One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


32. Louis Tomlinson 7

~“You know what? Whatever!” I shouted angrily into my phone. Liam Payne was my best friend, and he had just gone and left me here. I hung up abruptly. We were supposed to meet for our monthly gaming and photography session but he had just cancelled on me, hardly an hour before he was due to arrive. Don’t get me wrong, I love that kid with all my heart. He’s been my best friend since our first year of primary school. When everyone else was paying no attention to me and others were bullying him, we managed to find our way together. But recently things began changing. Sure, I knew inevitably we’d get drawn apart, with puberty and such, but I never expected his fame to come between our friendship. Frustrated, I ran a hand through my long, strawberry blonde hair, my hazel eyes flashing in a mixture of annoyance and aggravation.

I walked into my room and found myself slamming the door shut. I slid down the wood and sunk to the floor in a pitiful heap, holding my head in my hands. For once, I wasn’t my usual happy, bubbly self. If you wanted to know the truth, all I really had in my life was Liam. I was usually shy around new people and that made it difficult to make friends. Liam had been the only one that had stuck by me through the years. He had been there when my father passed away from cancer, holding my hand every step of the way and supporting me. I had my share of support for him as well. I wasn’t even put off by those nasty rumours that flew around back in year 9 about how he was gay when he was pushed aside by virtually the whole school. We shared a very flowery, colourful past; but that didn’t halt the fact that we were slowly losing contact.

I sat on my bed and read ‘The Hunger Games’ to try and stop my mind from wandering into a void of negative thoughts. As I was about to get to a good part, where obviously something bad was going to happen to the main character Katniss and that Peeta guy, I heard the doorbell buzz. I glanced up to the wall at the clock. It was almost ten on this Sunday morning. I hadn’t even bothered to open the blinds up yet to let the sunlight dance around my small room. I rolled out of bed and threw on a cardigan, dragging myself to the door. I knew my eyes were puffy already, but I didn’t really care. It wasn’t like Liam was going to come visit me anyway. It was probably Mrs Williams the old next-door neighbour after some milk or something.

I pulled open the door, stifling a yawn. My eyes widened as I realized who was standing before me. I choked and held the door open.
“What are you doing here?” I croaked, embarrassed. A tallish kid with light brown hair and blue eyes stood before me. He was well toned and muscular for his age, with a decent tan. I stood there flabbergasted.
“Um, can I come in?” he asked gently. I nodded and pushed the door open further for him to step through. God, I must have looked awful. My hair was suspended in a messy bun above my crown, and I was still in my light pink pyjamas. Actually, my top half was covered only by a loose singlet that barely covered my chest. I blushed as I looked down at myself. Plus, I’d had the biggest crush on this member of One Direction ever since Liam introduced me to everyone after the finals. Oh no, this is going to get awkward. And very quickly.
“Um, are you OK?” he asked me pointedly. I sighed.
“Yeah, I’m good. You just caught me at an interesting time!” I said sweetly, hiding my embarrassment and sadness with my trade-mark glowing smile. But the boy saw right through me.
“You don’t look OK.” I frowned. Perhaps my amazing facial expressions weren’t working as usual. I took a seat by the kitchen bench and motioned for him to join me.

“Want anything to drink, Louis?” I asked. He nodded, and I pulled out a carton of milk. “We have milk, juice, or water.”
“Just milk thanks.” I nodded and poured him a glass, sitting back next to him. He looked at me expectantly. I sighed audibly, and rested my head on the kitchen bench.
“It’s Liam.” I said sadly. “He doesn’t hang around me anymore, and he cancels everything we usually do together. I don’t know if I’m too boring for him or something, but he keeps ignoring me. I miss him so much, you know he’s all I’ve had through school.” Louis nodded.
“I understand you’re feelings, but he’s not ignoring you.” I scowled at him for his comment.
“Yeah right.” I muttered. He shook his head like he knew something I didn’t know.
“What?” I growled. He laughed at my reaction.
“Actually, Liam told me some interesting things about you.” I shuffled uncomfortably. He couldn’t know about my crush, could he? Actually, Liam was acting unnaturally distant these past few weeks. Was he planning something? I laughed inwardly at myself. No. No way.

