One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


64. Liam Payne 10

~“Harry, you realize how stupid this is?” I complained to my best friend Harry Styles. “We don’t even celebrate Halloween over here, its an American holiday!” Today was October 31st, Halloween. Harry had forced me to join the rest of the boys from One Direction for some Trick or Treating and ‘fun’ in a so-called Haunted House that sat across from Harry’s house on the opposite side on the street. Ridiculous. I tried dressing up as a pirate like Penelope Cruz in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides’. It didn’t really work… at least, I didn’t think so. I had grown out my usually short brown hair just a little and stuck in a few hair extensions. I was wearing a pirate’s hat, a short skirt with dark stockings and black knee-length boots, a very revealing white shirt with a small jacket over the top. My sword was made of foam, but only because I couldn’t exactly carry around a real one. I had also overdone the eye shadow and eyeliner just a little.

Of course, Harry had taken the event a little too seriously; he had painted himself completely green and was wearing little more than bright purple boxers so he looked like the Incredible Hulk. In other words, incredible idiot. He also had no shoes on, instead deciding to walk down the streets in little more than his skin and underwear.
“Oh, Nikki, stop complaining! Liam doesn’t like girls that complain!” he told me with a smirk. I growled at him. Of course he knew about that. He just knew the things that I never wanted him to know, like how I was hopelessly, deeply, irreversibly head-over heels for Liam Payne. He was always kind to me, always there to look after me. Harry often brought me along to their practices, leaving me in the corner. But Liam always came over to say hi to me, even if the others were too busy to. He was smart, often giving me advice and his exam notes. He’d finished school last year, so he’d given me most of his study notes and pointers for tests and stuff. He’s just really thoughtful and helpful.

It also helps that he’s amazingly gorgeous. Liam’s got perfectly straight, dirty blonde to brown hair and the most stunning chocolate eyes I’ve ever seen. He’s a little taller than me, the perfect height. Liam’s near flawless appearance matches his personality completely.
“Hey Nikki, snap out of it!” Harry waved a green hand in front of my face. I squinted at him.
“What?” He laughed at me.
“Nikki. Come on, snap out of it! Or are you too busy fantasizing about Liam again?” I punched him.
“Shut up, Harry!” I yelled at him, “You better not tell him or I’ll die of embarrassment.” He pulled me in for a hug.
“Come on, you know I won’t. Besides, I’m going to get you two together one day!” I snorted.
“What, Harry Styles the pimp?” He scowled.

“The guys should be here soon,” Harry told me. I nodded.
It didn’t take long for the boys to round the corner to join us. Zayn was a wizard, including a long black cape, stick in hand as a false wand. Louis had once again stolen Liam’s Superman shirt that he wore underneath a white business shirt, his false glasses sitting on his nose. And Liam… Liam looked so sexy. He was dressed like a vampire. He was in more gothic styled clothes; black trousers and black dress shoes, a black dress shirt underneath an equally jet black cape. He must of stayed out of the sun for a week or two because his skin had none of the usual colour to it at all; instead, he was a deathly pale white, which created an intense contrast with the eyeliner he had applied. Liam put every vampire ever created, including Dracula, to shame.
“Um… hi?” I more questioned rather than stated. Harry led us up to the doorstep of the Haunted House, giving me a knowing glance, raising his eyebrow.
“Well, time for a little fun.”

Harry pushed open the door and pushed me and the guys in, closing the door behind him. It was pitch black and cold. I could feel my teeth chattering.
“Uh, Harry?” I asked into the darkness. There was no response. “Harry?” I repeated. I hadn’t even moved forward yet.
“How long has this place been left untouched?” Zayn asked. I breathed a sigh of relief. At least there was someone here with me.
“Not sure, no one’s bought it while I’ve been living here,” Harry told us all. “So that’s why I think it’s haunted. And Nikki, try not to get scared.” I glared at him, but realized there was no way he could have seen it.
“Umpf!” I tried to punch him again.
“Ow, that was me!”
“Oops, sorry Niall. Can you punch Harry for me?”

We spent the next few minutes in silence, slowly sliding our feet forwards throughout the abandoned house. My eyes slowly began adjusting to the light, but it was still a creepy place to be. I looked into an old, cracked mirror that sat on the wall. There were cobwebs all over the place, around the rim of the mirror, in the corners of the ceiling, even hanging off pieces of discarded furniture wrapped in plastic covering, completely unused for what seemed like decades. I hate spiders…
“Harry, can we leave now? This place is boring…” I tried my best to conceal my fear. But it obviously wasn’t working. My voice gave me away; there was an unmistakable tremor.
“Harry?” There was no response. “Guys?” Still, no response. I whirled around, only to be met by silence and emptiness.
“Very funny, guys. Now come out!”

