One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


63. Louis Tomlinson 11

~Louis Tomlinson POV

“Please welcome the boys from One Direction to ‘Sunrise’, Australia’s favourite breakfast program!” we were ushered onto the stage, all of us waving and mucking about like we usually do. We waved to the crowd of girls that had gathered around outside the studio on the street, and took our seats next to presenters.
“So boys, you reached the Finals on the X Factor back in 2010, but you didn’t win. Where you put out by that?” Liam shook his head.
“No, not at all. We were really happy to know we had already gathered a large fan base, and one thing led to another and we found ourselves with a record deal. Of course, Simon Cowell has been a big hand in our popularity. Without him, we couldn’t have made it.” We all nodded in agreement.
“Simon may be a party pooper, but he’s an awesome instructor!” I told them. They laughed.

“Well, welcome to Australia, boys! You’re doing a few shows all over the place, including here in Sydney. Are you surprised at the number of fans here already?” Zayn nodded, giving his trademark sexy smile to the camera. I giggled at him.
“We didn’t expect all the girls over here, being so far away from England. But we love each and every one of you.” His announcement earned a well deserved round of screams from the girls outside.
“Now here’s the question on everyone’s lips… would you boys go out with an Australian girl?” Harry smirked.
“Yeah, of course! Love the accent. Really cute.” I nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, Australian girls are hot, especially if they surf. We don’t get to see girls in bikinis too often over in Europe, what with the weather.” Niall noted. “Actually, we’ve got free time this afternoon, so we’ll be down at the beach. Hope to see as many of you girls there as possible.” I raised an eyebrow. We’d all agreed before not to mention that, just in case we got mobbed or something.
We were asked more questions and played a song or two before being bussed back to our hotel. It was a nice sunny day, perfect for beach weather. I couldn’t wait. Back in England, we’d heard a lot about famous Australian beaches, like how they’re always covered in hot tanned chicks, the water’s amazing, and the sand is always clean and a pristine white colour. This is a great contrast to European beaches. It’s so much cleaner, fresher, and exciting!

Kat Martin POV

It was another bright and sunny day. The sky was a perfect bottle blue, the waves that raced up and down the yellow-white sand slightly darker, but reflecting perfectly the sky above. The water wasn’t too choppy, just perfect for surfing conditions. I raced out the door, wearing my trademark black bikini, my nails also painted black. I had blue denim short shorts on over the top, and a plain, worn tank top. I stuck on my thongs and grabbed my surfboard.
“Hey Kat, heading to the beach?” I looked over the fence.
“Hey Jason. Yeah, I’m heading off. Wanna join me?” He nodded.
“Yeah, sounds good.” Jason and I had grown up together, up here on the coast. We lived in an area called ‘Narraweena’, that means something in Aboriginal but I’m not sure what. It’s situated between Dee Why and Manly, so it’s in the middle of several popular beaches. I love it here.

“Yeah, surf’s good,” Jason told me, slicking back his dark brown hair. I laughed at him.
“Don’t fall off your board, Jas.” He gave me an annoyed look.
“Like that would happen.” He removed his t-shirt and lay it down on the sand, sticking it in his bag. I lay out my rainbow towel and did likewise, also taking my thongs off and sticking them in the bag. Jason didn’t wear thongs, instead deciding to walk bare-foot down to the beach. We lived close enough to the water for the hot concrete not to be a problem on his feet. We grinned at each other, as we always did, before launching full pelt, surfboard in hand, into the water.

Once I was waist deep in the water, I dived, wetting myself completely. I flicked my long, blonde hair up and over my head into a messy bun. I jumped onto the surfboard, straddling it. The water was nice, not too cold but warm enough to be pleasant. I looked out to sea, watching as the waves drew closer and closer, stepping up and standing on the board every now and then, catching a wave in. The swell was pretty strong today, but I was used to strong tides so it was perfectly safe for me.

Louis Tomlinson POV

“Well, here we are!” Liam cried, marching down onto the sand. The beach was almost completely empty, even though it was a really hot day.
“Where is everyone?” I asked. Niall shrugged and Zayn smirked.
“Well, it may be school holidays, but it seems all the adults still work.” Liam nodded.
“Yes, probably. Oh well, it’s good to have the beach practically to ourselves,” he said, lying down on his towel. I sat down next to him and flicked sand on him. “Stop it, Louis!” he yelled, brushing himself off. “I need to get me a tan.” Zayn laughed at him.
“Yeah, Liam’s pasty. Everyone knows tanned skin is a turn-on.” To prove his point, he ripped off his t-shirt and showed off his well-built, tanned body. I kicked his leg. I was right. Zayn is vain, no jokes there.

“Come on! Let’s go in the water!” Niall yelled childishly. I nodded wildly, grabbing Harry’s arm.
“Let’s chuck him in!” I shouted boisterously. Niall laughed, grabbing Harry’s other arm. We dragged him down to the water, kicking and screaming.
“Let me take my clothes off first!” he yelled. I laughed maniacally at him.
“No! I don’t need to see your naked body again!” I groaned. He smirked at me.
“Why Louis, like what you see.” I shook my head.
“There isn’t much there, mate!” He glared at me and turned to Niall.
“We can’t let this pass, Niall!” he exclaimed, linking arms with the Irish boy. “Let’s throw Louis in!” Niall nodded enthusiastically and shoved me forward.
“No!” I yelled playfully. The guys pushed me in. I fell face forward into the water. “Hey, that wasn’t nice!” I threw back at them. They merely laughed. I swum deeper and deeper. The water was so nice and calming. I could live here!

