One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


20. Louis Tomlinson 5

~"Hey Hannah, make sure you don't burn those brownies." Niall reminded me for the 30th time, making me clench my jaw in irritation.
"Yes, Niall, sweet brother. I know." I exhaled, and moved to the kitchen to check on the brownies. "They look fine." I mumbled to myself, and quickly threw on oven mitts to protect my hands. I cautiously removed the tray of the fine dessert out of the oven and placed it onto the table. Phew, that oven was hot! I took off the oven mitts and peeked my head out of the door way dividing the living room and the kitchen. "The brownies are ready Niall!" I informed him, and he raced up, excited to taste my amazing brownies.
He took his first bite, and grinned. "These are amazing!" He happily took another bite, and I beamed with pride. "The boys are gonna love these!"
"When is everyone getting here?" I asked, taking a bite of a brownie. Wow, these are good!
"Uh... in about an hour, I think." He replied, reaching for another piece. I walked into the hallway, about to go in my room.
"Make sure you guys don't make so much noise! I'm studying!" I sighed and shut the door loudly, flopping onto my bed. I lazily grabbed my Science Text Book from the bedside table and whipped it open. I coughed as some dust fell out, and then I sat up. I rolled my eyes at the information and thought that I would so rather be watching a movie with the guys than be studying. But Niall said to stay away. Pssh. I decided to, instead of studying, do my hair and my makeup, just as a silly thing.
I brushed my strawberry blonde hair back, bringing it to the right of my head. I made a messy, cute, side braid and added a little bow to secure it. I did my makeup, outlining my hazel eyes in some soft black eyeliner (not too much), and brushed on some beige eyeshadow, then quickly applied some lipgloss. I stepped back from the mirror to admire my work, and admitted I looked pretty good. I smiled at myself, and then looked at the time. An hour?! Wow, that's weird. I shrugged and heard a car pull up outside. I walked into the living room, and looked at Niall, who was sitting on the couch eating a sandwich. Oh, my over-eating brother.
"Is that them?" I asked, sitting next to Niall. He looked at me, and smiled.
"Don't you look pretty, today!" He grinned, and ruffled my hair. I rolled my eyes and smoothed my hair back down.
"I was just messing around." I added.
Niall pushed me slightly off the couch. "Get the door Hannah. And stay in your room, we're watching a movie."
I huffed, stood up and walked to the door. I opened it gently (despite my anger) and saw Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. "Hey guys. Come in, come in." I opened the door widely and let them walk through.
"Hey Hannah." Louis looked at me, smiling, and as he saw me, his mouth slightly opened.
"Hi Louis..." I looked at him strangely, and then shut the front door. I walked into the Living Room and clapped my hands, watching all the boys. "Okay, you guys will be quiet, while I go in my room and study. 'Kay?" I grinned sweetly, and walked to my room. Just as I was about to close the door, I yelled "I MEAN IT!"
Niall leaned back, putting his hands behind his head. "And let the movie begin." He clicked a button on the remote, and the TV screen lit up, but he quickly paused it. "I'm just gonna go get Hannah's brownies!" He whispered, and crept up into the kitchen. Liam coughed.
"What movie are we watching again?" He asked, leaning over to Louis.
"What?" Louis' mind was elsewhere. All he could think about was Hannah, his best friends sister for goodness sakes! His head turned towards Louis. "What was the question?"
Liam laughed. "Okay then. I asked, what movie are we watching?" Louis answered answered with 'It', the famous Stephen King novel-based movie.
Liam frowned. "Clowns?" He slumped back in his seat on the couch.
Niall quickly returned, and the movie started to play.
Zayn whispered to Louis. "Who picked the movie this time?" He asked, shoving a brownie in his mouth.
"Uh... Niall, I think." Louis hit his head about three times with his hands, trying to get Hannah out of his head. He knew there was no point in doing this, but he thought it might distract him.
"Hey, mate, you okay?" Harry asked quietly, looking at Louis.
"I'm fine, fine." He leaned back, and watched the movie. It was actually quite interesting, too bad Louis couldn't concentrate.
"Can one of you guys go check on Hannah? She's been awfully quiet. I'm just going to go take these brownies into the kitchen." He grabbed the tray and walked into the kitchen. Louis jumped up and offered.
