One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


26. Harry Styles 9

~I sat in my living room, staring at the tv. The X-Factor UK was playing for the 600th time. The show was really good, and I loved it. But I loved watching Harry more.

He came back on the screen, and my eyes became warm. I didn't know I was crying until warm water dripped down my cheeks. I didn't know I was sobbing until a whine escaped my throat, and I cried out.

Footsteps hurried down the stairs, and my older brother, Evan, sat down next to me. He paused the movie and pulled me close to him as I sobbed. "Sh... Sh.... Please, Dylan.... Don't cry.... Not on your birthday...."

Slowly, I sat up, tears still pouring out of my eyes. "I know you hate him, but---" I cut my brother off. "Hate him?" I choked. "Anything but hate him. He's doing great." I gestured to the screen, where Harry was holding up the microphone, singing his heart out to 'Torn'. "He's out living his dream. I just miss him...."
I choked on my tears again. Getting up, I looked at Evan. "I'm going out," I headed to the front door and left, feeling Evan's sorrowful eyes staring after me.

It was the middle of summer. It was burning out, the temperature probably 80 degrees.

And I was chilled to the bone.

I had lived 6 months without him. Six painful, long, tear-filled months. I would give anything to see Harry again. To kiss him just one more time.....

"Hey Dylan," A voice made me spin around. "Harry?!?" I cried out. But nobody was there. I furrowed my brow in confusion. Then, his voice continued. "I love you. Now pick up your damn phone, haha."
I sighed, reaching into my back pocket. Harry had set my ringtone to his voice.... I never had the heart to change it back... I looked at my phone and a picture of my second oldest brother, Jasper, lit up my screen. There was one text message:


I broke off into a run, heading home. I hated myself for actually believing Harry would be here.... I got to my front door and swung it open. Everything was pitch black. "Jasper?" I called out, my voice shaking. "Tyler? Evan?"

Suddenly, the stereo sprang to life. It was playing, "This Is the Life" by Two Door Cinema Pub. Immediately, my heart started to hurt. That was our song.... Mine and Harry's....

I started to cry again as the room lit up. A banner was strung across the living room, reading: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN! Balloons and streamers covered the ground. And I screamed.
I didn't scream because of the music. I didn't scream because of the decorations. I screamed because there was someone standing there, in the middle of my living room.

His dark brown hair was casually curly, messy as always. His brown eyes were glowing, and a crooked grin lined his face. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with his casual sneakers.

"Happy birthday, Dylan," his voice was like a symphony to my ears. I covered my mouth, sobbing. I didn't know how, but suddenly, Harry's arms were around me, holding my close to him as I cried into his shoulder. "Ssshhh, baby girl. I'm right here.... I'm right here...."

I looked up at him and smiled.... And I kissed him. Oh, how I had missed to kiss those lips. How missed feeling his warmth against me, his arms around my waist and my hands tangled in his hair.

"Harry, mate, I love you and all, but it's really quite disturbing to see you make out with my sister."

Tyler's voice made us pull apart. I sent a glare towards my brothers. "I was enjoying myself, you know." Harry laughed, and I laughed too.

"I'm sorry I never visited before," Harry murmured, stroking my hair carefully. "I just was so busy before.... I never stopped thinking about you." "I never stopped thinking about you either," I whispered. "But I'm here now." Harry said softly, pressing his forehead to mine. Then I realized.... It would hurt to much more when he left.

"But you'll be leaving soon...." I whispered, touching Harry's face.

"Yes, I will be," Harry agreed. "But not alone." My face broke out into a smile. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?" I screamed, laughing. Harry laughed and shook his head. "Nope! You're going on tour with me and the rest of One Direction!"

I pulled him into a Hug. "Harry, I love you!" I cried. "I love you too, Dylan..." Harry murmured into my hair. I smiled and closed my eyes. I was ready to say goodbye to my home in England and say hello to my new life with

Harry Styles..

Harry Styles: my best friend.

Harry Styles: my boyfriend.

Harry Styles: my Brit.

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