionately. His hands cupped my face. I pressed closer to him; taking in his presence one last time before he left for good. The smell of his cologne was strong , his hands were rough, his skin-soft, and his body warm. He pulled apart after another honk sounded through the air. “Well…see you soon?” He asked obviously not wanting to say “goodbye”. I nodded.
“Love you!” I managed before he walked out the door.
“Oh yeah, check the note on me side of the bed!” He yelled before I heard the door slam. I ran to the bed and grabbed the note. It read:
I’ll be counting the days till I get to spend another rainy day in bed with you, princess.
Niall xx
I smiled then gripped the note tighter. I’ll be counting too.


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