One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


22. Harry Styles 7

~~Raye Walters P.O.V.
"Harry, what the heck are you doing?" I teased, as he walked behind me with his hands over my eyes.
"Just wait!" He grinned, and I could hear the excitement in his eyes. I could hear a door opening, and my bare feet squishing into soft carpet.
"Where are we?"
"Ta-da!" Harry cheered, and I opened my eyes to a cosy apartment building. Wait... I know this apartment. In fact, I've been in this apartment a million times. It was Harry's beautifully styled house, with a crisp beige/white theme, even if it was sometimes quite dirty.
I rolled my eyes. "Oh gee Harry, how exciting."
He laughed, and took my hand, leading me down the hallway. "Just you wait Missy Raye."
I was greeted by Harry's bedroom, and the only difference was a double bed. Shock greeted me.
"Are you and Louis...?" My eyes widened. No no no no!
Harry scowled, and shook his head. "Don't be stupid. It's for you!" What?!
"Move in with me!" He grinned, and outstretched his arms as if I was going to hug him.
I was still extremely confused, unaware of what had hit me. Harry and I had been together for about a year now, and it's very clear we really like each other. Neither of us had used the love word yet, although I know we were almost there.
This was just one step forward.
"Yeeeeess!" I yelled, running into his arms. He lifted me up and spun me around.
"I'm glad." He said, and we kissed happily.
"Does that mean we can get rid of that ugly chair?" I asked cutely, wrapping my arms around his neck, referring to the large brown chair he's had for years. He tapped me lightly on the nose, and grinned.
"You wish, Raye." He walked out of the room, chuckling to himself.
"Finally!" I exclaimed, exhausted, flopping onto my new bed in Harry's room. Clothes, shoes, books, makeup, handbags ect. were scattered all over the floor as I unpacked. My camera was hanging loosely from the head of the bed by it's strap.
Lisa stood up, staring at all my items."I'm not cleaning this up." She said coolly as she drawled out a puff of smoke from her cigarette , and I stood up.
"I don't expect you to, I just need your help." Lisa is one of my best friends, but also one of the meanest girls in school. As soon as she found out I was dating Harry Styles, she stuck to me like a fly. Too bad Harry hates her. "Oh, and don't smoke in my room, please."
She rolled her eyes, opened the window, and threw the shrivelled cigar out into the air. "Happy?"
We started to pack away the items into drawers, cupboards and listening to music. We danced around, laughing until Harry walked in. "Hey babe." He smiled sweetly, and walked over to me, putting an arm around my shoulder. "Oh... Lisa, hi." Harry squirmed awkwardly.
"Hey Harry." She winked flirtaciously, and I glowered at her. I was distracted by a loud ringing.
"That's my phone. I'll be back soon." I ducked out from Harry's arm, and snaked out of the room. I grabbed my iPhone from the marble counter in the kitchen and held it to my ear. "Hello? Oh, hey Louis."
"What's up Raye?"
"I'm just at your place. Well, your ex-place." I teased.
"Oh, haha. I'm still going to visit, like every day."
"You wish Lou!"
"Well, I'm coming over now to pick up some stuff."
"See you soon then, Louis. My room is a mess!" I giggled.
"Good luck with that. Bye!" The phone automatically switched off as he hung up, so I placed it in my pocket and padded back down to my room.
Just in time to see Harry locking lips with Lisa.
"What the hell are you doing Harry!?" I screamed. Except I said a word a bit more colorful than hell.
"Oh my god, Raye." He looked bewildered as he pulled away, his eyes wide. Lisa was smirking, having another cigarette.
"GET OUT!" I screamed as hard as I could, shooting Lisa the dirtiest look I could. She laughed evily, drawing in another puff of smoke, and sauntered out. My face filled with sadness as I turned towards Harry.
"You... I can't believe you!" Harry clenched his jaw, his blue green eyes filled with guilt.
"I can explain!" He insisted, but I cut him off. I felt betrayed, angry, stupid.
"Your an idiot Harry! Why would you kiss my best friend!?"
Harry laughed sarcastically. "I'm the idiot? Your the one who is friends with her in the first place!"
