One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


3. Louis Tomlinson 1

~"Celeste will you listen to me or do I seriously have to turn off your phone?" she waved her right hand before my face to catch my attention and I finally lifted my eyes to my mother.

"Yeah," I mumbled, not even bothering to be nice as she was about to yell at me again.

"Do you realize we came here on this holiday, so we can all spend time together? There's sun, ocean, sand and everything and all you're doing is only checking your phone!" my mom yelled out frustrated, but I only snorted quietly.

"Mom, you know I didn't want to go," I said and shifted my eyes back at my screen to my twitter account, which only caused my mom to walk away cursing for herself.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mother more than anything, but she was honestly pushing all my buttons. She wanted me to spend some time with her and her new family. My parents got divorced few years ago and I was living with my grandparents since their house was closest to my school. My mom got married a year ago, but I really wasn't quite happy about it. Sure Fred, my stepdad, was nice guy, but his two daughters were, well, total opposite of me. Kelly and Molly were 16 years old twins, both perfectly tall and skinny, with thick blonde hair, big blue eyes and stunning smiles. They were popular and they knew it. Me, on the other hand, was short teenage girl with anything but perfect body. I had normal body type, but my stomach wasn't flat, my legs wasn't skinny, and with my ordinary light brown hair and brown eyes I was just invisible to most people. I was that kind of kid with only one best friend, average grades and no talent. And life wasn't easy for people like me.

"Cel, come to water! Don't be lame like always and put the phone away!" Molly yelled at me from the ocean, but I just shook my head.

"Like I want to be in swimsuit beside your perfect selves," I mumbled to myself and lied down on my back, pushing earphones in my ears and escaped to the sweet world of perfect music.

A little later, just as song Rock Me by for me absolutely best band ever One Direction came on, I felt someone's presence and pushed my eyes open only to find myself staring at my stepsisters.

"Cel, mom wants you to come with us. We are going on this boat to look at that small island over there. And you have to come with us," Kelly informed me simply.

"But I'm completely comfortable right here," I said with a frown.

"I don't think that was a question. You're coming with us and that's it," Molly pointed out.

"Look, we all know we will never be friends or have that perfect sibling relationship, but can we just pretend it in front of parents so we make them happy?" Kelly said quickly and I sighed as nodding my head.

They smiled softly, but I could clearly see in their eyes they were less than happy I was coming with them. I stood up with a sigh and tried to pull my shorts a bit down as trying to hid my thighs before the girls. I followed them, occasionaly rolling my eyes at their conversation about Kelly's boyfriend and Molly's crush. I wanted to ran away so badly, but I couldn't as I understood this was important for my mom. I didn't quite pay attention as we reached one small boat and tripped on a rope which held the boat. I prepared myself for a fall, but someone's hand caught my waist so I didn't lose my balance.

"Careful love," thick british accent said and I frozed on the spot. I knew that voice, I could recognize that voice at any moment and place. My breath caught in my throat as I lifted my eyes and found myself staring at Louis Tomlinson. "You might get hurt."

"Y-you're...One Direction..oh god," I stammered and mentally slapped myself for being so awkward.

"Yes, I'm 1/5 of them, Louis Tomlinson at your service," he grinned brightly and I felt my cheeks grow hot.

I parted my lips to answer him, but before any sound left them, my two stepsisters yelled from happiness and rushed to my side.

"Oh my god! You are Louis!" Kelly screamed in his face as Molly only nodded, completely speechless.

"Uh, girls could you not scream, I don't want to be recognized. And beside I was talking to this lovely lady," he explained quickly and my orbs widen as I realized what he just said.

"Her? Why?" Molly frowned and I suddenly felt very insecure.

"What's your name?" Louis ignored her comment as he turned to me.

"I-I'm, my name is Celeste," I said nervously and I almost kicked myself for not even being able to say my name properly.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl," he smirked and I blushed again, almost ignoring giggles from by sisters.

"I'm Kelly and this is Molly," Kelly looked at him through her long eyelashes and sent him a stunning smile. "Would you like to come with me and Molly on that island, we would like to explore it."

My stomach dropped as Louis copied her smile. Of course, what was I thinking? Someone like him would never noticed me, especially when two gorgeous girls are by my side.

"Ladies, I'm flattered by your offer, but let's face it. I know girls like you, perfect grades, perfect friends and perfect looks. But you don't actually give a shit about me, you just think it would be so great to have a picture with me so all your so-called friends could envy you. I won't go anywhere with you. Actually, I would rather spend some time here with Celeste, while you two can explore the island by yourselves," Louis finished his speech with his typical pearly white smile and I let my jaw drop.

I was not the only one surprised, shock was written all over their faces and they only watched as Louis turned to me again. From the corner of my eye I saw both girls walked again, their heads down with a disappointment.

"God, I really dislike people like them," he rolled his perfect eyes with a chuckle.

"They're my stepsisters," I mumbled and I saw the alarm in his eyes, so I quickly continued. "But I'm not really close with them, more like opposite."

His lips parted as he was about to say something, but a male voice called his name and he waved at his friends quickly.

"Sorry love, seems like I have to go. Are you sure you don't fall down again if I'll let you go now?" he asked me sweetly and I blushed deeply as I realized his arm was still around my waist.

"I'll try my best," I mumbled and released from him.

"Can I ask you in which hotel do you live?" Louis asked with a small smile and he scratched the back of his neck nervously.

"That blue one, over there," I waved my hand at the huge building in the distance.

"I will definitely find you there. It really was a pleasure to meet you, Celeste," he smiled wildy at me before he kissed my cheek softly and in a split of second he was gone.

"Well maybe my life isn't that pathetic as I thought," I said to myself as I touched my cheek, spot where Louis Tomlinson's lips touched me.

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