One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


2. Liam Payne 1

~The sky was playing with different colors as the sun was setting down, forming the imaginary halo around him. I studied his profile secretly while his eyes were fixed on the ocean before us. His perfect jawline added beauty to his already handsome face, his chocolate brown eyes held wisdom and kindness. He was perfect to me, just like he was when I first met him.
But something had changed. He was not still the same young man I used to know, he was now different. Surely, he still cared, helped me or made love to me. But he never ran his thumb across mine as we held hands, never kissed me on my cheek just because he felt like it or barely asked about my day.
Liam Payne had changed.
We were in a relationship for five years, five beautiful years of love, lust, truth and hope. I was by his side as his band started, supporting his every decision, accepting his career, tolerating all the hate from his fans. I was with him even I was lonely through too many nights while he was touring, even being with him meant to be hated and judged. All because I loved him.
"Liam babe," I said softly, even I wasn't sure what I wanted to say. But he somehow understood and his gaze met mine. He studied my face for a while before he turned away with a small, almost not audible sigh.
"I need to tell you something," he stated after a while, his eyes fixed on me again. "Do you remember as one day I came home, exhausted from concert, and you were there waiting, with dinner served at table, while wearing that blue dress which hugged you perfectly? You didn't ask me questions or yelled at me for not being home all day, even it was your birthday. Do you remember that?" I nodded slowly, not being sure why he was talking about that, but he continued. "That night I told you how much I adore you, how I love you. How I can't imagine my life without you by my side. Ellie, I don't feel it anymore. I just I don't love you like I did yesterday. And if you go now, don't think I'll try to make you stay."
And my world crashed down.
All my hopes and plans for future disappeared like a smoke from a cigarette. I tried to say something, but I couldn't find my voice. I choked on my own saliva, the tears in my eyes blurred my vision. But I still stood up and walked away from him.
From o̶u̶r̶ his life.
3 years later
I was walking across the street, easily avoiding rushing people, sweat forming on my temples from the fast walk as I was heading from the work. Even there was nobody waiting for me.
From the moment Liam broke up with me I was pretty devastated, afraid to learn to live on my own. But with a little help from my friends I did. I found a job I enjoyed and I worked too hard, trying to forget my inner pain. But even Liam broke my heart I was sure I could never stop loving him.
I did never contact him and neither he did. But I couldn't escape him because his face was at the cover of the most magazines. I was truly happy for his success, mainly because everybody thought their band was not going to last more than few years. But they made it. And even Liam was not part of my life anymore, I was very proud.
"Ellie!" I heard a voice called my name and I frozed right on my spot. Could it be? I turned around, much slower than needed, and I looked at the same eyes, same brown eyes I fell for.
"Liam..." I whispered.
"How are you?" he asked me after a moment of silence as he eyed me carefully, not like he was worried, but like he was taking in my features. And maybe it was just my imagination, but I saw only love and sadness in his eyes.
"I've been better," I admitted.
"C-can we...don't you want to grab a coffee?" he said after a while and I only realized I nodded my head as he gently touched my small back as leading me to the nearest caff.
"Why, Liam? Why did you say the things that you said?" I found my courage to ask him after a minutes of silence as we were already sitting at the table, cups of hot liquid in front of us.
"I am sorry," he whispered and tears formed in his eyes as his voice cracked. "I made the biggest mistake in my life when I let you go. I should have never told you all those things, because they were never true. I frankly was scared as hell, because I love you too much. I was afraid of it, afraid that you could leave away from me, so I did it. I let you walk away because I was afraid of you doing that to me. I know it doesn't make any sense. Ellie, forgive me. Without you I am incomplete. I tried my best to live without you, but I just cannot. I can't bear it anymore and when I saw you on the street, it hit me straight to my heart. You did. Please, do not leave me alone anymore."
I stared at him, million emotions running through my head as he speak. It was the words I was dying to hear. But he left me. He left me in my own pain and I suffered for too long.
"And maybe I am still in love with you. And I will give you all my heart so we can start it all over again," I breathed out, at first didn't realizing I said that aloud. But as his face lighted up I knew I did. I knew I did right thing. Because Liam Payne never left my heart.
And I guess no one else can break your heart more than a true love.

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