One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


96. Harry Styles 26

~“Harry get off of the phone!” I whined. He’d been texting someone for over two hours. Now I was never one to be jealous, but all of the attention he was giving his phone was getting to me. “Okay.” he mumbled staring at the glowing screen intently. He sat slumped over on the right side of the couch. I rolled my eyes then crawled over to him. His thumbs were almost a blur as he rushed them across the screen. He didn’t even look up as I pressed my lips on the cool flesh behind his ear. I slithered my hand down his chest and rested it on his thigh.. Still no reaction. An aggravated huff escaped my lips. Soon I snatched the phone and ran through the flat laughing. “Catherine!” I heard Harry yell. I ran straight into our room and into the closet ignoring Harry’s frantic calls. “Cat!” he cooed walking cautiously into the room. I pressed my hand to my mouth to muffle my laughter. Harry walked around the room clueless. I slowly reached my hand up to place his phone on the shelf in the closet. I did that successfully, but on my way back down my hand hit the door, making a loud thud. “Shit!” I mumbled. Suddenly Harry snapped his head toward the closet and walked over. “Ha!” he yelled as he opened it to reveal me standing and laughing. I attempted make a run for it, but he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back. “I believe you have something that belongs to me…and I would like it back. Or else!” He pronounced with a comical grin on his face. A look of innocence flashed across my face as I giggled. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He grabbed my wrists. When he realized I had nothing in my hands, he pushed me on the bed then hovered over me. I raised a eyebrow as he pinned my hands above my head. “Now this can go two ways.” He said. “You tell me where the phone is and I give you a kiss, or I tickle you until you tell me.” His accent ,oddly, made this situation sexy. “Um…I think…” I mumbled pretending like I was actually thinking. My eyes re-directed to his gorgeous lips. “Tell me.” He said. I rolled my eyes.
“You’re stupid best friend is on the top shelf in the closet.” He just sat there holding my hands above my head. He scrunched his face. “It’s not stupid!” I giggled as he let go of my hands. I made an effort to sit up but Harry pushed me back down and laid completely on me. “I believe I owe you a kiss, my dear.” He said. Soon his lips were gently pressed to my collarbone. I closed my eyes and took in this moment. I felt his large hands rubbing circles on my sides. He gradually moved his way up my neck, taking little nibbles here and there. He kissed up my jaw then hovered above my lips. “I’m wondering.” He started. “If I should kiss or ditch.” I giggled.
“You better kiss me.” I said poking his side. He leaned in closer to my face. His curls brushing against my forehead and the tips of our noses touching. His phone chimed in the closet and like that he was gone like lightening just to get it. “Hello?” He answered eagerly. He looked at me, mouthed sorry, then walked away. “I guess ditch then.” I mumbled. I stood up and walked over to the closet. “I have absolutely nothing to do.” I said. I heard Harry walk into the room. He came over and lazily wrapped is arms around my waist. “Look…”He said. I moved out of his arms and walked away. I ,honestly, didn’t feel like dealing with him right now. I heard him follow me. “What’s up with you?” He asked. I turned to face him. “I’ve been trying not to let your phone get to me because I never wanted to be that girlfriend that nags her boyfriend about everything, but it’s getting to me, Harry!” I said. He slowly stepped closer. “Don’t!” I said sternly. “I just wanna breathe for a second.”
“Babe…You feel like I’m giving all my attention to my phone?”
“Yes! And you are always gone, which makes this worse. So I never get to see you, and when I do, you don’t even pay attention to me.” Harry smirked then vigorously pushed me against the wall behind me. He pinned me there by my waist and pressed his lips on mine. He bite my lower lip playfully. His hands roamed my waist. Trailing kisses down my neck, he grasped my left thigh and pulled it up. I felt a wetness on my neck then a suction. The feeling forced a moan out of my mouth. I pushed him lightly. “Stop.” I mumbled. “Not until you forgive me.” He said placing torrid kisses down my neck and collarbone. My knees started to wobble. “Fine.” I giggled. He kissed me lightly on the lips then stepped back. “Now like I was saying earlier…I have to go.” I groaned then rolled my eyes. “BUT!” He said grabbing my arm before I could walk away. “You can come with me.” I smiled.
