One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


93. Niall Horan 24

~“Well, I’ve finally gone mad!” I glanced back at Harry who had his arms in the air, as in a way of showing defense. “You’re just now figuring this out?” I chuckled.
“Elise, shut up! I beg of you.” I rolled my eyes, grinning at Harry’s silly facial expressions. “I mean, if you’re not gonna help…just don’t talk. Just sit there and continue looking beautiful.” He continued, returning back to his laptop. I blushed at his nonchalant way of complimenting me.
“Fine, I’ll help. What are you doing?” I moved over one seat to sit next to Harry.
“I have emailed all of my best girlfriends in hope of setting Niall up on a date.” My heart rushed.
“Niall? On a date?” I asked trying to play it cool. Niall is a really great friend of mine. He is, hands down, the most adorable person I know. I’ve always had a tiny crush on him, but lately my feeling have been soaring out of control. When he looked my way with his beautiful blue eyes I can’t help but feel my heart race. When we play wrestle, I try to just breathe but my brain wants otherwise. Niall is the single-most person that makes me feel happy, and I am tired of having to hide that.
“Yeah.” Harry mumbled while starring intensely at the computer screen.
“Well…tons of girls would be happy to do the deed.” I said. It took a lot to hold back the jealous tone in my voice.
“I know! But none of these girls are right for him. He needs a funny, cute, sweet, caring girl.” We sat silently for a second. I glanced over at the computer screen. Temple Run was up. I giggled.
“Seriously Harry? I thought you were looking for girls?”“I already found one.” he said making a loud grunt when he lost the level. My heart dropped as I tried to hold back the tears.
“Who?” I asked. My voice came out fragile and tiny. A smirk spread across Harry’s face as he said,
“You.” My eyes widened and I turned my head to glance at him. He stared at the computer screen as if I wasn’t even there. A smile played on his beautiful face
.“What makes you think I wanna do that?” excitement now took over my body. Finally I got a chance to show Niall how I truly feel about him
.“Because you love him, Elise!” Harry paused the game and turned toward me. I gave him a bewildered look, but there was a grin on my face.
“Of course I do! He’s my best-friend!” I said looking down.
“Oh please! It’s so insanely obvious! Everybody knows.” I gulped
.“Everybody?”“Yes! Everybody.”
“Even Niall?!” One of his eyebrows raised.
“No-nope not him.”
“Good, then lets keep it that way!” I said.
“Nope.” his white teeth shone in the light. “He ,especially, needs to know.” I heard voices coming from the hall. “yeah buddy!” I heard Niall say. He then laughed that signature laugh.
“ELISE LOVES NIALL!!” Harry yelled then giggled. My head jerked towards his. Eyes wide
.“Shut up!” I hissed.
“ELISE IS IN LOVE WITH NIALL HORAN!” Harry yelled again laughing loudly. I slapped his arm then shoved my hand over his mouth . I felt something wet glide across my hand. I quickly pulled it away. “ew!” I said as I wiped Harry’s saliva off my hand. Suddenly very angry, I closed his laptop then headed for the door.
“I was playing that!” He said while chuckling. Apparently this was very amusing to him. I kept walking. Before I could make it to the door, Harry started to yell,
“ELISE LOVES-” I quickly cut him off by saying by yelling,
“HARRY SUCKS AT TEMPLE RUN!” it was silent for a moment then I heard him yell,
“HEY!” I laughed while turning the corner, but bumped into something. “Oh sorry!”“It’s alright!” I heard a cute Iris accent say.
“Oh! Hey Elise!” He said smiling. I smiled back, unable to say anything. “What’s up.” I managed.
“Not much…I was just looking for you.”
“Why? I asked.
“I wanted to ask you something.” He started to walk motioning me to follow
.“About?” I looked down at my black Oxford wedges. I felt as if, if I looked at Niall, he would be able to see all of my secrets.
“Me and the lads gotta make an appearance at a party….I need a date.” I looked up at him astonished. He was smiling wide, which made my stomach even more nervous.
“No!” I said. His smile slowly faded and he stopped walking. He stepped closer to me. I couldn’t help but look down. I knew exactly what was about to happen. He slowly wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. I could feel the warmth of his skin on the small of my back. He gently rocked up back and forth.
“Stop.” I whined giggling.
“We could do this at the party.” he said completely ignoring me. He then took my hands in his and spun me. I laughed at his silliness. He then let go and shook his hips while his hands boxed his face back and forth. He winked at me then said, while shaking his hips,
“So what do ya think? Be my date?” I blushed then smiled.
“Sure…just as long as you don’t do that.” He frowned.“I like this dance move.”
The night of the party

My heart beat faster as I made my way down to the lobby of our hotel. My stomach quivered and my hands shook. My eyes shifted down to the my body. The tight Strapless Black and White X Top ( )dress that clung to my curves kinda made me feel insecure. I was always curvier than other girls. I wasn’t fat nor skinny. No matter how much I wanted to be skinny, I realized that that wasn’t going to happen. So I embraced my curves…most of the time. I smoothed my fingers over the dress. What if he thought I looked ugly. A sigh escaped my lips. “You look great! Don‘t worry.” Mike, our bodyguard, assured me. I flashed a smile at him,“Thank you“. I said. The elevator chimed it’s familiar ding and there they were. All five of One Direction. I immediately stared a the floor grinning like and idiot. When I looked up my, eyes involuntarily landed on Niall. His eyes where wide. They scanned my body as I walked timidly toward him. “Hi.” I mumbled. “Whoa!” Harry said. “You look hot!” Zayn said grinning.“WHAT IS THIS? You look great, babe!” Louis yelled. I bushed even more. “Thanks” I was completely aware of Niall…who wasn’t saying anything. I took a chance and looked up at him. He was grinning like a fool. “Let’s go!” Mike said hurrying us out the door. “You look beautiful.” Niall whispered in my ear. His warm breathe lashed against my ear, and my knees weakened. I smiled as we walked outside the hotel to be greeted by a sea of paparazzi.
At the party

