One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


38. Liam Payne 5

~Meg POV
My best friend Harry was having a birthday party in a few hours, and I just couldn’t wait at all! Why, you ask? Because my Harry was not like regular kids. You want his full name? Sure, it’s Harry Styles. Yes, THE Harry Styles from One Direction, that group that came in 3rd at last year’s British X Factor. How do you know him? You ask. Well, truth is I’ve known him ever since we were toddlers. My parents moved house just before I was born, and were happy when they found out that their new next door neighbour was pregnant too. Harry and I were born pretty much at the same time (only 2 weeks apart), so we usually had a shared birthday party because we had the same friends.
But I had never known the other guys from One Direction; I’d only seen them on TV. In fact, Harry was obnoxiously quiet about his friends outside of school. Which got me perplexed. And interested. Not to mention the fact that over the course of the series I’d developed a super awkward crush on Liam Payne, one of the guys. He was totally gorgeous, and I knew Harry must have suspected something… But enough of that, I had to get ready!
I grimaced as I stared at myself in the body-length mirror before me, rummaging through clothes and throwing them around on the floor. I ran a brush hurriedly through my long, semi-wavy red hair, but then decided to whip out my straightener; did Liam like straight or wavy hair? Argh!! What the hell was I to do? What if he didn’t like me? I growled, frustrated. The door bell rang, bringing me back to reality. I heard pounding as footsteps climbed the stairs.
“Hey Meg, are you ready yet?” there was a knock on the door.
“Come in,” I grinned. The door opened, and Harry stepped into the room, his head of curly hair peaking around the doorway. I glomped him.
“Heya Harrykins!” I laughed. He scowled. Ever since we were small I decided to call him that, and it just kinda stuck. Not that he liked it or anything, but still…
“Are you wearing that dress to the party?” he asked as he pointed to the backless black dress hanging on the handle to my wardrobe.
“Uh maybe… Wanna help me pick out what to wear?” I asked him with a lop-sided smile.
“Meg, you know I don’t really know about girls clothes,” he told me. I giggled.
“And you think I do?” I asked pointedly. “I’m a tomboy, for Christ sakes!”
“Wear the dress,” he told me, running a hand through his dark-brown curls. He then looked at me snidely. “Maybe Liam will think you’re hot…” I growled at him and pushed him out the door. So he did know! Cripes. And what if Liam knew? As if reading my mind, Harry spoke lightly through the door.
“No, I haven’t told him. I’m not that mean!” he chastised.
Shuffling could be heard, and after a little while I pushed the door open to an expectant vocalist.
“So, what do ya think?” I asked sheepishly. Harry smiled widely.
“You look hawt Meggie!” I raised an eyebrow.
“You’re not coming onto me, are you Harrykins?” He feigned horror.
“How did you know?” he asked incredulously. We both laughed crazily. The phone downstairs rang, and we mounted the stairs quickly, each trying to beat the other to the noise. I picked up.
“ ’Ello?” I asked stupidly into the phone.
“Hello, Meg. Is Harry over there?” asked Harry’s mum. “His friends are already starting to arrive.”
“Yah, he’s here. We’ll be over in a sec! Kay, Cya Mrs. Style!” I hung up. And then I hyperventilated.
“Harrryyyyyyy,” I whined annoyingly, “I don’t wanna go. What if Liam don’t like moi?” He shrugged.
“OK, who gave you the sugar?” he asked angrily. I giggled psychotically. “Me found some hidden in the cupboard about half an hour ago. Guess it only started kicking in just now haha!”He rolled his eyes and dragged me out the doorway.
Liam POV
I tapped my foot as I waited in Harry’s living room. I’d never actually been to his house before, oddly enough. It was almost like he didn’t want us to find something out, and it kinda bothered me. The other guys didn’t really mind at all however; Zayn was pretty much indifferent about it. But he was the only member who’d actually been to Harry’s house before. Actually, everyone had been before, except me. Did he have something against me or something?? Guess I’d have to ask him when he got back…
As if reading my thoughts, Harry stepped into the living room.
“Hey guys!” he greeted with a wave. We all nodded in synchronization, Louis firstly followed by Niall, Zayn and then me. I looked up, expecting to see Harry by himself, but he had a girl tucked under his arm. And my God, was this girl hot! She had the brightest, straight red hair that I had ever seen! Her eyes were a deep emerald green and she was just the perfect height. She seemed almost to fill the room with brightness as she walked on in, strutting her stuff with a short black dress that went to her knees. She was wearing opaque stockings underneath with bright red heels to match her shimmering hair. She was absolutely gorgeous; the best looking girl I’d ever seen, and trust me, I’d seen a few. But what happened next surprised me.
“Hey Meg!” Zayn jumped up and wrapped an arm over her shoulder in a hug.
