One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


72. Niall Horan 20

~My brother and his band were finally coming to New York, and I couldn’t wait to see him. Granted, he was really only coming to perform on Good Morning America while on tour, but I didn’t care, I was going to see him for a few days regardless.
I ran out of my apartment, throwing goodbyes at my roommates, Chloe and Madison. I had decided to skip school today to go meet my brother and his mates at the airport. I hailed a taxi; one pulled over almost immediately, and ordered him to the airport. The drive was excruciatingly slow, but I was able to occupy myself with the sights of New York, sites I never ever got used to, even after two years living here.
I handed the taxi driver some money and a thank you before bursting out of the cab and running inside of the airport. I had no clue which gate my brother would be arriving at, he told me he would text me, but that text has yet to come. I looked around the airport hopelessly when my phone buzzed.
Gate 19. Can’t wait to see you xx
I smiled. Gate 19, that’s not too far from the entrance. I took off to the right, where Gate 19 would be, where my brother would be.
Notlong after I took off into my sprint, I was able to spot a head of curly brown hair, similar to my own, but lighter than mine.
“Harry!” I yelled, waving my hand to catch his attention.
Harry slowly turned around and grinned at me, a grin I returned. I jumped into his arms as soon as I reached him, and he caught me, spinning me around to stable himself.
“Hey, Danny… sis.” He whispered.
I released my arms from around his neck and looked at all of the boys, my eyes landing on Niall. It’s been a few months since I last saw all the boys, but Niall was still the same - beautiful as hell. His blue eyes shined with the happiness displayed in his gorgeous smile. He had his hands shoved in his pockets, but was pulling one out, and he weaved it through his marvellous blonde hair that seemed to absorb the sunlight. Needless to say, I had a huge crush on Niall. He always had a strange effect on me, got me feeling things I never felt with anyone else.
“H-hey boys,” I stuttered, coming out of my thoughts. “How are you all?”
“I’m doing great, can’t wait for you to show us around.” Louis grinned as he wrapped an arm around my neck. Louis was like another brother to me.
“I’m doing wonderful now.” Niall whispered, staring straight into my light brown eyes with his lustful blue ones.
I gave him a look of confusion, but before I could ask him what all he meant by it, I was being dragged towards the entrance of the airport by Louis and Harry, who had their arms wound around the back of my neck, pulling me along.
“We’re staying at your place, right, Sis?” Harry asked.
I grinned. “Oh sure.” The girls will get a real kick out of this.
The boys have been here for two days, so naturally the whole apartment has been destroyed; as much fun as we’ve all had, I’m going to have to murder them if they don’t clean it up.
Everyone was out doing sightseeing or shopping. Only Niall was home - doing God knows what. I myself was on my way home from babysitting as a favour for a woman on the bottom floor of the apartment complex.
I trudged up the stairs slowly, completely exhausted from watching an all too energetic three year old and an eight month old baby. I pulled my keys out of my pocket before I reached the door, and fumbled for the key to the apartment.
I dropped the keychain. “Shoot.” I hissed. I bent down and picked up the keys.
I unlocked the door, and pushed it open, revealing small white flowers all over the floor in some sort of trail. I recognized them immediately, they were my favourite flower; waterfall flowers. I slowly set my keys down on the counter, not able to take my eyes off of the sight before me. Did Niall do this all? And why?
“Niall?” I called. Nothing. “Niall, are you here?” But there was still no answer.
I slowly crept through the apartment, weaving my way through the trail of flowers. They led all the way to my room. I picked up my pace, reaching my slightly ajar door in only a few strides.
I pushed the door open. “Niall?”
Niall was sitting on my bed, a flower in his hand, a sweet, loving smile on his face. He had lit small candles and placed them all over the room. It was just dark enough outside that it created a romantic glow all over the room. I grinned.
“Niall, what is all this?” I whispered softly.
Niall looked up, where he had been previously enveloped in the flower he fingered, and stood up from the bed. He made his way over to me, the flower at his side, and held it up to my face.
“I wanted to ask you something.” He said slowly.
I held back a massive grin, hoping he would ask me what I wanted him to ask me.
“Yes…” I pushed.
He let out a sigh, his minty sweet breath hitting my face. “Would you… be mine?”
I bit my lip. “Of course.” I whispered. I went to take the flower from his hand, but before I could take it, he pulled it away, and crushed his lips to mine.
I wound my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. The kiss was everything I had ever imagined it to be, Niall’s lips being soft, sweet, and minty. His lips moulded to mine perfectly, and it only left me wanting more from the kiss.
But Niall pulled away, and took my hand in his. He placed the stem of the flower in my hand, letting the petals hang over, and closed my fingers around the stem as he placed his forehead to mine.

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