Sitting in the car waiting for Harry to get back was boring. I looked down and suddenly saw his phone. My eyes bulged. No. I couldn’t betray Harry’s privacy. I would kill him if he did it to me. It chimed. That only enticed my hunger to see what it was. I slowly picked it up. I slid the screen and saw a message already open…to Linda! Linda is my best-friend. Harry never really fancied her. He told me many times before he doesn’t see why we’re friends. I never got why though. The message read: “I know Cat can’t find out! How many times do you have to tell me? Gosh, are you here yet? I wanna get this over with. Can’t believe we’re doing this :)” I gasped. I looked up to see Harry walking from around the corner with a big box of something. He opened the trunk and put the box inside. By then I already put his phone right where it was. My heart was beating incredibly fast. He got in and flashed a smile at me. The whole car ride irrational thoughts raced through my mind. Was Harry cheating on me? I mean, he was know for being a player. He just naturally flirts with people. Maybe this time it went too far. I glanced at him. He was rambling about something that happened after a concert. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Harry.” I said. He stopped mid-sentence and looked at me. “Yeah babe?”
“You don’t talk to Linda anymore…do you?” He was silent for a moment.
“No babe. Why?” I could not believe it! He just lied straight to my face.
“No reason.” I whispered.
Our anniversary was today. I wondered if Harry knew this. He didn’t say anything when we woke up this morning. He’s pretty much been gone all day. My heart hurt at the thought of Harry forgetting our anniversary. The thought of Harry cheating on me hurt too. The thought of him cheating on me with Linda made me sick. I pulled out my phone, now overwhelmed with anger. “Linda!” I said when she answered.
“Hey!” She said oblivious to why I was calling, or the anger in my voice.
“Are you and Harry dating or something? Because if you are that’s sick. That would be the most hurtful thing you could do to me, Linda.”
“Cat, what are you talking about? Harry can’t stand me? Why would he date me?” she had a point. I sighed.
“I’m sorry…I just…I don’t know. I think Harry’s cheating on me.”
“Why do you think that?”
“Because I saw a text from this girl named Linda on his phone and-”
“Wait you were on his phone? Cat! That’s so bad!”
“I know but…I just was curious.”
“You think I’m cheating on you?” Harry asked. I looked up startled. “I gotta go…” I mumbled to Linda then hung up.
“Why would you think that? Why were you on my phone?” He asked.
“I can’t believe you don’t trust me!”
“I do!”
“Then why would you check my phone? Why would you even think I was cheating on you? Especially with our anniversary today” He did remember.
“I’m sorry.” I said. “I just…I let my stupid jealous girlfriend side get the best of me.” He took a deep breathe.
“If you must know, by the way, Linda is my cousin! You’ve met her before. She was helping me with something for our anniversary.” I felt a wave of guilt wash over me. First of all because I didn’t remember Linda and second because I actually just accused my boyfriend of cheating on me.
“I’m so sorry.” I mumbled apologetically. He smiled.
“It’s okay. Now get dressed.” He lightened up a bit.
“Why?” I asked.
“Because I have a surprise for you.”
A blindfold was placed on my face and I was guided somewhere. “You ready?’ Harry asked.
“Yes!!” I said. I was so excited to see what it was.
“Okay well just wait five minutes, then ten more…then six more.”
“Harry…” I whined. I heard him chuckle. He kissed my cheek then pulled the blindfold off. In front of me the backyard was lit with lanterns and there was a mini movie screen in the middle. A white mat was sprawled out and there were candles lit everywhere. ( )
“Oh my gosh Harry!” I said. Tears threatened to spill onto my cheeks.
“You likey likey?” He asked. I laughed.
“Yes, very much.” He turned to face him. “thank you!” I said hugging him. He had the widest smile on his beautiful face.
“Linda helped.” He said smirking. I playfully hit his shoulder. “I love it.” I said.
“Good! I love you. Happy anniversary.”
“I love you too.” I said.
“I have something for you.” He said pulling something from his back pocket. It was a light blue box wrapped in a pearl white ribbon. A Tiffany Jewelry box. He opened it to reveal a beautiful ring. My eyes widened. “Harry we can’t get married! We’re too young!!” I said. My heart was beating overtime. We were only 19. He laughed. “No…it’s a promise ring. It means that I promise to be yours and only yours until we get married one day. Because I love you that much. And you have to promise the same thing.” He smiled and wiped away a tear that rolled down my cheek. “Do you promise?” He asked. He looked worried.
“Yes! Yes, I promise.” I yelled. He quickly slipped the ring on my finger and picked me up to hug me.
“Gosh ,I love you so much!” He said in my ear. “but I believe I still owe you something.” I looked confused. The kiss! He owed me a kiss from yesterday. “A kiss?’ I asked. He leaned his head against mine and gave me a cheeky grin. “Babe, I can give you much more than that.”

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