One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


97. Niall Horan 25

~“I’ll be back soon.” His low voice filled my ear. I felt his arms tighten around my waist. A voice boomed in the speakers overhead. The final call for Niall to leave. “I love you.” The look in his eyes made my heart ache. The fact that he was leaving, made my stomach ache. “See you soon.” He mumbled pressing his forehead to mine. I closed my eyes and let a tear fall. When I opened them he was gone. I was in my bed. Wiping away a stray tear from my cheek, I turned to face the empty space next to me. Two months away from Niall seem like eternity. I opened my laptop and went on Skype. He was offline. I sighed then shut my laptop. Soon my phone was ringing. “Hello.” I answered trying my best to sound normal. Truth was, I wasn’t even close. I felt as if I could never be the same without Niall. Which broke my promise -to -self: Never relay on a guy to make you happy.
“Hey, Princess.” I heard Niall’s cheerful, Irish voice on the other line. I immediately perked up.
“Hey!” I said.
“Well, I can’t talk for long. I just got a little brake to rest my hand from signing. I really miss you.” A smile crept across my face.
“I miss you too.” I said. It was so noisy on his end. Lots of yelling.
“I can’t believe it’s only been a week! I feel like it’s been months already. Hey! Why don’t you come down to New York for the weekend? I could see you a little more often.” I replied with slight hesitation in my voice, “I don’t know, Niall. Tickets are quiet expensive and I don’t wanna take your focus off work….”
“No! you won’t, babe! Just fly down. I’ll send you a ticket first thing after the signing! I really can’t wait to see you! I’ll have a big surprise waiting.” I heard voices in the background calling his name.
“Niall…you don’t have t-”
“Ah! That’s my Alexis, always being so modest. don’t worry about it. You just pack and call me before you leave and when you land! Gotta go now! Love you so much, bye!”
“By-” He hung up before I could get my reply out. As soon as the conversation was over my mood was back down again.
After speaking with Niall for some time, over Skype, we scheduled a weekend for me to come down to New York. Before I could protest about the cost, timing, and work, Niall had already announced he brought the tickets and was sending them over. I groaned involuntarily. I knew I shouldn’t be so bitchy about the subject of him buying me things, but I really didn’t like boyfriends buying anything for me. Well, at least not expensive things. Niall was my only exception.
Niall’s POV
Once Alexis fell asleep, I whispered goodnight and ended the call. Closing the laptop, I turned to Zayn, who was on the other bed. He glanced at me. “What’s wrong?” I was silent for a moment. Talking to Alexis only made me wanna be with her more. I never wanted not to be on tour so badly. I wish I was at home cuddling with her. “You miss her don’t you?” I sighed.
“Yeah dude.”
‘Well when she comes here you should do something special. Show her how much you missed her.” he winked.
“What exactly are you implying?’ I asked. An eyebrow raised as a grin spread across his face.
“I don’t know.” He chuckled. I glared at him.
“Look, all I’m saying is that you guys have been in a relationship for almost two years! If you were a girl, what would you want your boyfriend to do?” Zayn had a point. And that’s when it hit me.
Alexis’ POV
When I arrived at the hotel in New York, I was tired. I jus wanted to see Niall and snuggle. I slid the card into the door and opened it to reveal tons of rose petals scattered on the floor. The lights were dim and the room smelled of a sweet scent. I stepped in and closed the door. My mouth was gaped open in a wide smile. I walked over to the bed to see a note next to a bathrobe across the bed. I picked up the note. It read.
I bet you’re tired. That’s why your Nialler made you a bubble bath! But before you enjoy that bath, put on the bathrobe and head to the bathroom. You’ll find one of my favorite things. Don’t worry it’s also your favorite.
Love you!
I dropped the note, stripped down and put on the bathrobe. As I silently walked to the bathroom, my heart beat faster as I saw the door was already cracked. When I pushed the door open Niall was standing with a tray of chocolate covered strawberries. He had a huge smile plastered on his face. He was shirtless with a bow tie around his neck. ON the tray was another note.
Food! My favorite! Chocolate covered strawberries is yours. Great, now you only have one more thing to do before you get that hot bubble bath. Kiss me, Princess!
I laughed. “Well?” he said puckering his lips. I laughed harder then leaned in and crushed my lips on his. He put the tray aside, then quickly pulled me close. “I missed you.” he mumbled in-between kisses down my neck. The feeling brought back a sudden nostalgia from before he left. As his kisses grew for fervent my heart raced faster. He quickly untied the knot in front of my bathrobe and a sudden insecure feeling rushed through me as he dropped it to the floor. “I thought it was impossible!” he whispered.
“What?” I asked.
“For anyone to be this beautiful.” I smiled as he picked me up and gently put me in the bubbly, warm water.
“Strawberry?” He asked. I nodded and he fed it to me. I watched him as he stared at the plate. I giggled.
“I know you want one.”
“You’re right.” he said grinning. He leaned in and kissed me softly then ate a strawberry. He made a contemplative face.
“What?” I asked.
“I like you better.” I giggled.
That night Niall and I cuddled. Just his arms around me made me forget the loneliness I was feeling only two hours ago on the plane. With him I was happy and I wanted it to stay this way forever. Even though I did promise: Never relay on a guy to make you happy, Niall was my only exception.

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