Once I decided I’d had enough, I tried swimming back to shore. After about ten minutes I found myself in exactly the same spot as before. Shit.
“Um, guys… I can’t get back!” I yelled. Liam looked up at me.
“He’s not being serious,” he mumbled, lying back down. I shook my head.
“I’m being serious Liam!” I yelled back. This time he watched me carefully, he must have heard the tone of desperation in my voice.
“Guys, trouble!” he shouted to the others. “Louis, do you know what to do in a rip?” I shook my head. I didn’t get to the beach often. I felt myself sludge around in the water a bit longer. It wasn’t a clear blue as it was before, instead it resembled a churned up mess of sand and white foam.
“Help!” I yelled. I felt myself going under.

Kat Martin POV

“Help!” I whizzed around, looking anywhere and everywhere for that voice. I guess it was just some instinct I had, and that was to save. All I could see was white bubbly foam over the surface of the water. I decided it would be better to look up over at the beach. Surely enough, there were a bunch of pasty boys looking over into the water in a mixture of fear and dismay. I caught the next wave in as quickly as I could and ran to the group.
“Hi. You guys look like you need help. Where’s your friend?” I asked. A boy with curly hair looked me up and down.
“I uh…” He was lost for words. I growled at him, slapping him in the face.
“You, tell me where you last saw your friend,” I instructed a short, blonde-haired kid. He pointed out into the waves. There was obviously a rip there. I nodded, handing the surfboard to him.
“Look after this. I’ll be back.”

I ran to the water, taking large steps as I tried to jump wave after wave. Once the water was deep enough, I dived down, opening my eyes under water. After years of surfing, I was well used to the salt water on my eyes by now. I squinted, looking around for any trace of the boy. They weren’t Australian; the boy I spoke to had an Irish accent. They couldn’t be used to swimming in the ocean then… Finally, I spotted the boy. I raced up for a mouthful of air, doing a quick roll and diving deeper down. I grabbed the boy around the waist, kicking with all my might until we surfaced in the churning ocean. He didn’t look too good; in fact, he was unconscious.
“Stay with me,” I whispered, wrapping his arm around my neck and swimming sideways. After about thirty seconds, we were back on shore. The boy’s friends crowded around me as I dragged him out of the water.

“Move!” I yelled, laying the boy on the ground. I looked at him. If I wasn’t quick, this could end badly. I pressed my ear to his bare chest, listening intently. There was still a heart beat, though it was faint. This should only involve compression. “You’re not going to die on me!” I yelled at the limp form. I pressed both hand on his chest, pushing as hard as I could on his chest as quickly as I could, bobbing up and down as I did so. This time I was lucky. He choked out a little water on about the tenth compression, so I quickly turned him to the side, letting him cough it all out. As he coughed and spluttered I sighed, regaining my breath. He tried standing but I pushed him down, keeping him on his side.
“Stay there a few minutes.” I instructed. The other boys looked at me in amazement.

Louis Tomlinson POV

There was nothing but never ending darkness. I could feel myself sinking further and further out of reality, into some sort of unreality that I’d never experienced before. It was an odd feeling, like the feeling you get right before you fall asleep after a hot glass of milk in the evening. The guys! Where were they? Then I remembered. They were back on the shore, and I was here, drowning, caught in a rip. I tried to struggle, to swim upwards. But I had absolutely no energy left in reserve.
“Stay with me…” It was only a whisper, but I knew someone was close to me. Someone was saving me. I didn’t recognize the voice, but it was obviously female. I felt myself falling unconscious again…
My eyes fluttered open. I coughed, watching as salty water came out of my mouth and seeped out into the sand that surrounded me. I tried getting up.

“Stay there a few minutes.” I was pushed back on my side. It was the same voice, a sweet, angelic, caring voice. It had an Australian accent, so beautiful.
“You… you saved Louis!” I heard Harry stutter. “We… uh… thank you!” I tried getting up again. I was weak, but at least I was alive. I turned around to see the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Tall, tanned, and angelic.
“Ah, looks like someone’s better. So you’re name’s Louis, eh?” she asked. I nodded, my mouth agape.
“You… you saved my life, even though you don’t know who I am.” She gave a small nod, her cheeks reddening in embarrassment.
“Really, it was nothing.” She assured me, grabbing a surfboard Niall was holding. “You need to be more careful, Louis.”

She started walking away. I tried getting up frantically.
“No… please don’t leave just yet!” I yelled at her retreating figure. She turned and looked at me quizzically. “Stay with me.” She sighed, laying down her board and sitting on it.
“Take it easy!” she said, patting the board next to her. “So you’re from England, aren't you?” she asked. I nodded.
“Yeah. How did you know?” She gave me a ‘duh’ look.
“Well, the accents a dead giveaway.” I looked at her sheepishly.
“At least tell me your name. You saved my life.” She smirked at me.
“Not in love with me, are you Louis?” she asked. I coughed involuntarily. Her eyes widened. “Wait, you are?” I nodded. “Well, it's a good thing you’re hot mate!” she grinned wildly. “The name’s Kat.” I leant forward and pressed my lips to hers.
“I owe you my life. Um… can we go out sometime?” I couldn’t help but grin stupidly to her nod in response. “You’re my angel…”

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