“Actually, Liam told me about your photography. Apparently you’re really good.” I blushed at his comment and smiled at him.
“I’m not that good,” I said seriously to him. “Liam’s just good at exaggerating stuff.”
“But I’d really like to see some of your photography. I like that sort of thing.” I squeaked in surprise as he grabbed my hand.
“Lead the way.” I shook my finger at him, but conceded.
“At least let me get changed first.” He looked down at my attire as if for the first time, and turned around, his ears going bright red. I smirked.
“Uh, sorry about that…” he trailed off. I flicked him on the forehead and quickly walked up to my room, changing like lightning. I bounded down the stairs with my sketchbook in hand. I poked Louis on the forehead and led the way.

We walked out into the garden, making our way down the tiled pathway that was surrounded by lavender.
“Well, this is where we keep the dark room.” I explained, pointing to the old shed at the back of the garden. I pulled the door open a crack and pushed Louis in, following closely behind. I flicked on a lava lamp, effectively illuminating the room in a light orange glow. Louis gasped as he looked up around him. Little wires lined the ceilings, strewn haphazardly from the wooden frame of the shed. Picture that I’d developed hung from pegs all around the room. One had caught Louis’ eye. A dark green and black butterfly sitting on a strand of lavender. There was no colour on this picture; I had used the greyscale mode on my camera because I had been in a darker mood when taking that picture. Other pictures of worn-down buildings, concrete and other fragments of the nature that surrounded my house could also be seen on the large prints that hung to dry.

“Please don’t touch anything!” I said happily, swatting Louis’ hand away as he went to touch the butterfly.
“They’re so realistic!” he breathed excitedly. I snorted at him.
“Well of course they are, stupid! They’re photographs.” He grimaced and ran an embarrassed hand through his hair. I giggled at him.
“You know, you’re really talented,” he pointed out like it was a fact.
“I only do it for fun,” I shrugged at him. “By the way, you can have that one, once its all dried out that is.” I motioned for the butterfly on the lavender. His lips formed a small ‘o’ shape.
“Really?” he asked, incredulous.
“Yeah, it was a bitch to take.” I laughed at his expression. “I saw the butterfly and thought it would be a perfect shot. But then I almost ran into a spiderweb trying to get into a good position to get it and then there were friggin bees everywhere and I almost got stung…” I trailed off, not really sure if Louis really cared for excruciating details. But I had a captive audience. His blue eyes watched me intensely, and I felt my hazel eyes melting at his gaze. Without the passing of a single word, Louis had breached the gap between us and was leaning his lips forward into mine. I gasped at the foreign touch, but complied, kissing back.

We pulled apart after a few seconds, both blushing. He went to open his mouth to say something to me, but we were startled by the flash of a camera. I turned to face the doorway, looking around wildly like a deer caught in headlights.
“Liam?” I managed out. I looked at him, placing two and two together. He was holding a camera. There was a flash. “What the hell kinda picture did you take?” I yelled, chasing him out of the room. He just laughed, running around the garden playfully. Harry, Zayn, and Niall were all standing around laughing their asses off.
“About time!” Harry yelled at Louis. He came out of the dark room blushing. I stopped chasing Liam.
“Wait, you guys planned all this?” I asked, flustered. Liam nodded.
“Hey, I only want the best for my best friend. Plus… Mr Tomlinson has had an enormous crush on you since day one!” I blushed and looked over at Louis. He nodded sheepishly. I smiled at him and hugged Liam.
“Thanks.” All my emotions for the past few weeks were compiled into that one simple word. I poked him on the cheek, and ran over to Louis, happily placing my hand in his.


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