One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


52. Louis Tomlinson 8

~Nikki POV

“Louis Tomlinson, get your ass in here, now!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, running around the apartment. I was seething. Sure, my flat mate may be famous, but he’s a famous ass, content on stealing all of my stuff and using it for himself. This time, the hair spray.
“What did I do this time?” he asked, continuing his button mashing. The boys of One Direction were having a massive Pokemon battle, taking on each other in groups and plotting strategies in whispers as they played the Wii. I marched into the room with the empty can.
“This is what you did!” I growled, stepping in front of the television. A few of the guys groaned at me for getting in their way.
“Dude, I bought this half a week ago, and you used it all up! You better not be using my hair straightener too!” I continued ranting, the others all looking at me.

“Uh, Nikki, that was me, sorry,” Liam managed to utter, terrified. Did I really look that scary?
“Yeah, see? Wasn’t me, so apologise!” Louis said in his usual annoying voice. I growled at him and dragged him into his bedroom across the hall.
“I’m your flat mate, not your housekeeper. Make your friggin’ bed!” He gave me a quizzical glance.
“So, you actually come in my bedroom.” I glared at him.
“Yes, I have to! Honestly, how am I supposed to get all your clothes cleaned when you never stick them in the basket?” He shrugged exasperatedly.
“Sorry Nikki. I’ll try harder. I promise.” I growled at him.
“You are so impossible!” He laughed and ran back to the main room to his game, the bed entirely forgotten. I shook my head. He could be such a jerk sometimes, but there were so many reasons why I still stayed here. For one, I was hopelessly head-over heels for the boy.

Yes, like most of the girls my age, I was in love with one of the members of One Direction. Louis was crazy. Sometimes completely impossible, ridiculous, and time-consuming, but I loved him. He was always the funny one, charming his way into my heart. Whenever I came back from university upset with something or other, when he was here he would always cook for me and make me feel so much better. He was sweet, kind, loving, and above all else a pleasure to be around. And because of this I could never stay mad at him for more than a minute, no matter how thoroughly he had messed up or ruined something. I have an easygoing personality naturally, but being with Louis took it to the next level. He was the only person that had the power to evaporate any negative emotion from me, and he always made me happy without fail.

It wasn’t just his personality that ensnared me in his web. I also felt some kind of strange physical attraction to him. Everyone in England just about knew he was gorgeous, a boy endowed with quite a handful of physical beauty. His hair is a beautiful light brown to dirty blonde colour, and his eyes a deep blue that reminded me vaguely of icebergs. He’s tall, standing about a foot or two higher than myself. His skin isn’t too pale or too tanned either. The perfect boy, well at least in my eyes.
But I guess he would never know this. We’d been sharing an apartment for a few months now but he’d never made any moves on me, and I really didn’t see that he liked me any more than a mere friend. Liam, Zayn, and Niall knew this. I didn’t trust Harry too much with it though. He’s just such a loudmouth. I was content with his friendship for the most part, but sometimes I just wished that we had something more…

Louis POV

“God, Louis. When are you going to ask her out?” Harry asked me exasperatedly, “it’s obvious you both like each other. You two fight together like an old married couple.” There were a few nods from the other boys.
“Nah, she doesn’t like me like that.” Liam raised and eyebrow and I raised an eyebrow right back.
“What?” I asked.
“Oh, nothing,” Liam responded, engrossing himself in the game. “I think you should just give it a go. It doesn’t hurt trying. You might be surprised.” I gave him an interested sideward glance.
“Wait… so she does like me?” I asked surprised. Liam growled and continued playing.
“I didn’t say anything…” I heard him whisper into Zayn’s ear. In the unexpected quietness it became very obvious the boys knew something that I didn’t know. Hmm, I guess I should listen to Liam’s advice. After all, time and time again he’s been the wise and knowledgeable one of the group.

I knew they were right. I was really close to Nikki, but the trouble was I didn't know if she liked me. I loved her tall, slim figure, her long brown wavy hair that formed a halo around her pale face, her ocean blue eyes that expressed so much emotion all the time. We’d started off just as flat mates; she was the only person that didn’t act strangely around us all because we were famous. I guess over time and after getting to know her better I developed very strong feelings for her. She was beautiful, kind, considerate, just the type of girl that I was looking for.

Nikki POV

“There, all done!” I congratulated myself, finally stepping out of Louis’ bedroom, located just across the hall from mine. I had straightened the sheets, made the bed, taken his dirty socks off the floor and folded the clothes that had been dumped all over the carpet into a neat pile. Finally, the room looked just about liveable again. But I guess I was slightly biased at my handiwork. I walked out of the room, tossing the socks into the laundry pile. As a female, I did all the cleaning around here. Louis was so busy most of the time anyway, so I didn’t mind it. I stuck on a load of washing and walked out into the kitchen.