I walked back around the corner I had passed already, retracing my steps. Where had the boys gotten to? Where they doing this on purpose?
“Hello? Anyone there?” I called. Not even a whisper. “This isn’t funny anymore. Show yourselves.” Silence. I shivered. There was a rustle from my left. “Guys?” The old windows rustled in the wind. Aside from that, there was no sound. Nothing else in the room, aside from my deep, shaky breaths.
“Fuuuuccckkk…” I mumbled under my breath. I continued back the way I came, still no trace of the guys. You’d think Harry would have left a trail of green paint behind, but no. There was nothing to show that there had been anyone in the house in at least a decade, aside from the footsteps that I had left in the dust that had gathered over the floor the past few years, creating a white cloud in the air and dark patches where I had been.

I continued on my way, almost tripping over my own feet.
“Please, someone! Anyone?” I was really freaking out by now. I kept going, looking for the front door. After I’d found it, I tried to open it repeatedly. It must have been locked on the other side. There was no way for me to get out of here, unless I climbed through a broken window, which quite frankly I couldn’t do in this outfit. I felt myself tear up. Oh God. What if something happened to the boys? As if an answer to my call, there was a shuffling sound. I felt my breath quicken once again, as if I wasn’t puffing fast enough already. I felt like an asthmatic.
“Please tell me that’s you guys,” I asked the nothingness. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I practically screamed.
“Shh, it’s OK, Nikki. It’s me, Liam!” The voice was definitely his. I tried to slow down my breath, but I found myself a blubbering mess.

“Liam, you gave me a friggin heart attack!” I shouted at him. He sighed and pulled me into a hug.
“I think we were tricked, Nikki.” He told me, holding me close. “I can’t find the others anywhere.” I nodded. I didn’t put that past Harry, and Louis and Niall were open for any kind of joke. It was Zayn that I was unsure about.
“You think so? But the door’s locked…” I mumbled. He hushed me again.
“Please, calm down Nikki!” he sat me on the floor and let me regain my composure a little. “We’re fine. This place isn’t haunted. Harry’s just being a dick.” I nodded.
“So how do we get out?” I asked. He shrugged.
“Window?” I was afraid of that.
“I can’t climb out the window, Liam. I’m in a skirt.”

Liam led me to the lowest window he could find in the place, feeling his way around with one hand in front, the other secured tightly around my waist.
“Don’t worry. I promise not to look. I’ll get out first, and you can climb down onto me.” I nodded.
“Thanks Liam…” He pulled a few wooden blocks off the window that bared our way, heaving as he did so. “You alright Liam?” he nodded.
“Ouch!” he winced.
“What’s wrong?” I asked sacredly.
“Don’t worry, Nikki. Just a splinter…” he chuckled, pulling the window open. He climbed out, pulling his cape closer to his body so it wouldn’t snag. “Ready?” I gulped, sticking one leg out the window. He grabbed it, pulling me into his waiting arms. Soon we were out of the ‘Haunted House’ and sitting in a heap on the overgrown garden.

I was still in Liam’s arms. I didn’t want to let go. But he also seemed content with this position. He licked his finger, trying to stop the cut from flowing.
“We’ve got to get that fixed up.” I told him pointedly. He nodded.
“Yeah, later.” I looked at him in confusion. “What? I want to sit here a while longer with you.” Wait, what?
“Uh, Liam? Why?” He kissed me on the lips. My eyes widened in surprise.
“Because I really like you, Nikki.” I gasped.
“Liam, I really like you too!” He smiled, holding out his wounded finger to me.
“Kiss it better?” I gave him a smirk.
“Sure thing!” I kissed his finger, trailing kisses up until I reached his nose. “Liam, I think I love you.” He kissed me passionately on the lips.
“Same goes.”

Our intimate moment was interrupted by a few extremely loud voices.
“See Nikki! I told you I’d get the two of you together.” I blushed wildly. It was Harry Styles and the other guys, standing across the street in Harry’s front yard.
“What the hell, Harry? You just left me in an old, run-down house!?” I screamed at him. He smirked at me, the others also smirking.
“Well, yeah. It worked, didn’t it?” I had to hand it to him, he was right.
“Don’t worry about him, Nikki,” Liam told me, grabbing my arm and pulling me up. “Let’s go hang out somewhere. Go Trick or Treating, it is Halloween after all.” I nodded, ignoring the rest of the guys.
“Wait, so you’re just going to ditch us?” Harry yelled behind my back.
“Yep.” Liam said cheekily. I laughed. I knew I’d be safe with Liam… but I guess I’d still have to be thanking Harry later…

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