I felt like I had been punched. Hard. In the stomach. You can insult me, but not my friends! Even if she is kinda bitchy, she is still amazing.
"Oh my god, Harry. Is that really what you think? You kissed her for God's sake!"
"I didn't want to!" He defended. I shook my head.
"Oh, no, of course not. You tripped and your lips landed on hers. My mistake!" I rolled my eyes, about to walk out, until a big crash was heard.
My Canon camera came flying next to me, smashing against the painted walls. I gasped, and ducked as the interior and exterior pieces came whizzing in all different directions. Ironically, my SD card slashed me in the arm, leaving a small cut.
"DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME RAYE." He bellowed, curling his fists into a ball. I took a step back. This was our first fight in a long time, and it was full on. I was still adorned with anger, and I couldn't let him win. Not this time.
"Or else what?" I teased angrily, frowning.
"Your not living here. No way." He shook his head. "It was a stupid idea. Just forget it."
I sniffed, holding back tears.
"I don't need you anyway Harry Styles. Your a rude, self-centered slut and I don't want you."
He seemed to be taken aback by my words, but then his face twisted into disgust.
"Just, get out. Now." His voice raised a little, and I scowled. My eyes were filling with tears quickly, so I put my head down letting my long brown hair rest on either side of my face so he couldn't see me. I gathered most of my stuff, and ran out of his bedroom.
I let the tears spill, and as I exited the front door, I knocked into Louis.
"Hey, Raye, what's wrong!?" He yelled, but I kept going, in fear of being caught crying.
[start playing music]
~Harry Styles P.O.V
I lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling. It's been a week without Raye, and I haven't slept. Nor eaten.
I miss hearing her voice, I miss her beauty and I most of all miss her. I'm such a freaking idiot. If I hadn't have kissed Lisa, I would have been with Raye right now, kissing her.
As I was thinking, Louis burst through the door. "Harry, get up!" He yelled, shaking me.
"What the hell do you want?!"
"It's Lisa. She's in the hospital." I sat up, confused.
"What? Why?"
Louis looked down, and sighed. "She had a stroke. Raye has been crying all day, you have to come now."
I shook my head. "Lou, I care about Lisa. But I can't see Raye again. It's over, and it's all too much." I knew inside, I still wanted her.
Louis looked at me like I was crazy. "Your never going to get her back if you don't talk to her man. And I know what you wanted to do. You can't expect Raye to come crawling back to you Harry. What you did is something women never forget. Just talk to her. Please." Louis was sitting next to me now, and I closed my eyes.
Memories of Raye flooded back. Our first date in the park, after I told her I liked her. Our first kiss at her front door. The first time she met the boys, and how she thought they were goofballs. How we spent the whole night under the stars, talking and laughing.
I'd do anything to see her again. Anything.
"Fine. Let's go."
~Raye Walters P.O.V.
I sat in the waiting chair, crying. Strangers heads swivelled to look at me, but I didn't care. In fact, I felt like yelling at every one of them. I haven't slept well in a week, I feel tired and sad. I haven't spoken to Harry in a long time. I miss him alot. I am going crazy over the fact that Lisa could be dead. Any moment now.
"Raye!" I sniffed, and looked up to see Louis. Slowly followed by Harry. My auburn eyes looked to the ground as my stomach flipped. I could tell he hadn't brushed his hair in a long time, and his clothes were crumpled. Maybe he was having a bad week too...? No, no. He made it clear that he hated me. Ugh.
Louis sat next to me, and I started bawling all over again. Harry got up and walked away. "I can't do this." I heard Harry say exhaustedly to Louis, as he got up. Louis put his arm around me.
"Hey, hey, shh... It's gonna be okay." He tried to comfort me. All the pain from the past week hit me like a bang, and I felt weak.
"Lou-lou-louis. I can't do this either!" I sobbed, stuttering with my words. My breath came out shaky, and my words didn't make sense. I grabbed onto his shirt. "My life is falling apart." I whispered harshly, and I realised something. I was going crazy. Louis shook his head.