Once we finally made our way inside the party my nervousness faded. The bass that was thumping through my body made me feel almost…bolder. Lights were flashing in every which direction and people were dancing around having fun. I felt unstoppable. I can do this. As soon as we arrived at VIP section, we flopped down, and were immediately presented with drinks. “Let’s party!” Louis yelled. He pounced up and started doing his “pat the dog, screw the light bulb” dance. Not much longer Liam started dancing too. I expected Niall to join them, but he just sat there…like 10 ft. away from me. The expression on his face almost looked contemplative…maybe pained. I glanced over at Harry who already had his arm around some girl, whispering in her ear. She nodded her head, threw me a glare, then stood up, and walked away. Harry slid next to me. “Why aren’t you with your lover?” He had to yell because the music was so loud. A sinister grin was placed on his face. I rolled my eyes. “Because he’s avoiding me.” Harry leaned in so close some of his curls grazed the side of my head.“I have an idea.” He paused. “A cliché idea.” I chuckled.“What would that be?”“You’re gonna be mine tonight!” I couldn’t help the disgusted face I made. Harry was cute, but I liked Niall. He knew that. Was he drunk already? A roaring laugh escaped him then he whispered, “Love, we’re gonna make Niall jealous.”“Oh! NO!” I yelled so he could hear me. “No! I know how these things play out! It never works.” He looked disappointed, but I’ve always wanted to try that!” He pouted his lower lip. I shook my head “no” then laughed. He fake cried. I kissed his cheek, “Sorry.” He chuckled “fine.” Coming straight our way was the girl Harry was with earlier.“I wanna dance.” She said. Harry looked at me, “At least try to have a god time.” My eyebrows raised. “Dance!” he grabbed my hand and tried to pull me up. “No…” I whined following him to the crowded dance floor, “ I can’t dance.” I felt eyes following me out. “And I can?” Harry asked laughing. This was gonna be a disaster.
Niall’s POV

Elise looked beautiful so tonight. She was always beautiful. We were supposed to be on a date, but I couldn’t find the nerve to treat her like once. My hands were sweaty, my heart wouldn’t slow down, and my stomach hurt. All these things intensified when I went anywhere near her. Stupid feelings! At least Louis and Liam were having a great time. I looked over at Elise, who was now with Harry. I felt a twinge of jealousy as he whispered in her ear and she laughed. Harry was always good with girls. “You’re gonna be mine tonight!” I could barely hear him say. I looked down at my lap and felt sick. Harry knew very well how I felt about Elise. What was he doing? I glanced back at them and Elise was kissing his cheek. I felt myself get angry. Soon Harry had her hand and was dragging her to the dance floor. I stared at her hoping she would just come back. “Dancing In the Dark” by Dev started to play. I watched as she moved her hips on Harry. Gross. I felt someone sit next to me.
“oh! Look at me! I’m Harry, and I can dance!” Zayn mocked. I laughed. “you okay?” Zayn asked. I looked down. I couldn’t help the tears that came close to spilling over. Zayn’s hand patted my back.
“Come one man., you gotta have more game!” I looked at him.
“Game? I have game dude!”
“Yeah, as much game as a cuddly puppy.” I sighed.
“Don’t let Harry steal you woman. I know what they’re doing. They’re trying to make you jealous.” Well it’s working. “Now we are gonna make her jealous.”
“What? No”
“Yeah! Just do what I say.” Zayn grabbed my hand and pulled to the dance floor. I could already tell this was gonna be a disaster.
Elise’s POV

I was dancing with Harry and this random chick he had with him. I was having fun. But in the back of my mind I wanted Niall to see. I wanted him to see us dancing. I wanted him to come and dance with me. When I looked up, almost as if he was reading my mind, there he was with Zayn walking straight my way. They grabbed some random girls and started to dance. I suddenly felt uncomfortable. “Take over Control” came on and I danced even harder. “You okay?” Harry whispered in my ear. I didn’t answer his question. Just keep dancing.“Oh.” I heard him mumble. I’m guessing he saw what Niall was doing. “My plan’s sounding pretty good right now, huh?”“NO!” I looked back up at Niall. He was kissing a girl. I finally stopped dancing and ran back to the VIP section. I had to play this cool, even though all I wanted to do is go home. I sat with head in my hands. I wasn’t aware of the person next to me until he spoke. “You know I hate to see you sad.” I looked up. “Well, Niall, tonight you’re the reason for my sadness.” He looked astonished.“Why? What did I do?”“Niall…I really like you a lot, and when I saw you kiss that girl I…I just couldn’t cope.”“Kiss a girl? I didn’t kiss that girl! She kissed me. I make you sad!? How about you? You were dancing up on Harry!” My jaw dropped.“Dancing on Harry? Who cares?! You were dancing on some random gir-”“I love you, Elise”“And then you do it with Zayn! Zay- What?” My heart was pounding and my tears stopped.“I love you. I always have. It’s been pretty hard hiding it, even though you have to admit I did it prett-” I cut him off with a kiss. It was just like I imagined it. Wonderful. When we pulled away he smiled his glorious smile.“I’ve always wanted to do that to you.” I giggled. “Me too.”“So…does this mean…you can be my girlfriend now?” He asked blushing. I laughed then kissed him again.“yes!” He grinned then kissed my nose. I laughed. “You’re too perfect.”


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