One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


68. Louis Tomlinson 13

~Louis' POV: "Zayn, when is your cousin coming!!??!!" Harry begged to know "She'll be here soon!" Zayn says excited. I begged to know too, I've seen pictures of her she's gorgeous! "What's her name again?" Liam asked, "Maggie, but we call her Jo" Zayn smirked. Zayn's phone rings and he leaves to answer it. "Harry, can you NOT take this girl again, you always steal our relatives" Niall says irrated. Liam and I nod, It's not fair he always get the girls. Zayn peeks his head around the corner "Aye, lads we have to go pick up Maggie at her house, there was a communication mix up n' stuff" I link arms with Harry and we skip off singing "Were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz." You could hear Niall's laugh from a distance.

Maggie's POV: AHHH, Im SO excited to see Zayn and the boys, espically Louis. I stare at thier poster in awe while packing. I try to pick out outfit to impress Louis... Hmm I know he likes stripes and red. I pick out ablue and white stripped tank top, red skinnyjeans, whiteSperry's and curl my hair and add acoat of mascara and pink lipgloss. I lookin the mirror "Looking good" I laugh trying to give my self a pep talk. I put on 'I wish' and slowly drift off.

Louis' POV: Maggie lives pretty far away and I hate car rides, but she's worth it. Zayn moves the top mirror in the car so he can see us "Now, lads don't you try anthing with Jo, she's a beautiful girl that's been hurt a few to many times. And I mean it Harry" We all laugh "No promises" we say unison. We pull up to Maggie's house and knock on the front door.

Zayn's POV: "Mmm, no answer" I dig around under the mat and find the key. I find Maggie asleep in her room. I pick her up and lay her on the living room couch while I get her bags.

Louis' POV: Wow, this girl is gorgeous, she looks about 18. She has Zayn's looks, dark skin, beautiful big brown eyes and hair the flows. I look at her outfit she has on stripes and red!! I give Liam a look like 'OH MAH LORD, I GOTTA MAKE THIS GIRL MINE' look and he gives me a "Daddy Direction approves" nod.

Maggie's POV: I wake up to 4 boys starring at me "AHH" I scream and accidentaly fall of the couch. Liam and Niall help me up. Zayn comes running down the stares "WHAT HAPPENED" I sigh, typical protective Zayn. Louis puts his arm around me, I felt electricity run through my body. "We were just help Mags here wake up" Louis explains grinning ear to ear at me, I blush but try to turn away to hide it. Too late, Niall pinches my cheeks "Awe, does wittle Maggie Waggie have a wittle crush on Lou?" I scoff I try to answer something back smart but I just studder, I bury my face in Zayn's chest to hide my embarrement.

Louis POV: My heart fluttered when red spread across her cheeks. Zayn laughs and just shakes his head. "Let's head back home" Zayn puts a huge,wet, sloppy kiss on her cheek with a big "Mwah!" Sound at the end. "BLEH!" She yells rubbing her face, we get up to leave and she asks "Arggg, Im tired carry me?" She puts her best puppy dog face on. Zayn laugh and points to Liam "Only cause I trust you" "UH AND NOT ME" Niall scoffs pretending to be offended. "It's okay Niall, you can carry me anytime" Harry retorts, I feel kinda sad I didn't get to carry her.

Liam's POV: I pick her up bridal style and she rests her head on my chest. I would never try anything with her though, Lou likes her too much. Even thought she beautiful, I set her down on Louis' lap in the car because there aren't enough seats in the tiny car "You welcome mate" I say with a wink, he smiles cheekily.

Louis POV: She is beautiful when she sleeps, which is great but she slept all day well for 3 hours. But considering we got home 2am I can understand. When we get home I set her on the couch and let her sleep on me for a while.

Maggie's POV: I wakeup crying, I had a terrible nightmare that my whole family died. I check my phone it reads: 5am. I sigh and look over and see Louis, I'm resting my head in his lap. "Louis, uh what are you doing?" I shout-whisper pushing my hair back. Gosh he's hot. "He- uh- I- uh- Liam- carry" He mumbles back I laugh "Its okay dude"

Louis POV: I grab Maggie's hand and pull her to the balcony, she grabs her purple glasses first. I wrap my arms around her waist pulling her back close to my stomach "This is were I go to think" I whisper in her ear. "Its so beautiful out here" She says as she takes a deep breath, I turn her around "Not as beautiful as you" She blushes and I smash my lips on her and she immeditaly kisses back, I kissed her lightly and she smiles.

Maggie's POV: I pull away smiling and Louis' takes my hands "You know, I sorta liked you ever since Zayn showed me your picture" He confesses, I stroke his face "And I've loved you ever since the X-Factor" I bravely saw and plant another kiss on his lips. He picks me up and spins me around, sets me down and kisses all over my face. I giggle "Lou, stop! That tickles" He grins "NEVER!" and he kisses me more, I bury my head in his chest and he rest his head on head. "Be mine?" He whisper in my ear "A million times yes!" I shout kissing him again.

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