“Hiya,” she replied with a giggle. Louis and Niall got up together and also embraced the girl I now knew was called Meg. I sat there awkwardly for a few seconds. After the greetings were over, she awkwardly stepped over to me.
“The name’s Meg. And you must be Liam, nice to meet you!” she exclaimed, holding out her arm cordially.
“So, are you… going out with Harry or something?” I asked awkwardly. Why the hell did I just ask that? She smiled in response.
“Nah, Harrykins is my best mate. We’ve known each other for like ever! Besides, it would be totally awkward if we had a nasty break-up because we’re next door neighbours.”
“Harrykins?” I raised an eyebrow in Harry’s direction. Man, he was not gonna live that one down! So they were friends. Good. Did that mean she was still single? I sincerely hoped so.
The music started and the party got into full swing. Harry and Meg were dancing around in the centre of the room, surrounded by most of the guys. I watched from the side-lines, wondering whether or not to join in or stand around. Whenever a song everyone knew came on, everyone would start jumping up and down and singing. Meg especially. But I didn’t really mind the noise; I knew the guys could sing, but Meg’s voice was just amazing. She never seemed to miss a note, and she had perfect pitch pretty much all the time. Her tone was filled with a warm richness, and I would have been fooled if someone told me she was a famous singer. After a while, Harry stopped and walked over towards me.
“Come on, Liam. It’s my birthday party and you’re totally not joining in! What’s wrong?” he asked. I looked over to the makeshift dance floor longingly.
“It’s nothing…” I said absently, my eyes trailing over to were Meg was singing.
“Ah,” Harry said with a smirk, “so you like Meg?” I nodded awkwardly, turning towards the floor so that he didn’t see my blush.
“Uh, yeah. You don’t mind, do you?” He shrugged.
“Truth is she’s had a major crush on you since X Factor,” he explained, “I didn’t invite you over because I didn’t want things to get awkward between you and me. I mean, come on. Best friend who has a fan-girlish crush on you would be weird for the both of us.” I nodded. “If you’re really interested, go ask her out,” he continued, elbowing as he stepped by, striding over into the kitchen.
“Games time!” he yelled out to everyone.
I growled as I watched Harry bring out the Twister board.
“Dude, in case you haven’t noticed I’m wearing a dress!” I exclaimed pointedly. He gave his usual shrug.
“Yeah well… you can sit out if you want to… Hey, why don’t you spin?”
“Suuuure Harrykins!” I jumped up and grabbed the spinner off him, helping him lay the plastic mat across the floor. I pointed to Zayn. “You first, followed by Niall and Louis, and then Liam and Harry.” I blushed a little as I said Liam, but I hid it behind the board. “We’ll go reverse alphabetical order!”
“Count me out.” Liam mumbled, before walking out of the room. I raised an eyebrow at Harry, and he pointed to the door.
“Why don’t you go and ask what’s wrong while we play the first game?” he smirked. I growled at him but gave in.
“Fine, but if I’m undead from that guy’s mood, when I return the others can blame you!” The boys laughed, and I sauntered off.
“What’s up?” I called into the kitchen. The light was on, and Liam sat at the bench, sitting alone. He looked up for a second, met my eyes but then looked down immediately, as if stung. I was hurt. I pulled out the chair next to him and sat in it.
“Look, if you’ve got a problem with me being here I can just go home,” I mumbled. He turned to me in horror.
“No, it’s not you…”
“Then what is it?” He sighed, turning towards me.
“You’re Harry’s best mate, and…” I nodded expectantly.
“And I think you’re really pretty and I wouldn’t mind going out with you if that’s OK with you and what if that becomes weird and what if it doesn’t work out and I can’t be friends with Harry and it’ll disrupt One Direction and…” he continued rambling, but I shut most of it out, lost in my own thoughts. Liam… like me? Did he call me… pretty? Or was it just my imagination?
“Stop!” I shouted at him, holding my hands up. He looked down. “Did you just say you thought I was pretty?” I asked quietly. He nodded sheepishly, running a hand through his meticulously straight fringe. I poked him on the cheek.
“Did you just ask me out?” He nodded again, seemingly unable to form anything intelligible.
“And you want to know my response, yes?” he looked at me pained.
“Well, yeah. I’ll go out with you!” I grinned at him. “But you’ve gotta stop moping about!” He nodded. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes for a second, but it felt like an eternity. He lent forward, and I felt myself drawn in. He planted his lips softly onto my own, and after a while we pulled away.
“You’re really sweet, Liam…” I sighed, resting my head on his shoulder. I heard his heart-beat quicken, and without warning a warm sound filled my ears. He was singing just for me!
“You are so beautiful to me….
You are so beautiful to me…
Can’t you see?
You’re everything I hoped for,
You’re everything I need,
You are so beautiful to me…”
I smiled, and we kissed again. We sat there for a few more minutes, our fingers enlaced, before stepping back out into the wolf-whistling of the boys. We both blushed, but we were happy to be together.

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