One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


84. Louis Tomlinson 16

~Louis had this weird almost hypnotizing power about him. You bent over backwards for him. All of your friends told you he was bad news, but you couldn’t admit that maybe they were right. You could only ever see him at odd hours and last minute and it was really taking a toll on your life. Your phone never left your side just in case he texted or called. You wanted desperately to prove that he wasn’t as bad as everyone was saying.

After he stood you up on a date, he called you later that night and asked to come over. Things had been really stressful lately, and you were done. You told him to come over, with the intent of ending it. Louis arrived with a big bouquet of your favourite flowers. “I am so sorry.” He frowned. You stepped back to let him in. He placed the flowers on the counter. He was faced away from you.

“Louis, look, we really should talk.” You reluctantly started.

“Wait, can I say something first?” He turned around and walked over to you. He placed his hands on either side of your hips. “I know I haven’t been there as much as I should be, but I really do love you.” Your resolve melted at the look on his face. He looked so genuine. You let yourself melt into his embrace.

The next morning, he was in the shower and you were laying in bed looking at twitter on your phone. You saw tons of tweets from girls saying how excited they were that the boys were going to be in the states tomorrow. His phone started ringing on the bedside table. You leaned over to see the caller ID. If it was one of the other boys, you’d pick up and talk to them. Instead, a picture of a girl and “New York” was what you saw for the display. Maybe it was a friend? You tried to convince yourself that it was nothing. A few seconds later you heard it buzz indicating that “New York” had left a voicemail. A few seconds later it buzzed again. “You should check your voicemail. See you soon?;)”

Your heart started shattering. You thought things had finally fallen together last night. You tried to focus yourself back on your own phone when Louis walked out with a towel wrapped around his hips. “Good morning.” He smiled, climbing onto the bed to kiss your cheek. You didn’t respond, not trusting yourself to even make a noise in case you started crying. “Something interesting on your phone there, babe?” He asked, clearly wanting your attention.

“Not as interesting as your phone.” You heard yourself say, not sure where this confrontational side of you had come from. “Who is ‘New York?’ ” You looked at him.

“You looked at my phone.” He stated, matter of factly.

“Not the right answer.” You said, getting off the bed and walking into the bathroom. It was muggy and humid, but you were alone in there. He was in a second after you though. “You got a call while you were in the shower and I looked over to see if it was one of the guys because I haven’t talked to them in a while, but no, it’s her. And then she left a voicemail and sent you a text.” You shook your head. “Listen, if I’m just going to make it into your phone as a place or a number, I’m not interested.” You said, leaning against the sink.

“It’s not what you think it is.” He shook his head, looking sad. “Listen, I thought I could deal with this before you and I got serious, but it didn’t happen. She is a girl I met in New York, yes, but it’s not like that.” You looked up at him and crossed your arms over your chest. “Okay, it started like that yeah, but I was in a rough place. I sent her a text last night so we could talk. I wanted her to know that it wasn’t going to be like that when I was there again, but she couldn’t talk.”

“Louis, if you’re lying, just stop. I can take it.”

“I’m not. I want to be with you. Just you. Hopefully for a long time.” He put his hands on your elbows and looked into your eyes. “Listen, I haven’t always been a good guy, and I did have a lot of fun with all of this before, but I’m really not interested in being like that anymore.”

You shook your head, trying to be strong. “Everyone had told me you’re bad news. How am I supposed to be sure that you are going to be anything different?”

“Just trust me?” His voice was pleading and it pulled at your heart.

“You’re on probation,” You conceded. “But seriously, I don’t even want to feel like this again. So if I do, that’s it.” You weren’t sure if it was the heat from the bathroom, Louis’ hands on you or the still raw burn you felt from seeing someone else texting Louis, but you vowed to yourself that you’d never be the girl who got cheated on and went back. “I’m so serious. I’m only trusting you now because I have no reason not to. Don’t abuse it.”

“I won’t.” He promised, pulling you into his arms. You had to admit, you did feel pretty safe there.


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