One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


19. Louis Tomlinson 4

~I pounded on the door of Louis Tomlinson's house, standing in the freezing cold weather of London. My breath became visible every time I the air escaped my mouth in the frosty weather. "Lou, it's freezing out here! Please, open it!" I huffed. Snuggling the crimson-red coat around my body, I was greeted by Louis and Liam. "Hey guys. About time." I smiled and shoved my coat in Liam's hands, grinning.
"Well, aren't you a nice friend, then." He shut the door and carefully placed my coat on the white leather couch. I gave him a hug, followed by Louis.
"Where's everyone else?" I asked,popping open my bottle of water and taking a sip from it. As Liam was answering, I put my beige handbag on the floor.
"They're on their way. Niall, Harry and Zayn decided to travel together. Everyone else should be coming soon." Liam informed me, running his fingers through his brown hair.
I nodded. "Oh." I grabbed a chip from the snack table, throwing it in my mouth. It was Louis' birthday yesterday, and he decided to throw a party today considering it was a Saturday. The door opened, and Liam's girlfriend Danielle walked in.
"Hey!" She smiled and hugged Louis. "Happy Birthday!" She handed him a rather large present, then walked over to Liam to give him a kiss. He blushed, and I giggled.
"Hey Danielle!" I grinned. She returned the hello, and smiled at me. While Liam and Danielle had a chat, Louis walked over to me.
"Hey, uh- Becca? I, um..." I smiled at him, waiting for him to continue. Just at that moment, Harry burst through the open window, doing an army roll.
"WHERE'S THE BIRTHDAY GIRL?" He grinned, and sped up to Louis. "Happy Birthday, mate." Harry handed Louis a neatly wrapped square shaped present, and Louis laughed.
"Thanks." He looked around for Niall and Zayn, spotting them walking in. They greeted each other, and about an hour later, there was over 300 people here. Wow.
The atmosphere was amazing, Louis had really outdone himself. He had taped cellophane over the ceiling lights, making them shine a ray of different colors when turned on, which looked amazing! The floors were covered in millions of shiny sequins (my idea!) that sparkled under the light. When you turned the music player on, speakers from all around the house blasted the tunes, making you feel like you were getting a live performance from the singer. It was great!
As I was admiring the house in awe, Louis came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. I whirled around and smiled. "Hey Louis. Great job on the house! It looks amazing!" His mouth curled up in a smile, and he waved his hand in the air.
"Nahh, it was nothing." We both giggled. "So, um, Becca, would you like to-" Louis was shocked when Harry waltzed in between me and Louis, and held his hand out toward me.
"Dance?" He smirked at me, and I laughed, completely forgetting about Louis.
"Of course Harry!" Even though I didn't really have a thing for Harry, I blushed, almost as red as my hair, and took his hand as we walked to the middle of the dancefloor.
"Hey, uh, DJ? Could you play something a little slower?" He looked at me, his bright blue eyes sparkling. He twined his fingers between mine and looked in my eyes. "Your beautiful." He whispered to me, and heart started beating fast. I looked down, my hair falling down either side. He pulled my body closer to his, and put his hands on my waist. I beamed, and put my hands around his neck. For this moment, I felt special. I hadn't had a boyfriend in so long, and if I didn't know any better, it looked like Harry liked me! The music started and we swayed softly to the beat. "Your a great dancer." He said to me. I had to laugh at that.
"I am so not!" I retorted. "I swear I have two left feet!" Harry chuckled.
"Well, I think your amazing." He smiled, and the song finished. "Uh, I really, really want to do this."
"Wha-" I was cut off by Harry's lips on mine. It was weird, but I didn't feel anything when I kissed him. I mean, I thought I liked him. But something was telling me not to.
We pulled away, and I looked straight at his eyes. They were glimmering, staring right into my heart. I sighed, but looked up at him and smiled.
"Thanks for the dance Harry." I giggled.
"No, thankyou." He winked at me, and threw me a flirty smile. As he walked away, I jumped as my phone buzzed. I whipped it out and looked at the text.
'To Bella
I like you<3'
I raised my eyebrows, and my face felt flushed. He liked me? He is adorable! I'll just wait a while and then confront him. I danced for a bit, and then grew tired. I'm not very athletic, and dancing too much makes me tired. I grabbed a can of soda from the table and cracked it open. The liquid felt cool in my burning mouth.
"Rebecca!" Niall yelled from across the room. I waved at him, and he walked over. "Someone forgot to say hello to me!" I grinned and gave him a hug.
"I'm sorry. I just got flirted with from Harry." My face reddened a little as I said it. Niall's smile drooped.
"Did he tell you he liked you?" I nodded in response. He sighed. "Oh no, Becc. Harry... Harry's not a nice boyfriend." I shook my head in confusion.
"What do you mean?" He grabbed my wrist and took me next to the staircase. To my horror, a girl who looked faintly familiar, and Harry, were standing under the staircase, making out!
"HARRY!" I screamed in anger. Tears stung my eyes, my body feeling weak. I wiped the water away from my eyes before they could escape. Harry was my best friend, how could he do this to me? First flirt with me, and then lie? I felt depressed, angry and worst of all, betrayed.
I ran outside, finally letting the teardrops fall. I knew Harry's house like the back of my hand, and ran up our little tree house fort we made when we were 6. I know I'm so emotional, but I really started to like Harry. And to find out he uses girls like that? It's terrible! I sat in the corner, taking shaky breaths. I heard footsteps climbing up the creaky ladder and I fumed. "Go away!" I yelled, but it only came out a constricted whisper.
"It's just me Becca." I heard a voice whisper back.
"Louis?" I asked to the voice, and I saw his face pop up in the doorway.
"Hey, are you okay? Niall told me what happened." He made his way up and sat next to me.
"Harry's a jerk." I sniffed, wiping my eyes another time. Louis nodded and gently moved the hair off of my face.
"Nah, he's cool. But when it comes to girls, he's an idiot." Louis put on a goofy grin and I laughed. "You know, you deserve better Beccanator." I grimaced at the nickname, but he continued anyway. "Your beautiful, and smart, funny, cool and amazing..." He looked at me, with a glimmer of seriousness in his usually joking eyes. "And I really like you." My eyes widened.
"What?" I asked again, surprised.
He laughed. "Don't worry, I won't go kissing other girls like Harry. But I do want to kiss you." Louis looked at me, his eyes full of hope. I glanced around his face, looking for signs of a prank, or joke. But nothing, all I saw was love. Louis actually liked me. And I could see it.
"You want to kiss me?" I asked. "You know, I'm not exactly the prettiest girl alive." I laughed, but he nodded his head.
"You are. Your the most beautiful girl ever." He grinned, his perfect white teeth shining. He was just about to kiss me, but I stopped him.
"I can't believe it. I just realised I forgot your birthday present!" I winced, filled with guilt. His face relaxed, and his mouth turned into a smile.
"No actually, you didn't." And he leaned in for his birthday kiss.

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