One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


33. Niall Horan 10

~"AGH! FUCK YOU, NIALL!" I screamed, shaking my head, water splashing around me. I climbed out of my pool, staring down at the blue hair dye that filled the water.

Quickly scrubbing the dye off my body, I checked the mirror. My normally dirty blonde hair was now a light blue, with small hints of dark blue. "Fuck you...." I grumbled, pulling my hair in a ponytail.

My boyfriend Niall and I were in a prank war, and right now, I was losing - big time.

Getting dressed in dark grey smokey skinny jeans, blue TOMS, and a blue shirt with "Live Today" written on it, I headed out into the city, wearily making my way to what happened to be Niall's favorite restaurant.

Stepping up to the counter, I looked around. "Will you all do me one small favor?" I asked. "Sure, love, what can we do for you?" the lady behind the counter asked. "Well, you see, my boyfriend and I are in a prank war, and this is his favorite restaurant..." I placed a piece of paper on the table. The woman analyzed it for a moment, then laughed. "I guess so," she laughed. I pumped my fist in the air, then ran to post the sign up in the window.

Running outside, I pulled open my phone and hit Speed Dial, immediately calling up Niall.

"Give up, babe?" Niall's Irish accent sounded from the other side of the phone. I wanted to laugh, but I knew I needed to keep character in order for this to work.

"Niall, this isn't about the prank war..." I replied slowly. "Missy, what's wrong?" Niall asked, getting serious. "Can you just.... Meet me at Nandos?" "O-Okay," Niall stammered. "I'll-I'll be there in a few minutes. Be careful, babe." "You too," I smiled to myself, and burst out laughing the moment I heard the click.

Like he had said, minutes later, Niall showed up at Nandos. He ran up to give me a hug. "Are you okay, Missy?" he asked, bright blue eyes filled with worry.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine," I told him. "But... Um...." I pointed towards the Nandos window, where a large sign was plastered there, clearly stating: "CLOSED DOWN".

Niall let out a sharp scream and ran towards the window, reading and rereading the sign. He started stammering random words, screaming a bit, and of course, swearing. Finally, I burst out laughing.

"I.... Set..... That..... Poster..... Up....." I gasped between laughs, almost to tears. "You git!" Niall cried, his jaw dropping. "Sorry!" I laughed. "I couldn't resist, especially after you dyed my hair blue!"

Niall's lips pursed into a straight line, and he turned away, shoulders shaking. Immediately, I knew he was crying, and stopped laughing. "I'm.... I'm sorry!" I cried. "It was just a joke..." I put my hand on Niall's shoulder, but he pushed me away. "Niall.... Please... I.... I'm sorry...." I whispered, nearly to tears myself.

All of a sudden, Niall spun around, a huge smile on his face. "You're awful!" I screamed, hitting him in the chest.

"I'm sorry," Niall apologized. "Missy, why don't we just stop this prank war? It's bringing out the worst in us." "Well... What are we going to do instead?" I asked, tilting my head to one side. "I have a few ideas," Niall smirked, pressing his lips to mine.


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