One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


21. Harry Styles 6

~"Before you leave me, today..." The crowd went wild as One Direction finished the last song of their concert. The 5 boys waved, and blew kisses as they ran out backstage.
I grinned, and we all shared a group hug. "That was amazing guys!" I was so proud of them, especially for winning a Brit Award so soon in their career, just two days ago.
"Thanks, Parker." Louis ruffled my hair, and smiled. I scowled, and removed his hand. I smoothed down my hair and looked at Harry. He gave me a small smile, and then started to talk to Liam. I sighed, but lit up at Niall's suggestion.
"Let's all go out for burgers to celebrate!" He said in his thick Irish accent. I couldn't help but giggle at his constant request for food, so we decided to go anyway.
I looked up at the bright menu as we stood in line at McDonalds.
"Hm... no, not that..." I bit my lip as I read the choices. It was 11 p.m. at night, but there was still a long queue to cure the midnight munchies. Everyone was staring at us in pure shock, but didn't say anything.
Zayn put his hands on my shoulders, and I looked up at him. "What are you getting?" He asked me, grinning. I shrugged and sighed in exasperation.
"I do this everytime. I'm hungry, but I just don't want anything." He laughed at me, and took his hands off my shoulder, to hug me.
"Are you okay?" He looked at me intently, and I sighed.
"I'm fine Zayn," I smiled. "Really." He looked at me, and finalised agreeing with me.
"Alrighty, then." He winked at me, and then moved over to find a table. I cannot believe of all the places we could go, we decided on McDonalds. Oh, well.
I decided to just get a Big Mac, because I was actually really hungry. We sat at a back booth, and the table was buzzing as we talked about the concert. The only person who wasn't talking was Niall, who was devouring his food like a bulldozer.
Now, you might think I am the luckiest girl in the world for being able to even know One Direction. But thing is, I've been Harry's best friend since Kindergarten. The guys are really close to me since I met them the week after Harry auditioned for the X-Factor. To me, they're normal people.
"HARRY I LOVE YOU!" Screamed a teenage girl, running over here to get an autograph, making me jump. I was the first one on the booth seat, and I had to lean over because Harry was seated next to me.
"Woah!" He laughed like it was no big deal, and signed her paper.
She squealed and leaped onto him. I groaned as her elbow collided with my stomach.
Niall was cracking up through all of this, and almost choked on his food. I sat here, in heaps of pain, while Harry tried to lift the girl up. "Thanks for the excitement, I guess, but your hurting Parker." He frowned, and she snapped back up.
A middle aged woman, probably her mom, shook her head and took the girl by her waist. "I love you." She mouthed.
I rubbed my tummy, and shoved a couple of french fries in my mouth. Harry looked at me, guilt in his eyes.
"I'm so sorry Parker." I nodded and waved my hand in the air.
"Yeah, it's okay." I took a bite of my burger as Louis leaned over to Harry, and smiled.
"Trouble in paradise buddy?" He chuckled at his own joke, and Harry slapped him on the arm.
"Shut up Lou."
We all crowded in the 5 seater car at midnight, Liam at the drivers seat, Zayn in the passengers and Louis, Niall, Harry and I in the back. I had to share a seat with one of them, and they all voted Harry to. I blushed as he pulled the seatbelt over us. It was really squishy, and a long ride home.
"Harry, could you move over a tad?" I asked, desperately trying to wriggle free. "My hair is stuck in the seatbelt." I tugged at my praline colored hair that was caught between the seatbelt, but it wouldn't budge.
"Here Parker, lemme fix it..." Harry leaned in as close as he could to pull my hair out from the seat belt.
"Ow Harry! Can't you get it out?!" I yelled, and this made Louis laugh. "Oh God Lou!" I shook my head, but this pulled my hair too much. "Harry hurry up!"
"Calm down Parker! I'm trying! Stop complaining!" Harry yelled even louder, and let go of my hair with force, and I sat back. I had never been screamed at this loud by Harry. It felt like a slap in the face, that had made a massive mark. My heart was still beating with loud thumps. The car was silent. Louis' laughing had died down, and Zayn and Liam had stopped chatting.
"Sorry..." Harry and I mumbled at the same time. Except his voice sounded gruff, and I had never been so scared of Harry in my life.
What was wrong with him? Why was he acting so weird tonight?
