One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


105. Harry Styles 27

~It all started with the simple sentence, “What’s wrong?” From there it went down hill. Our impeccable relationship went sinking down the drain like we’d never got along in the first place. Harry and I almost never fought. Ever. We bickered, but always ended up laughing it off in the end. This time we didn’t laugh it off so easily. It went like this: Harry walked in, slammed the front door, then flopped down on the sofa. I glanced back at him. “Harry?” He half-heartily grunted. I walked over to him and placed my arms around his neck. “What’s wrong?” He looked at me then sighed. “Nothing, sugar. Just had a rough day.” He muttered starring blankly at the TV. “You wanna talk about it?” I asked. “No.”“Are you sure? I’m here if you wanna talk-”
“ I just said ‘no’. I don’t wanna fucking talk about it.”
He sputtered bitterly. My eyebrows raised and I felt a bit hurt by his cold words. I got up while mumbling, “Whatever. Don’t take your bad day out on me.”“Whatever, Sara. I don’t feel like dealing with your shit right now.” And that was it. My breaking point. I turned sharply on my heels. “I’m sorry, my shit? You’re the one with the bad attitude. All I’m trying to do is help.”
“Well you’re not helping! In fact, nothing would help me more than you leaving me alone. I just wanna be left alone.” Tears rested on my cheeks as I grabbed my purse and keys. “Fine. You wanna be alone? How about I leave you permanently alone. Goodbye, Harry.” I started for the door. I didn’t need to deal with Harry’s crap.“Now you’re walking out?”
I slammed the door behind me, ignoring Harry. I got in my car and just drove. My vision was so blurry, as was my brain. How did everything go from 0 to 100 in seconds? My phone rang and I looked down to see who it was. A really big part of me longed for it to be Harry, but it wasn’t. It was Niall. I ignored it. Didn’t feel like being bothered.

I found myself at one of my community parks. I stepped out of my car and into the cold night air. In the midst of everything, I forgot to grab a jacket. It was freezing outside. Silently, I made my way to the monkey bars. The stars shone down and illuminated the dark park a bit for me. I couldn’t help but think of Harry as I crossed the damp green grass. He seemed so hurt. I wonder what happened to him today. And like that, my phone rang. I answered it without looking. “Hello.”“We need to talk.” I heard Harry’s voice on the other side of the line.“Then talk.”
“I said we need to talk.” His voice raised a bit. It was silent.
“You need to think. You wanted to be alone. Now you’re alone. What’s the problem now?”
“I never said that!”
“Bullshit, Harry!”
“No! I said I wanted to be left alone. I never said I wanted to be single.” I rolled my eyes.
“So? Same thing.”“No, it’s not. Come home.” Did Harry really think he could control me?
“No. I don’t wanna come home until you apologize for your nasty attitude.”
“My nasty attitude? Apologize?” His accent was strong. His voice was getting heavy.
“Yeah.” I said a tear rolling down my face.
“Well I guess I won’t be seeing you again because I never did anything wrong. There’s no need for me to apologize.” Biting my lower lip, I ended the call. There was no need for me to hear anymore. Harry didn’t want me back. I sniffled then wiped away a tear. Have you ever felt so hurt and humiliated, that you could literally, physically, feel the pain in your chest? It was a hurt so strong you couldn’t help but cry until you couldn’t breathe. But little did I know that someone else close to me was hurting even worse tonight. My phone rang again. I denied Harry’s call. I sat and calmed myself down. Inviting the cold air into my lungs. My phone rang again. This was getting to be so annoying. “What?” I answered.
“Sara, Did you hear?” It was an Irish accent. It would have been familiar except a slight altercation, sadness. He had obviously been crying. The happiness and playfulness was hollowed from him. “No.” I said.
“L-Liam’s sick. He’s in the hospital.” his voice held such darkened intone, I didn’t know what to do.
“Wh-what?” My eyes widened. My voice was shaking now. “He’s got really bad pneumonia. He’s real sick.”
“I’m on my way! What hospital?”