“You guys hungry?” I asked, grabbing a loaf of bread off the counter. I pulled out the sandwich press and began buttering bread.
“Yeah,” came a chorus of excited yells.
“There’s cheese, ham, tomato and salami. I’m guessing you guys all want cheese?” Niall and Liam came dashing into the room.
“Yes please,” Niall said in his cute Irish accent. Liam nodded and began helping me by cutting up the tomatoes. These two were always the most helpful. Liam stacked the slice tomato on a chopping board, next to the cheese slices. After a few minutes, Zayn and Harry came in to join us. The boys all helped themselves, sticking their sandwich creations in the press, sitting across the other side of the bench in wait.

“Guys, where’s Louis?” I asked. Zayn shrugged.
“I think he went out.” I groaned and grabbed out my phone.
“He better go buy some more bread and milk, or we’ll be out.” I mumbled to myself, texting him in capital letters. He could have at least told me he was going out so I could give him the shopping list.
“You know, Louis really likes you.” Zayn pointed out, snaking an arm around me from behind.
“Psh, no.” I responded gleefully. These boys could be so funny.
“Nikki, I’m being serious.” And he was serious. I only ever heard that tone of voice when he was explaining something or telling the truth. “Just wait…”

Louis POV

I walked into the jewelry shop that sat across from the train station. As it was snowing, I wrapped my scarf more tightly around my neck. The door clinked and I felt a rush of warm air.
‘How can I help you?” a kind voice came from behind the counter. I walked over and looked at the jewelry before me.
“Hi. I’m looking for something for someone very special to me,” I told the shopkeeper. She gave me a warm smile and pointed down at her stock.
“Well, we’ve got necklaces, charm bracelets and charms, as well as rings. What is the occasion?” I blushed a dark crimson.

“Well, she’s a very good friend of mine, but I want her to know I like her more than friends like… I don’t know how to explain…” I said sheepishly. The lady gave me a wink.
“I think this is the one for you.” She pulled out a drawer and took out a heart-shaped locket, showing it to me. “See here, you can open it and place in a photo of you and her,” she explained, holding it out for me to take. “On the front is a small engraved butterfly. You see it there?” she said, pointing. “It doesn’t cost too much, though I’m sure it will have a lot more value once you place some pictures in it.” I nodded, taking the locket in my hands.
“I’ll take it,” I said, handing over a wad of notes. “Keep the change.”
After I left the shop, I took out my wallet and slipped out a photo from one of its many pockets. It was a picture from when we first met. She and I had decided that we would take a picture together as not to forget whom the other flat mate was. It was trivial, funny even, but it worked so well.


I opened and closed the door quietly and I stepped stealthily into our shared apartment. I quickly ran into my room, hiding my footfalls as best I could, and grabbed a pair of scissors off my desk. I cut the photo into the proper shape, careful to make sure the edges were a perfect fit when placed in the locket. I held the locket in my hand and made my way to the kitchen, hearing the commotion of the usual lunchtime routine the boys had when they came over.

Nikki POV

“Louis, you’re back. Did you get my text?” I asked, handing him a plate. I wasn’t sure when he would return so I made a toasted sandwich for myself. But I felt bad with him not eating anything while all of the other boys were, so I decided to hand him the plate. They were still growing boys, and I knew they ate an awful lot to help with the puberty. Especially Harry. I swear that kid could eat a horse!
“No, but I got something better,” he told me. I scowled.
“We need milk and bread. I guess I’ll have to go down to the super market later then…” I mumbled to myself.
“Only if you let me come with you.” I squeaked. How had Louis managed to weave his way through the messy kitchen only to snake his arms around my neck?
“Louis, what are you doing?” I asked. He kissed me on the cheek.
“Fixing something.”

I heard the clink of a clasp from behind me. I looked down, noticing a beautiful, intricate piece of silver jewelry hanging from my neck.
“…What’s this?” I asked him in surprise.
“Open it.” He instructed. The other boys were watching me intently. The locket clicked as I opened it, and there we were, Louis and I holding hands, shaped like a heart inside the locket. There was also a tiny strand of hair.
“Louis?” I questioned. He pulled me into a tight hug.

“Nikki, I love you. I always want to be with you. Will you be my girlfriend?” I gave him a goofy smile.
“What’s with the hair in the locket?” I asked him. He scowled at me.
“Stop it, you’re ruining the moment!” he growled, flicking me on the forehead. I chuckled at him.
“OK, I love you too!” I told him, kissing him on the forehead. “…But seriously, what’s with the lock of hair?” He shrugged.
“Well, in all those Rom-Coms people stick hair in lockets. I thought it meant something?” I laughed at him.
“I was just joking around! It means a lot to me Louis, thank you.” We both smiled at each other, two sets of blue eyes locking together. He grabbed my hand and pulled it into his.
“You do realize sticking your hair in a locket meant you died?” Harry chimed in. I slapped him. Hard.

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