One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


102. Louis Tomlinson 19 The Bucket List Part 1

~“Babe, what’s this?” I heard Louis call from the bedroom. I turned and saw him walking in with a pink folded paper turning in his finger tips. My eyes widened. I quickly tried to snatch it, but it was too late. He extended his hand with the paper above his head. “Give it to me!” I yelled as Louis unfolded it. He read it with a smirk on his face as I jumped, attempting to free my paper. But Louis was a good deal taller than me, which made this whole ‘jump to free my paper’ thing really hard. “Skinny dipping, kiss in the rain, photo-bomb someone’s photo! What the hell is this?” Louis laughed. I was still jumping. Trying my best to grab my personal belonging. “Louis!” I said my hands on my hips.. I gave him a stern look which quickly turned into a giggle. I sucked at being serious. “Okay, seriously, give it here. Gosh, for an adult, you’re such a kid!” He rolled his eyes then said, “Then you’ll explain?” I nodded. He handed me the paper.
“This,” I said holding the paper out “is my bucket list.” Louis’ eyes mounted to the roof in confusion.
“Your what?”
“My bucket list. Things I wanna do before I die, dear.” I stated giggling.
“So skinny dipping?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows. I blushed.
“Just something…I’ve always wanted to do. You know? Because twenty years from now I don’t wanna look back and have accomplished nothing I wanted to do. So I made a bucket list. When I finish something I put a check in the box and move on.” Louis jerked his head, moving his hair from his eyes.
“What if I told you we can do everything on that list in one weekend?” He asked leaning on the counter. Smirking.
“I would say ‘you’re crazy, Louis’” He gently took the list from my hand.
“It’s not impossible. Skinny dipping, kiss in the rain, photo bomb someone’s photo, sneak into pool, and find the end of a rainbow . This can be arranged. Sounds like fun! Lets start now!!”
“Louis…” I started.
“What?” He asked looking at me. He didn’t seem the least bit concerned. My eyes darted to the floor. Soon his arms found their way around my waist. I felt him kiss my forehead.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“We can’t do some of these things…” He kissed my cheek this time.
“We can.”
“We can’t”
“Wanna bet?” He asked smiling his beautiful smile. “We can do it. Come on?”
“You sure?” I asked.
“Just call me crazy.” He said before placing a sweet kiss on my lips.
Day One
I woke up to a bouncing Louis. He was fully dressed and hovering over me. “Babe?” He whispered. I arched my back to stretch, pressing my body against his. “What?” I asked completely knackered.
“Get up!” He whispered in his attractive accent. I glanced at the clock on the side dresser. It was 2:32. I groaned. “No!” I said.
“Get up!” He said again. This time he bounced on the bed a little.
“Stop.” I whined.
“Get up, baby.” He said sweetly pressing his lips to the crook of my neck.
“Because we’re doing something from your bucket list.”
“Louis, no offense, but give that up. We’re not doing that. It was just a dream. An idea. It’s never gonna happen. Now let me sleep.”
“I’m trying to make it happen, but you won’t give me a break. Now get the hell up.” He completely flopped down on me and roughly kissed my neck and collar bone. “Stop!” I giggled.
“Get up!” I cupped his face in my hands and his slight stubble pricked my fingers. Even through the darkness of early morning, I could still catch a hold of his gorgeous eyes. We stared into each other for a moment before I set a kiss on his pink lips.
“Fine.” I mumbled.
“Yay!” He yelled.
Louis had me dressed in a bathing suit, which led me to believe we were going skinny dipping first. I don’t know why he seemed so fond of that idea. It simply bothered me if anything. Even though Louis was my boyfriend of seven months and has seen my body before. I just couldn’t help but feel insecure or ashamed of revealing my self in front of him.
When we arrived at the pool, the doors were locked. Of course. “Well looks like we’re locked out. Lets go home.” I said anxiously turning around.
“Not just yet.” Louis uttered grabbing my arm. He put his hand on his chin as if he were in deep thought. He then dragged me around the building. We squeezed in-between a brick wall that hid a gate from the parking lot. Behind the gate revealed a pool. Shimmering in the pool light, the water shone a light blue. “Problem solved. We just have to hop the fence. See, I know what I’m doing, pretty lady.” I laughed.
“Babe, I’m not hoping this fence.”
“Um…yes you are.” He said pulling me forward. “I want to see you succeed. I want to see you accomplished in life.”
“So accomplished in life just equals hoping a pool fence?”
“Exactly.” He nodded his head once. “Look I’ll go first, you know, just to prove it’s nothing, then you follow.” As Louis climbed the fence, I noticed a sign on the end. It read:
No trespassing. Violators will be caught, fined, or possible sentenced to jail
“Babe!” I whispered loudly at Louis while looking cautiously behind my shoulder.
“What?” He asked loudly. I shh-ed him. When I looked up, one of his legs were dangling on one half of the fence while the other was propped on middle part so he was balancing.
“Don’t sssh me!” He said louder. I rolled me eyes.
“Get down! We could go to jail for this.”
