One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


5. Niall Horan 2

~"ALYSSA COME ON!" My best friend yelled. "What?" I moan. "Alyssa you can't stay in bed forever." She says as I throw my pillow at her "Why not?" I ask as she sits on my bed. "Look Alyssa, you need to quit crying over Niall, ok?" "But, Kylie. He didn't even tell me he was leaving." I say as I flop back down on the bed and the flashback hits me.
It was our Spring Formal and I was in the corner crying because my date stood me up. I feel a pair of eyes on me and I look up and see Niall. "Alyssa are you ok?" he asked and sat down next to me. "No" I mumbled and he hugged me. "Do you wanna dance?" He asked and took my hand. "But, there's no music playing." "I know but, I don't care as long as I'm with you." he said standing up and pulled me up with him. We danced for a long time that night with no music playing.
"Alyssa, are you ok?" Kylie asked. I didn't answer. "Another flashback?" she asked again. "Yeah." "What about?" " The time he danced with me with no music playing." I said as I flopped back down on the bed as another flashback hit me.
We were sitting in the tree house my dad made me,staring up at the stars. "Wow. These stars are so beautiful." I said. "Well, I know one thing that's more beautiful." he said as he took my hand. "Oh, yeah? And what is that?" I asked. "You." he said then he kissed me. It was one of the best kisses we ever shared.
"Alyssa did you have another flashback?" Kylie asked as I sat up once again. "Yeah." "Which one was it this time?" she asked. "Our first kiss." I said starting to tear up. "Ok Alyssa. Get changed and meet me outside." She demands and starts walking towards the door. "Why?" I whine. "Because you've been moping around since Niall. And he left three months ago." "Fine." I say as she walks out of my room. I walk over to my closet and pick out dark wash short shorts, socks, my favorite converse, and a light green long sleeve shirt. Thats when another flashback hits me.
"Niall, where are we going?" I giggled as he took his hands off my eyes. "Niall its-its beautiful." I say. It was a candle-lit bridge over a small creek in the park near my house. "Not as beautiful as you." he says before kissing me on the cheek. "Niall I-I don't know what to say." I said and turned towards him. "Then how about I do this." he says before kissing me. It was one of the best dates we ever had.
I tried not to cry at the end of that last flashback. I headed downstairs and opened the door to see someone I didn't expect to see there. "N-Niall?" I ask before he wraps me in one of those famous Horan Hugs. "Alyssa, I'm so sorry I didn't tell you about going on tour. I just thought I couldn't bear to see you cry." He says before I hug him once again. "Oh and Kylie told me something about the one thing you wont forget, what is it?" he asks looking me square in the eye. "The one thing I wont forget is how much you told me you loved me." I and he kisses me again. "Oh and Alyssa?" he asks. "Yeah, Niall?" "I love you." "I love you too, Niall." I say and he kisses me again.

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