One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


54. Louis Tomlinson 9

~Preom POV

“Screw you guys, I’m going home!” I yelled, trying to copy Eric Cartman from South Park.
“No Kitty, this is my pot pie! No Kitty, no, no!!” Louis continued. We both giggled. Today I was helping the guys from One Direction write some song lyrics for an upcoming album. The first one had sold amazingly in not only England but all over Europe, the US and even Australia. You must have heard of it? ‘Up All Night’. And trust me, were we up all night trying to create it.

Let me explain a few things. My name’s Preom Carter, and I’m the daughter of One Direction’s manager. Dad’s always bringing the guys home to sort out advertising, sale figures, or just songwriting like today. Only few of the songs on their first album were actually written by them, instead most by professional songwriters. But this time round the boys wanted to try something different, and I guess a lot more people would buy their album if they were all self-written songs as well. So here we all were, brainstorming lyrics, but being idiots while we were at it.

I’ve known the boys from One Direction pretty much since their debut. They’re all incredibly funny guys, especially Louis. Louis is completely random most of the time, making references to bananas or other strange household objects at the drop of a hat. I’ve never actually seen him be completely serious, except for this one time. He was talking with the other boys about something when I left to go to the kitchen to grab a snack bowl. When I came back they were all crowded around, conversing in hushed whispers. But the minute I stepped back in the room he was his usual bright, crazy self. Weird.

Louis POV

It was really fun being with Preom. She’s almost as crazy as I am, and she’s always able to make me laugh. I especially love the way she smiles after I make her laugh. She’s also very talented; Preom can take amazing photographs of whatever is before her, even if its really bad, and make it beautiful, she’s an amazing lyricist, she even helped a little with ‘Up All Night’. She’s never afraid to do something stupid and screw around with me and the guys. Even though we’re famous now, she treats us like regular human beings.

She’s also very beautiful. Her black hair is silky smooth, and if the light is right it shimmers an oddly iridescent blue. Her dark brown eyes remind me of chocolate dipped strawberries, and whenever I look into them for too long I find myself entranced. She’s perhaps my best friend outside of One Direction now, and definitely the only girl I would frequently hang out with. But, she mustn’t have any idea though of how I truly feel about her…

The truth of the matter is I was falling for her. She was just such an amazing person; she entranced me with her looks, her humour, and her crazy idiosyncrasies. She was awesome, and I really wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. When I was talking to the boys earlier, they all agreed that we should go out. We were like a match made in heaven. Zayn told me that he suspects she might have feelings for me as well, and I trust him. He’s always been better at reading people and situations than any of the rest of us.

Preom POV

“Hey, chuck us some sugar!” Louis grinned at me. I growled and stole the bowl from the centre of the circle that we had formed sitting cross-legged on the carpeted floor.
“Noooo, you’ll go crazy mode. And you know what happens then!” I scowled at him. “Sugar is for me!” I smirked at him, shoving a Snickers into my mouth.
“Bitch!” he yelled jokingly. I feigned anger, but threw him over a Freddo. “Brain food!” The other guys all laughed at us.
“What?” I complained, slapping Liam on the shoulder.
“Ouch!” he yelled at me.

“Now kids, what are you doing?” my dad called from the other room. I grimaced.
“Daad, the guys are already old farts, not kids!” I yelled back. Well, it was true. I’m only sixteen years old, but the guys were all eighteen or nineteen now.
“But you all still act like little children!” he shouted right back. I chuckled.
“Yeah. I guess so!” Niall called. I poked his pale skin with my dark skin.

“Haw, haw. Your accent is so funneh!” I loved weird British accents, even though Niall was Irish. I wasn’t actually born over here in England. I’m from Bengali, which is kind of in around India and Bangladesh. Dad moved here with his work, bringing the family with him, which is just me and mum. So, being Bengali as you can guess I have pretty dark skin, dark brown eyes and black hair. Pretty typical for my race, but you don’t come across too many Indian people in greater London…

Louis POV

“Preom, can I talk to you for a second?” I asked sheepishly, pulling her away from the gang into the kitchen.
“Sure, Louis,” she responded. “But if I’m not back in the next five minutes Zayn’s gonna know you finally snapped and murdered me,” she joked loudly. I shook my head at her.
“Seriously? Why would I want to kill you?” I asked, continuing the joke.
“I don’t know. I freak you outtt!” She dangled her fingers in front of my face, looking like a Dementor. Niall cracked up from behind us.
“Hurry up then, you two!”

I walked Preom into the kitchen.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you something for quite some time…” I mumbled to myself. She just stared at me, her dark brown orbs studying me closely.
“You’re being serious, Louis. Its really weird.” She punched me playfully on the arm with a giggle. “What’s up?”
“Well… I really like you. I… uh… I was wondering if you wanted to go out?” Her eyes widened in surprise. Surprise? So I was right. She never knew that I liked her more than friends. But did she like me back?

Preom POV

I was getting slightly freaked out. Louis was not being normal. He was standing there, watching me with almost fear in his eyes. I’m so used to seeing him acting like a complete idiot, I never realized he actually had a serious side. I wanted to see him as his usual, playful self. Did I do something wrong? Does he not like me?

“Well… I really like you. I… uh… I was wondering if you wanted to go out?” My eyes widened. Say what now? Was the Louis Tomlinson, the playful boy that I’d grown so close to over the past few months, just ask me out? Did he somehow know my feelings for him?
No. No he didn’t. That much was visible in the way he held his posture; back slanted sideways, eyes watching me in such a way. Complete and utter seriousness. But my answer would be yes. I just felt like toying with him a little first…

“Louis. I thought you liked a girl that eats carrots?” I questioned him, poking him on the forehead. “At least that's what you said in the video diaries. And you know, I don’t like carrots. Are you sure you want to leap into a relationship with a girl that doesn’t like carrots?” He gulped. Woah, he actually fell for the joke. This was going to be funny.
“Furthermore, what about Mary? You love Mary, don’t you. I would want you to cheat on her.” His face was priceless. I finally burst out laughing.

“I’m only kidding, idiot. I’ll totally go out with you!” Finally, his features returned to normal. He broke into a wide, lop-sided smile.
“Preom, that was mean!” he complained, patting me on the head. “…But I’m glad you want to go out.” He pressed his lips to mine and I melted into the kiss. He was a good kisser; his lips caressed and nibbled my own until I gasped. He slipped his tongue into my mouth to assert some of his dominance. I growled and battled him.

I heard familiar voices from the other side of the kitchen door.
“Vas happening?” Zayn cooed, stalking his way into the room.
“Why, looks like Louis and Preom are playing tonsil hockey!” Harry chided, pulling me away from Louis.
“Come on, we’ve got some lyrics to write up!” Liam pouted, pulling me back into the other room.
“But…” I growled at him. He smirked at me.
“Unless Preom and Louis want to go get a room?” He winked. Louis and I flushed several shades of red.
“Screw you guys, I’m going home!” I yelled.
“You’re already home.” Niall pointed out.

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