"Raye, what's wrong? Are you alright?" Next thing I knew, I was on the ground, my life fading to black.
"She's fine, she just fainted, is all." I heard a doctor say. I fluttered my eyes open, and was greeted by a blurry vision of Louis, Dr.Martin and... Harry. I stood up quickly, ignoring the dizziness.
"I'm okay." I said, choked up. "I'm leaving. Call me if Lisa is okay." I snatched my coat from Louis and started walking out the door. I looked up at the rain, and cursed. I grabbed my umbrella out of my handbag, and fumbled to get it open. "Stupid..." I muttered. I heard footsteps in the rain behind me.
"Need a hand?" A voice behind me inquired. This voice made me drop the umbrella, and look to the ground.
"N-No thanks." I murmured, and I started to tread away. A large hand grabbed my shoulder, and spun me around gently.
"Where do you think your going?" Harry asked softly, smiling ever so slightly.
I ran my hands through my wet hair, and looked into Harry's eyes. I sighed defeated, and he looked at me. "What do you want Harry?"
He shrugged a little and took a step forward. He had his hands in his pockets, and I could smell his cologne. "I have something that I need to do. And you know, it's okay if you don't agree. I completely understand because... we're not on the best terms. But..."
He dug for something in his pocket, and lifted out what I saw as a small velvet blue box. My heart leaped, and I could feel my stomach swarming with butterflies. Harry got on one knee below me, the rain still dropping hard.
I held my hands over my mouth, and smiled. Smiled for the first time in a week.
"Raye Walters. The girl who I have been, or was, going out with for a year. The most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. The girl who I have had a huge fight with, that left me in tears and heartbreak. I love that girl." He felt relieved to be able to say it, and I let out a small gasp. He said the love word.
"Raye, I do love you. I have loved you for a long time. I'm sorry, so so so sorry about what happened. I never want it to happen again, because I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He looked down at the box, and I could tell his hands were shaking as he opened it. Inside rested a beautiful silver ring, adorned with a pale ice blue diamond on it.
"The reason I'm um, here, is because I want to ask you a question that could dramatically change my life. For the better or the worst." We both let out a nervous, shaky laugh.
"So, Raye Walters, will you marry me?" As he uttered the last four words, I stopped breathing. All that was heard was the pitter patter of rain, and Harry's quivering breath. I bit my lip to stop from chattering of coldness, and I nodded slowly.
"Yes." I whispered. "Yes." Harry leapt up and threw his arms around my neck.
"I'm so sorry Raye. I'm so sorry. I love you so much." He muttered into my hair, and a tear ran down my face.
"I love you too Harry Styles." I smiled into his oversized coat, and he pulled away slowly. My hands were wobbling like crazy as he slid the ring onto my middle finger.
My lips trembled under the rain, and he kissed me, warming my whole body. It just occured to me that Harry is my husband to be.
"Raye, your amazing. I can't picture my life without you." He held my hand, and gave it a gentle squeeze as he said it. I blushed, and rested my head on his shoulder.
"You too Harry. You too." We looked at each other, smiling, but we were interrupted by Louis.
"She's awake!" He cheered. I rushed into the hospital still gripping Harry's hand, and we saw Lisa. She was laying in bed, her face looking pale and sunken. When she smiled, she still looked beautiful, though.
"Congratulations." She croaked, and I flushed.
"Thanks. I'm really glad your feeling better." I smiled at her, and we talked for a little bit. After about a half hour, Louis called me out.
"Why do you keep calling me, Louis?" I asked, laughing, and looked at the hospital waiting room. It was empty, except for a giant sign that said "GO OUTSIDE"
I squinted to make sure I read it clearly, and I tip-toed outside. The rain had settled, and my ring glistened under the newly made rainbow in the sky. I beamed under the brightness of the day.
I turn around and saw Harry walking towards me. My heart fluttered with happiness.
"I think we were interrupted during something special..." He grinned, and I walked closer to him. We kissed, and I felt amazing.
"How did I get so lucky?" I asked him, fiddling with his fingers. He intertwined his hand with mine.
"I was just about to ask you the same question."


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