Once I made it to the hospital, I rushed straight to the waiting room where Niall and the rest of the boys were…excluding Harry. Zayn was standing and talking to Louis. “Is he gonna be okay?” I asked a teary Niall. “I don’t know.” I frowned and caressed Niall’s back. “Don’t worry he’ll be fine.” I said as convincingly as I could manage. “He told me he was fine. He was just tired. I noticed he looked so pale and drained lately. I heard Harry yelling for help from Liam’s dressing room this morning. It was early and it was hard to process what was going on. Liam was on the floor and he wouldn’t stop coughing. There was blood…and he was so…pale. I just stood there. I was so shocked. Me best lad was on the ground coughing up blood. He looked so ill. Finally Paul called an ambulance. They wouldn’t let us go with him, but Harry insisted he got to go. He has been here since four this morning. We got here around nine tonight and forced Harry to go and get some rest. When I went in to see Liam…he looked so-so…” Niall’s fragile body shock underneath me and I held him close. That would explain why Harry was so upset. Why didn’t he just tell me. “Niall, babe, don’t worry Liam will be fine!” I mutter holding back tears. I had to be strong for Niall, but seeing him so broken was hurting me. “People-People die from this thing. I can’t help but wonder what if…ya know?” “Niall..”“Hey! I gotta go.” I look up to see Zayn standing over me. His eyes were just as red as Niall’s. Louis was behind him sniffling. “We’ll be back in the morning.” He muttered. I nodded and they walked away. “Niall, maybe you should go home and get some rest.” Niall shook his head vigorously. “No. I’m staying.”“Niall…”“No! I have to stay.” He said. His voice was shaky. I sighed.“Fine. Then I’ll stay with you.”
So I stayed. Niall and I quietly sat and waited. I don’t know what for though. It was cold in the hospital. I took out my phone and texted Harry. I’m sorry about what happened to you today. It was one in the morning now so he was probably asleep. I glanced over at Niall as I waited for a reply. He was starring blankly ahead. I started to say something, but my phone buzzed. I was so scared. I starred at the text. I could only imagine what it must be like. My phone buzzed again. Look, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. You didn’t deserve that. I love you. Please come home? Please? I smiled. I put my hands over the keys to type, but someone interrupted me. “Are you folks with a…Liam Payne?” Niall jumped up. “Yes!” The doctor smiled. “Hello. My name is Dr. Garret Lanes. You are aware of what is wrong with your….friend?”“He’s our friend, yes. He has pneumonia?”“Yes. A very bad case of pneumonia. It’s something that can be treated with antibiotics and plenty of rest. His case, unfortunately, is very serious. It will take a lot to treatment. It could have been avoided if he came in earlier.”“Is he gonna be okay?” Niall asked. I could notice his hands were shaking, so I grabbed it. He held onto my hand tightly.“He will be fine.” The doctor said. “He can actually leave tomorrow. We will discharge him around 12 in the afternoon. For now, I suggest you guys go home and get some rest.”“Thanks, Dr. Lanes.” I said. He nodded then walked away.“Well you heard him, Niall. Get some rest!” He sighed. Then smiled.“He’s gonna be okay?” I smiled then nodded.“Yes! Okay fine! But I’m coming right back up here at 10 tomorrow.”“Sounds good.” I hugged him goodbye.“Thanks for being here.” He muttered into my ear.“No problem, Niall.”
When I made it home, I slowly walked into the house. I didn’t wanna fight anymore with Harry. I just wanted to cuddle. As soon as I made it past the door, Harry was already lifting me up and hugging me. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He muttered while kissing me all over. I giggled. “I’m sorry as well.”“Babe, you have nothing to be sorry about….how’s-how’s Liam?” I smiled.“He’s fine. They’re letting him out of the hospital tomorrow at around 10.” Harry jumped with joy.“Yes!” He kissed me again, pulling me to the bedroom.“I’m so tired.” He huffed.“Me too.” I said. He pressed his forehead to mine. I could only make out a bit of his features through the darkness. He was smiling. He slowly leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on my lips. Our lips moved together perfectly as he roamed his hands down my side. He placed kisses down up neck, to my collarbones. I giggled. “Harry, let’s go to bed.” I said. He laughed. “Agreed.” I felt his large hands flip me around so he was behind me. Soon, his arms were wrapped securely around me. I fell asleep that night thankful that Liam was alright and I still had Harry.


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