One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


50. Liam Payne 7

~Taylor Blake POV

“God Harry, get off!” I squealed, trying my best to swim out of his reach. The rest of the One Direction boys all looked at us like we were crazy, excluding Liam. He looked… jealous? Perhaps I was a little too close to Harry Styles in a bikini.
Yes, that’s right. I’m in a swimming pool with the hottest teen superstars, One Direction. But I guess that’s just one of the best things about being me. I grew up with Louis, so I knew him before he got famous. And because of that, I got to meet all the other guys. They were all such dolls. Zayn was like a big brother to me, always protective. Louis was the funny one, always cracking some wise joke. Niall was quiet most of the time and shy, so I had fun picking on him. Then there was Liam and Harry…

I couldn’t put my finger on it. Both were like rivals when it came to spending time with me. Harry once told Liam that I was waiting for him at the train station, when instead I was actually scheduled to go to a movie with Harry… alone… It was funny when Liam got back. He was completely pissed when I told him what had happened. But it wasn’t like it was my fault! Harry must have just mixed it up or something.
“Oi Zayn, give me a hand here would ya?” I yelled. Zayn sighed and swum across, pulling me away from Harry. I thanked him with a nod and jumped out of the pool as gracefully as I could. I grabbed my rainbow towel and wrapped it around me.
“So, who’s for ice-cream?” I yelled. Everyone was out of the pool in a second. “I call Niall shouts!” Niall sighed and took out his wallet, knowing better than to fight with me.

Harry Styles POV

Damn, Taylor just knew how to play all the cards right. She was flirty, cute, and above all else looked hot in a bikini. The manager of One Direction had decided we could all have a weekend off, so he bought us tickets to a beach resort. He was going to come too, but one of his superiors called, and the ticket went to whoever me and the guys wanted to invite. And that happened to be her. Taylor Blake. Tall, gorgeous, with perfectly straight brown hair that fell just to her bottom and the most stunning blue eyes I’d ever seen. She had curves in all the right places, and in that black bikini.

God, it turned me on just thinking about it. That material was thin and barely covered her. God, such a flirt. Call me a testosterone-filled male teenager all you like. I want her to be my girlfriend, but there’s a certain someone standing in my way. Liam Payne. We’re best mates. And we’re after the same girl. I see the way he looks at her. I see his brown eyes travelling up and down her body whenever she’s not looking. He tries his best to always be with her, to take the time I could spend with her away from me. Yes, he’s my friend. I can honestly say I do appreciate the friendship we have, both in general and as fellow music artists, but seriously. She’s worth more than that.

Liam Payne POV

I scrunched up my nose as I watched Harry yet again pull Taylor into a warm embrace under the surface of the pool. I felt like smacking him. Girls don’t like to be touched like that, not by friends. I mean, come on! I understand that he likes her, but he needs to have at least some level of decency. He should be more appreciative of her feelings. I don’t know if she likes me or him better. It’s all very confusing. But even if I knew she did like me I wouldn’t be climbing on her like that. I’d be more gentle and reserved. It’s better that way, especially in public.

Harry’s too impulsive. Harry can also be too possessive. And that’s just what he’s trying to show me by clinging to Taylor like that. He’s trying to tell me to lay off, to leave her all to him. But I won’t give up. I have feelings too, and they bend to her. Yes, she’ll always own my heart. Even if she does pick Harry over me…

Taylor Blake POV

“Choc-chip ice-cream, yummy!” I yelled, skipping down the pavement. Luckily I brought my sandals, otherwise my feet would be burning like Louis’. He’s walking on the grass beside me. “Best flavor!” I continued skipping, licking the cone as I went.
“What do you guys wanna do after this?” Louis asked. I shrugged.
“Well, there’s a table tennis set in the Rec Room of the hotel, right?” I asked. Zayn nodded.
“Yeah, that’s what I heard. We should have a game.” I smiled maniacally at him.
“I’m gonna beat the crap outta you, Zayn!” He shook his head.
“I don’t think so.” We continued arguing all the way back to the hotel. Luckily, no one pulled us over because they were famous, which was a nice change.

Once we got up to the hotel room I grabbed a pile of clothes and ran to the bathroom, having a quick shower before getting changed. I stuck on my favorite bright red demin skinny jeans and stuck on my black ‘Darth Vader’ t-shirt. Yep, looking damn epic. I stuck on my converse and walked out of my room, only to run straight into Liam.
“Hey Liam, what’s up?”
“Uh, well, I was just wondering if maybe you’d like to…” But before Liam could finish Harry and swooped down the hallway.
“Ready for table tennis?” Harry asked, wrapping his arm around me.
“Uh, yeah. Liam, you were saying something?”
“Nevermind…” I looked at him quizzically. That was very unlike Liam. Usually he just said what he wanted to say. Something was up.

