One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


27. Liam Payne 3

~“Wake up…..” a voice sung softly in your ears. In response, you groaned and pulled the pillow over your head. This time, the voice was much louder. “WAKE UP, CODY!” You shot up in bed and turned to give your best friend your best glare.

“Lou…..” you growled slowly. “Was that really necessary?” Louis thought about it for a moment, then broke out into a smile as he nodded, “Yes!” You groaned and slid out of bed, smacking Louis on your way to your closet.

“We’re hanging out with the guys today,” Louis added, and you nodded as you continued to look through your clothes. “Including Liam!” Louis stretched out Liam’s name as he taunted you, poking you repeatedly in the side. You squealed, being ticklish, and turned to look at him. “Seriously?” you asked, eyes wide. Louis only nodded. He was the only one who knew about your secret crush on the infamous Liam Payne. He was one of your best friends, but you couldn’t help but love him.

“Well, get out then, you perv!” you laughed, shoving Louis out of your bedroom and shutting the door behind you.

You pulled on a slim-fitting Careful Harry, He Doesn’t Have a Nose! t-shirt with smoky jeans and your converse. You hopped down the stairs, and Louis rolled his eyes and grabbed your hand, pulling you to the car.


“Stay here,” Louis told you as you both stood at the entrance to an amusement park. “I’m gonna go buy us tickets.” You nodded and watched him leave. As soon as Louis disappeared from ear shot, a group of guys turned on you. They were whispering while looking at you, and would continually wink with their eyes traveling up and down.

Suddenly, an arm looped around your waist, pulling you into a warm body. At first, you were going to pull away, thinking it was one of the perverts. But when the voice spoke out, you immediately curled into the touch. “Well, those dumbasses need to learn that you’re mine.”

You looked up and met beautiful chocolate brown ones. “Hey Liam,” you smiled, and the boy smiled back, flipping his light brown straightened hair. “Hey, Cody,” Liam kissed the top of your head and you chuckled.

“Nice to see you too, mate!” commented Harry, walking up with Niall and Zayn. You rolled your eyes, “Stop being so dramatic, boys! You know I love you,” you made a heart with your hands, and Niall stuck his tongue out at you. You stuck yours out at him in return.

“Alright, got the tickets, lads. Let’s go!” Louis came up, handing each person a ticket. You guys ran in like little kids and pretty much went off the walls throughout the entire day. Finally, night fell, but the park was still open. You guys were still walking around, the amusement park was bloody HUGE! Louis and Harry were fighting over cotton candy, Harry was chucking popcorn at Zayn, Niall was laughing at all of you, and Liam was walking around with you on his back.

Suddenly, Liam called out, “FERRIS WHEEL!” You looked up and saw it – the giant wheel of lights, slowly spinning around. It was huge. “Let’s go on it!” Liam gently put you down on the ground and grabbed your hand, pulling you with him. “Um…. Liam…. I don’t think…..” you stammered, but he wasn’t listening.

The line was short, and it only took about ten seconds for you guys to get locked into a case. The man pulled a lever and you began to slowly move upwards. You looked over the edge and down below. Everything was so small. You had a quick flash image of you falling and hitting the ground, and you flew back in the seat.

“Cody? What’s wrong?” Liam asked. “I-I….” you stammered, as you lurched, stopping at the top. “What? Why did we stop?” you cried. “Is it supposed to stop?”

Liam got up and moved to your bench, sitting next to you. “Cody, are you afraid of heights?” he asked gently, as though if he said it any louder you would implode. You bit your bottom lip, trying to hold back tears as you nodded. Liam put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his chest. “Come on, Cody. You know I would never let anything happen to you,” he murmured, rubbing your back.

You looked up at him, and your eyes met his gorgeous ones. Immediately, everything faded. You forgot about your fear of heights, you forgot you were so high up, you forgot about the world around you, as Liam slowly leaned in. Finally, his lips pressed against yours.

You smoothly kissed back, cupping the side of his face with one hand. After about ten seconds of you both kissing, you finally pulled back. “I have been waiting to kiss you for years,” Liam smiled. You laughed and kissed him again.

You didn’t even know that the ferris wheel had stopped until someone opened the door to your case. You leaned away from Liam and got up, lacing your fingers with his as you stepped off of the platform.


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