“I know! You should’ve thought about that before A.) I climbed up here and B.) you put it on your bucket list.”
“Well I change me mind” I heard a loud thump as Louis landed on his feet on the other side of the fence.
“Too late.” He said grinning. I sighed loudly. “Look, just climb the fence. No police officer is going to be guarding a pool at 2 in the morning. Period. I could seriously yell as loud as I wanted…and not get caught. See!” He yelled. My eyes widened. What if there was cops around here? We could seriously get in trouble. I looked at Louis, who was looking at the side of me, eyes wide.
“I’m so sorry, sir!” He said. My heart was beating faster. Then he laughed. “You fell for that?” He laughed. I rolled my eyes at his immaturity that I usually loved. Just not right now. “Get over the fence.” he smiled.
When I finally made it over the fence, Louis and I stood at the waters edge. “Well.” He said. “start undressing.” I stopped breathing for a second. My heart started to pound. My stomach got this queasy feeling. Were we seriously about to do this? In my peripheral vision, I could see Louis unzipping his shorts and pulling them down revealing his grey boxers. I loved how he was always so optimistic to try new things. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breathe. Then I felt Louis’ fingers entwine with mine. “Don’t be scared.” he whispered. “No one’s here. It’s just us.” I opened my eyes then looked at his gentle face. In that moment I felt this pump in my heart for Louis. Everyday I always found a new reason to love him more, but it was right now ,in this moment, that I had never felt so much love for one person, than for Louis.
“Turn around.” I said blushing. He grinned then turned. I turned away from him also. Carefully, I removed all of my clothing. I felt bare and exposed. “Ready?” I asked my voice shaking. I crossed my arms over my chest.
“As ever.” he replied. I turned and tried to keep my eyes on his, but couldn’t stop them from trailing down his toned torso. I bit my lower lip then looked into his eyes. He was smiling.
“Not that I’m looking….but your body is beautiful. BUT I’M NOT LOOKING!” He blurted. I rolled my eyes and laughed. “Lets just get in the water.” Before I knew it, Louis was already in the water, splashing around. “Come in!” He said. I took one more deep breathe then jumped in. The water was the definition of freezing. I could feel the cold rush through me. It was almost exhilarating. I winced when my head came out of the water. “Cold. Cold. Cold!!” I yelled. I heard Louis laugh. When I swam to the other side of the pool, I felt Louis hands around my wrist.
‘Well…how does it feel?”
“How does what feel?” I asked shivering.
“To have completed something from your bucket list?” I closed my eyes and soaked in the moment for a second. “Freaking awesome.” I said.
“Great! Two down, three more to go.”
It was twelve o’ clock in the afternoon and I was lounging on the sofa when Louis stormed in. “Let’s go!” He yelled. I huffed. I was tired. Being up from two in the morning certainly wasn’t making the rest of my day go so great. “Why?” I whined. “What else can we possibly do today?” He had two Obama masks’ in his hands. “Photo bomb.”
“Where are we going?” I asked as we walked down the crowded street.
“Horse Guards Ave.” he answered not once slowing his pace.
“Why,” I asked. “do we have to do this now?” I mumbled my “sorry”’ to people I bumped into trying to race closer to Louis.
“Because it’s lunch. Soon everyone will be gone in for low tea. Now, at lunch time, is one of the most busiest time of day. Tourist come to Horse Guards to take photos and chill, while locals stroll.”
“Point is, we’re here to bomb tourists photos.”
We stood around for a good twenty minutes, our hands in our pockets, looking around for someone taking a photo. I’m sure we looked suspicious to the guards standing guard. Turns out Louis was wrong. No tourist were just standing around taking photos. When we finally found a group of Japanese tourist ,we ran next to them and stood in the back of the group as if we belonged. We looked interested as the lady, who didn’t speak English, talked about the building behind us. When they huddled for a group photo, we slipped on our Obama masks’ and stood a good five feet behind them. The lady snapped the photo as Louis and I made silly poses behind them. An older woman turned to look at us , then laughed. She grabbed our arms and dragged us into the group. “Take photo.” She uttered. Louis and I nervously glanced at each other. Then stepped next to them and smiled. “Say: “Yes, we can!” The lady said with a thick accent, laughing.
I placed my hands on my hips and everyone posed, reciting, “Yes, we can!”. Well, as close to as “Yes, we can!” as possible in English.
As I lie in bed that night, with Louis right on side of me snoring, I was absolutely chuffed. My day, thanks to my amazing boyfriend, had gone great. I had accomplished more in one day than I had in two years. If it wasn’t for Louis’ much appreciated optimism and high energy none of this would have happened. I wouldn’t have been permanently assured how much I love him. That I can do anything. With him I felt on top of the world. He left me on edge, anticipating tomorrow. I rolled over and grabbed the pink slip of paperand a pen. I made a neat check in the boxes of things we completed. Smiling. Three down. Two to go.

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