Harry Styles POV

That was too close! Liam almost, almost beat me there. I’m going to have to keep a closer eye on him and Taylor. I have to beat him! Maybe after the table tennis? Yes, that sounds like a good time. She’ll be caught completely off-guard by it. And it gives little time for Liam to launch an attack. This is war!

Liam Payne POV

Damn, Harry! Whenever I’m just about to ask her out he always gets in my way! I was so close, but now she knows something’s up with me. I’ll get another chance, I’m sure of it. But, I’m going to have to make sure I beat Harry. If I don’t I’ll lose her. And to him.

Taylor Blake POV

“See, I told you I was gonna win!” I shouted at Zayn. He growled and tossed the racquet on the table in exasperation.
“I totally had that game!” he told me. “Rematch?” But before we could start another game, I heard a groan from behind me. I turned around quickly.
“What’s going on?” I asked. There he was, Liam Payne hunched over on the ground, holding his nose with Louis looking at him in concern. Harry and Niall didn’t seem to notice the commotion, caught too deeply in their own game.
“Ouch,” he moaned. Louis crouched on the ground next to him.
“I’m sorry mate. I guess I just don’t know how strong I am.”
“Damn right,” Liam responded angrily.

“What happened, guys?” I asked, crouching beside them.
“Well, I went in for a shot,” Louis began, “but I guess I’m uncoordinated… I kind of threw the racquet thing at Liam’s face.” Liam groaned again. I chuckled.
“Come on Liam, let’s get some ice on that,” I said, picking him up. He happily took my hand and I led him out of the room. I took him back upstairs to my room, sitting him down on the couch. He took his hand off his nose and I examined it carefully.
“Good news, it’s not broken. You’ll still have that pretty face for the cameras,” I joked. He snorted at me. I ran to the cupboard and grabbed out a bowl, half filling it with water. I emptied out a tray of ice cubes into it.
“Here, stick your nose in there.” He nodded.

“Hey Taylor, what I was going to say before…” he trailed of. I looked at him.
“Well, I really like you. Like, I like you as more than a friend. So I was wondering if you’d want to go out with me some time?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Liam liked me?
“Yes,” I said with a grin. “I totally will! That’s so awesome!” He smiled and stuck his nose in the bowl.
“Uhm, thanks with all this…” he said sheepishly. I giggled.
“Not at all!” I gave him a peck on the forehead. “You’re so cute when you’re hurt.”

Liam Payne POV

Finally, I’d done it! And I’d beaten Harry! I was feeling so overwhelmed. She likes me. She accepted me. And even if she meant it as a joke, she also called me pretty and cute. I now know I’ve made the right choice, confessing to her. She’s the one for me.

Harry Styles POV

I looked over my shoulder to see how Taylor was doing.
“Um, guys. Where did Taylor and Liam go?” I asked, trying to hide my anger.
“Upstairs. Liam got hit in the face by Louis, so Taylor took him up to go get fixed up. Why?” I shrugged.
“Just wondering. Hey, maybe we should all head up for a break?” I suggested. Louis and Niall nodded.
“I’m getting tired anyway.”

How could Liam do this to me? He knew full well that I liked Taylor and wanted Taylor all to myself. And now he’s with her alone in a hotel room. Way to stab a guy in the back! I ascended the stairs quickly. I hope there’s still some time…

Taylor Black POV

I jumped a little as I heard a knock at the front door.
“Coming!” I said, walking to the door. I opened it to see a puffed-out looking Harry, with Niall, Zayn and Louis in tow. “Oh, its just you guys,” I said, pushing the door open more. “Come on in!” Louis marched straight over to Liam with a mouthful of apologies. Liam just waved it off. Once everyone had sat down on the couch, I decided it was time for an announcement.

“Well guys, I have some special news,” I said, scanning the faces before me. “Well, Liam just told me he likes me, so we’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend!” Louis, Niall, and Zayn all smiled at me. I leant across the coffee table to Liam and planted a gentle kiss on his cheek. Harry looked extremely annoyed. I stared at him long and hard, my ocean blue eyes searching his emerald green. I watched him for a moment, and he looked away, embarrassed. We had reached an agreement of some sorts, just by looking at each other.

Harry Styles POV

I looked at Taylor long and hard. All I could see in her eyes was happiness. I thought for a moment. Maybe her and Liam being together wasn’t so bad after all? She looked so happy… almost complete sitting next to my rival. Was this decision for the best? Perhaps I was just being selfish, wanting to have her all to myself. I guess all along I knew this sort of thing was coming. Liam truly loved her, and I should be happy that they’re both happy.
I sat there, resigned.
“Well, that sounds awesome!” I told her enthusiastically. “But you two have to find me a girlfriend next!”

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