One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


80. Niall Horan 21

~'They say she's in the class A team, been this way since 18. But lately her face seem slowly sinking, wasting, crumbling like pastries.'
Hi, allow me to introduce myself. Im Ellissa, Im 18 and have dark skin and brown, straight hair that falls to my shoulders. I love roller coasters, rain, Paramore and Pretty Little Liars. Im pretty much like any other teen except I'm homeless.

-5 Months Ago-
I was a normal day for me, working minimum wage and a local diner. I was just picking up my paycheck from my stingy boss, as he hands it to me he gives me an apologetically. Why? Cause I already look homeless, I was malnourished and dirty, It's my parents. They don't love me.
I give a fake smile and head on my way, as I head up to my apartment door I hear fighting "Drunk... again" I mumble. My dad turns to me and grabs my check "Hey! That's mine!" He slaps me and yells for me to get out, so I do. And of course with my luck the next day I'm fired. So what do I do?
I'm forced to a life of prosititution...

-Current time-
'They scream, the worst things in life come free to us. And were all under the upper hand, go mad for a couple grams. And we don't wanna go outside, tonight, and in a pipe we'll fly to the Motherland. Or sell love to another man.'

I look into a cracked mirror fixing my hair and makeup "I don't wanna live like this!" I scream, why me? Why did I have to live like this? "Ellissa, you did this to yourself, you no good" I whisper, I start to cry a little and wipe my mascara.

I walk around the street a little and a really nice car pulls up and rolls down the window. "I can't let you stay out here like this." The person says, I shrug, why does someone even care about me. "It doesn't matter, Im nothing more than a dirty prostitute" My voice cracks a bit. "Listen, girl, I don't care who you are noone deserves to live like this. Now get in" He demands. My eyes go a bit wide and he seems to notice, he pats my hand sending comfort to me. "No, listen I'm not looking for that, I'm not gonna hurt you. I just wanna help you" I relax a bit and open the car.

Niall's POV: This poor girl didn't look any older than 17, a prositute by force and homeless. She looks so tense and she's hardly moving, so I reach over and pat her leg. Even thought it's lightly she jumps "Im sorry miss I didn't mean to scare you" She forces and smile yet tears run down her face, she's strong, must of had a rough life "It's okay" She whispers as we arrive to my apartment she hesitates , but I grab her hand and pull her in, even thought she has on jeans and a tanktop the lads give her weird looks.

Normal POV: I see 4 other boys and I tense up immediatly. Niall leans over and whispers "Listen, it's okay we don't want to do that. I'm just trying to help" I smile a little. A curly haired boy bounces over to my and slips $20 bucks into my hand, I gasp and hold Niall closer and murmur "Niall?" He stokes my cheek, but he slaps Harry "Haz? Why whould you do that!!??" He smirks "Because she's clearly a mmm, mmm" Harrys avoids saying the word.

Niall's POV: Tears drip down the girls face, she's hurt. She wants to be more than just a hooker. "A prosititue?" She answers for him. "Of course!" Harry's smile returning "Well can't I be more? I've been abused, raped, beaten, starved.. I've had it all, I'm only 17. I've never felt love, my parent kicked me out and stole anything I had. I forced to be this." She looks down and sniffs. Liam takes her hand and takes her to the kitchen and sets her on the counter.

Liam's POV: "So?...." I say trying to get her name out of her, she sticks out her hand "Ellissa, you?" I smile "Liam, Liam Payne and this is Zayn" I say pointing to him, he gets a goofy grin on his face "VAS HAPPENIN'?" she giggles, this girl is WAY more than a prostitue. A smile doesn't leave her face "Why so happy?" Louis asks strolling in, she bites her lip "Noones ever been nice to me before" Louis taps her chin "Well get used to it, we will never hurt you" Her stomach growls loud! "When's the last time you ate?"

Normal POV: I grimce "Sunday..." I meekly reply "Sunday?! Today's Friday! You havent eaten in 5 days." Liam shouts, I look down and Zayn immediatly pulls a sandwhich and hands it to me "Eat up" I quickly scarf it down.

Niall's POV: I walk into the kitchen and she Ellissa scarfing down a sandwhich, I pat her on the back and she jumps. Wow, she's been through alot "Now that's my girl" I say smiling at her. She burps a small burp " 'Scuse me" She giggles. I grab herhand and pull her to the balcony "Ellissa?" I say moving a strand of hair out of her face. "I don't want you to sell your self anymore, I want you to stay with me, You see I've kind developed a crush on you."I say smirking. She looks a bit uncomfortable.

Ellissa's POV: I feel a bit awkward, noone's ever had a crush on me, but I smile a bit. "May I kiss you" He asks politely, I nod and he gently presses his lips again mine and leans his forehead on mine. He wraps his hands around my waist. I smile into the kiss "So this is what love feels likes?" I ask, he says "Mmm,hmm" Into my lips causing me to laugh.

'It's too cold outside for Angels to fly'

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