"I will! Be right back!" He ran into Hannah's room and smiled. No wonder she was being quiet, she was sleeping.
I murmured and opened my eyes slowly. And then screamed a very shrill scream. "LOUIS!" I yelled, throwing a pillow at him. Niall burst into my room.
"What's wrong!?" Niall exclaimed, panicking.
"Louis was watching me sleep!" I folded my arms and sneered at Louis. His eyes widened and he gasped.
Louis dropped the pillow. "I was not! I came in here to check on you, we thought something was wrong!" Louis looked angry. My face dropped in guilt.
"Lou, I'm so sorry..." I gave him a hug, and sighed. I took a step back and looked at Niall. "You guys go watch the movie, I'll stay here." Louis looked at Niall, and shrugged.
"No, come with us. We only started the movie about a half hour ago." Louis offered. I frowned.
"Aren't you mad at me?" She asked.
Louis chuckled. "No way! Come on." He grinned, putting his arm around my shoulder and taking me into the living room.
"Finally! What happened?" Harry jumped up, and looked at me. I smiled at him, and he sat back down. "So, she's okay?" Everyone nodded and Liam sighed.
"Can we just watch the movie now?" He asked in exasparation, and I laughed. I sat down cosily next to my brother, and he played the movie.
I screamed at various parts, and almost puked in others. "Niall, why are we watching this!?" I yelled in a whisper. Niall laughed, and poked me.
"It's a good movie!" Niall convinced me, and I continued watching. I noticed Louis watching me the whole time. It was kinda creepy, until I realised something. Louis was actually really cute. I coughed out loud, and tried to focus on the movie. Me and Louis had been best friends practically our whole lives. I don't like him! I almost laughed at the thought. There's no way.
"It's over?" I asked. "Psh, that was kinda stupid." I rolled my eyes, but actually felt my hands trembling. That was the most terrible movie I had ever watched!
Niall looked at me, and gave me a huge hug. "Aw! Your scared!" I looked up at him.
"Am not." I retorted, and then sighed. "Am so." I said, and squished my face into his chest. He laughed, and gently pushed me off his body.
"Come on, let's eat." He grinned, and clapped his hands in excitement. I giggled, and was about to follow him into the kitchen, when Louis grabbed my arm.
"Louis? What are you doing?" I asked. He smiled at me.
"Let's go to the park or something. I'm bored here!" I thought for a moment.
"It's raining, Lou. We can't." He smirked.
"Yeah, we can!" He grabbed my arm and we ran outside. I shrieked, and tried to cover my head with one hand. No success. The rain hit me hard, making me shiver as the drops cooled my skin.
"I'm getting wet!" I said to him, and we jumped onto his bike.
"Just enjoy it." He looked back at me from the front seat, and I removed my hand slowly. "Let's go!" He started to pedal and I laughed.
"Your weird Tomlinson!" I yelled happily.
"I know!" He yelled back.
We arrived at the park, the grass saturated. The sky was gloomy grey, and the clouds covered most. By the time we got there, my hair was soaking wet, and so was Louis'. He hopped off the bike, and started to run, kicking his legs in the air. He flailed his arms around, making a really big fool of himself.
"LOUIS!" I called to him, pretty much peeing myself of laughter. I jogged over to him, still laughing, and realised we were in the middle of the field. "What are we doing?" I smiled, and shrugged.
"Have fun, I guess!" He did a cartwheel, only to fail and fall over. I tried, and fell down next to him.
"Oh my god. I'm soaking." I chuckled, and Louis smiled.
"Hey Hannah?" I looked at him.
The rain was still pouring hard, beating against us, and my heart was thumping fast from the adrenaline when we were running. Louis looked like he was thinking for a moment. He smiled, and leaned in closer.
Louis kissed me. He kissed me. A trickle of warmth spread through my body, making me feel so happy, and safe. He put his hand on my face, and we continued kissing.
When we parted for air, I looked at him.
"What... what was that?" I was still overwhelmed from the suprise, and my heart was beating fast. And this time, I think it was because of Louis.
"A kiss. That's what people do when they really like each other. Well, I hope you like me..." He looked at me, and I melted.
I didn't feel this way about Louis before, but after spending some time with him in the park, something has definitely changed.
"Yes." I nodded.
"What?" He asked in surprise.
"Yes, I do like you back." He beamed and leaned closer. A crash of thunder made me jump.
"Best movie night ever." He whispered.


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