One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


9. Louis Tomlinson 2

~*Louis's POV*
I keep playin' it inside my head
All that you said to me
I lie awake just to convince myself
That this wasn't just a dream
As I'm lying in bed staring up at the ceiling, with no hope of falling asleep soon, I think about the last time I saw her. She had been crying because of what my best friend did. She sang That Should Be Me for the third round in this compitition we held eariler this year. Liam,Zayn,Niall,and I sang backup for her and Harry said he didn't like it. She ran out crying and I stood up for her. I guess she didn't know where to go so, she ran into parking lot. I had run after her, comforted her, held her, and told her everything would be ok, only to have Harry come out and kiss her. Right infront of me and that killed me. Well, it didn't really, but, it felt like it. She had said to me the night before when we were planning in my apartment, "Louis, if this plan doesn't work and Harry hates me after this, do you think, we could maybe go out sometime?" I told her I'd love that. If this was any kind of dream, it was a nightmare, that my best friend hurts the girl I love and then gets back together with her.
Cuz you were right here
And I shoulda taken the chance
But, I got soo scared
And I lost the moment again
I had the chance to kiss her. I had the chance to make her mine. But, I didn't take the chance and I lost the moment...........again. I turned onto my side and looked at the clock. It read:2:00 a.m. I couldn't call her now. Well, I could but, she wouldn't answer. Liam,Niall,and Zayn wouldn't answer at this hour. Harry might but, how could I tell him I was in love with his girlfriend? That's right, I couldn't. I hopped out of bed,stretched,and walked downstairs. I sighed and looked at the pictures hanging on the walls. Some of me and Harry, some of me and the lads, some me and my sisters, some of me and Stan, and finally some of me and Beatriz. I charished those pictures and stared at them a little longer than the rest. We both had huge smiles on our faces and I smiled at the thought of how happy we were that day. I sighed again and walked into the kitchen.
It's all that I can think about, oh.
You're all that I can think about.
Is your heart taken?
Is there somebody else on your mind?
I'm so sorry I'm so confused, just tell me.
Am I outta time?
Is your heart breaking?
How do you feel about me now?
I can't believe I let you walk away when.
When I shoulda kissed you.
I shoulda, I shoulda,oh, I shoulda kissed you.
I shoulda, I shoulda,oh, I shoulda kissed you.
I shoulda, I shoulda,oh, I shoulda kissed you.
I shoulda, I shoulda,oh, I shoulda kissed you.
I wish I could call her and ask her questions I really need answers to. Is your heart taken? Is there somebody else on your mind? Am I outta time? Is your heart breaking? How do you feel about me now? But, I would get the same answers:My heart is taken by Harry and he's the only one on my mind. My heart isn't breaking and I feel the same way as I always feel about you, Louis. I was so worked up by then I slammed my fist into the closest thing to me,which happened to be my refridgerator. I yelled as my fist swelled and turned a horrible shade of purple. I yelled again and thought 'Oh my God, what do I do?' I ran back upstairs and grabbed my phone. I quickly dialed Beatriz because I needed to talk to her. "Hello?" she grumbled into the phone. "B, come quick I think I broke my hand." I told her. "Alright I'll be there in five." she said hanging up. "YES!" I yelled to no one. I looked down at my hand and realize it was now turning black and it was throbbing. I heard a knock at the door and ran to open it, accidently banging my head off of it in the process. I opened the door and rubbed my forehead with my good hand. "Oh my God Louis! Did you hit your head on the door?" she asked coming inside. She threw her bag on the floor and grabbed my hand, forcing me to sit down on the couch. "Louis, your hand's black! What the heck did you do?!?!" she asked looking in my eyes. "I puched the refridgerator." I mumbled nervously. "Why?" "Because I love you!" I shouted. She just stared at me,like I was growing a second head or something. "What?" she whispered. "B, I love you! I always have and I always will. Whether you like me back or not." I said, just a smigde quieter this time. She didn't answer me, so, I looked down at the floor. We sat there in silence for a little bit, before she lifted up my chin and placed her lips on mine. I kissed back only because it was the moment I was waiting for. She pulled away and looked at me, as if she was studying me. "I thought you and Harry were dating." I said. I mentally slapped myself and thought,'Dude she just kissed you. Why'd you ask that?' "We were but, I didn't feel anything when we kissed." she said blankly. "So, did you feel anything with me?" I asked. "Actually I did." she said. I was so excited I kissed her. She kissed back and grabbed my hands. I pulled back in pain, wanting to scream but, not daring to. "You wanna scream don't you?" I nodded. "Then go ahead." So, I did. We both ended up in the hospital, me with a broken wrist and a small migrane, Beatriz with a migrane. Whoops, guess I screamed too loud.

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