"We're here!" Liam cheered, finally being able to get out of the tension filled car. Harry stumbled out quickly, and I realised my eyes were brimmed with tears. I followed out, relaxing at the thought of sleep.
"Wake up Parker..."A gentle singing voice flowed into my sleep. "We have some yummy breakfast prepared for you..." This sentence was followed by some giggles, and I popped my eyes open. Niall was on one knee by my bed, guitar in hands, singing to me to wake up. I laughed and sat up.
"I'm trying to sleep Nialler!" I said and snatched the guitar out of his hands.
"Hey!" He joined my laughter, and I started roughly strumming the strings.
"THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!" I bellowed, loudly plucking random notes on the guitar. I stood up and danced around for emphasis.
Niall gasped. "Your gonna break the strings!" He crept up behind me while I was singing, and threw his hands around my waist. We were both in fits of giggles as he moved his hands around to grab hold of the guitar.
I tried to slap him, until Harry walked in. "Parker, we need to ta..." His voice trailed off as he looked up. Niall and I had stopped laughing and he quickly released his hands from my body. I took a step away. "Oh, never- never mind." Harry sounded choked up, and he ran out of the room.
I looked at Niall with a worried expression, and ran out behind him.
"Harry, wait!" I yelled, my wavy hair flailing out behind me. I heard the back door closed and I followed it.
Sure enough, there was Harry, sitting on the ground. I quietly walked outside and sat beside him.
"You okay?" I asked, picking at the strands of grass. He stared up at the sky, thinking.
"No." I bit my lip, as he talked more. "I'm sorry I yelled at you." He squinted at me in the sunlight. "I was just confused..." He stopped talking, as if he didn't know what to say.
"It's alright Harry." I scooted closer to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. He squirmed a bit, and I decided to drop it.
We sat in silence for a few minutes, while Harry stared at the clouds and I pulled out some grass. I have to stop doing this.
"Do you believe in love at first sight Parker?" He turned to look at me, his face intent. I couldn't help but laugh.
"No way!" It came to realisation. "Oh my god! Are you in love?! It's Danielle, isn't it!" I squealed in delight, only remembering that she was with Liam. "Oh, well, it's okay, I mean you can always-"
"No?" He looked at me, a confused expression on his face. I flushed of embarrassment. "Just forget it." Harry looked like he wanted to get up and walk away.
"I'm sorry Harry. I'm your best friend, you can tell me anything. I know I was being inconsiderate, but you know how I am. My brain just speaks before it thinks." I grinned, and he smiled slightly. I clapped my hands. "Good your happy now! How about we go inside and-"
"It's you Parker." His legs were stretched out in front of him now, and he moved closer to me.
Wait, what?
"What?" I repeated dumbly.
"I'm in love with you." My heart dropped to my stomach. Did I hear right? "I mean, I've always liked you. But I never knew I was in love with you until we won the Brit. As I was standing on stage, accepting the award, you were right there cheering me on. That's how it's been all my life, and I realised something. How my stomach always flips when I'm around you, how my heart beats faster and how I just want to impress you. When I saw you that night, you looked beautiful, and I was confused with how I felt last night. I yelled at you because..."
I was listening, hardly believing my ears. "Because why Harry?"
"Because I was frustrated. I didn't know why I liked you so much, and I thought I could just convince myself your nothing more than my friend. But I couldn't Parker, and I screamed because my feelings were mixed up. I never meant to hurt you, and I almost beat myself up that night. Until that night I also came to my conclusion that I was in love with you, and that was that."
I couldn't speak. I could not believe my best friend Harry Styles was just admitting that he loved me, right here. I have heard about best friends getting together, and how they say it's magical. I never thought it would happen. I mean it's cheesy, but when you actually experience it, it's different.
Harry smiled, waiting for a response.
"I love you too Harry." I said, and shyly looked at the ground.
"You do?"
I nodded, and his face flooded with relief.
He moved the hair away from my face, and tilted my chin up so he could kiss me.
As we pulled away, he whispered something.
"That turned out better than expected."
And I laughed.


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