One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


91. Harry Styles 25

~“Harry, I’m going to hit you!” Emily wasn’t joking as she whips around to face the annoying curly haired boy who is positioned directly behind her, a mischievous smirk on his face and a slight glimmer to his eyes. He throws his hands up innocently, although she knows he’s anything but.
“I didn’t do anything!” he says in a sing-song voice as he steps away, still keeping his hands up in defence, but that stupid smirk won’t leave his face as Emily narrows her eyes at him. She holds up the knife she’s using, still covered in frosting, pointing towards Harry with it.
“I mean it, Harry. I take this cookie decorating very seriously. Do not break my concentration.” With a serious look and a flick of her wrist, launching a bit of frosting at the boy, Emily turns back to her handiwork. Harry just laughs and shakes his head.
“You’re adorable, you know that?” he asks as he hoists himself up on the counter next to the plate of cookies, his legs dangling off it as he kicks them back and forth like a little kid. He reaches over for one of the cookies, but Emily is quick to slap his hand away.
“Hey hey hey! I’m not done yet!” she argues as he gives her a small pout.
“Come on, Ems! One cookie?” he asks, his eyes big and extra green as he looks down at her, pleading and begging for her to give into him. Emily rolls her eyes but picks up one (a Christmas tree that didn’t come out as good as she wanted it to) and hands it to the over eager boy.
“Aren’t you supposed to be watching your rock-star figure?” she asks as she pats Harry’s stomach, keeping her eyes concentrated on the snowman in front of her. “These cookies can’t be good for your waistline.”
Harry shoves the cookie in his mouth, his voice muffled as he tries to talk, all while crumbs are making their way down his chin. “Oh come on, my figure is perfect.” Emily keeps her gaze down, a slight blush overcoming her because she knows she can’t deny it. And of course, Harry catches sight of it. He grins, bumping his foot into Emily’s thigh, swallowing the food in his mouth before winking at her. “Go ahead, Em. You can admit it. No need to be embarrassed.”
She glares at him, despite the fact that she’s still blushing. “I still have a whole can of frosting that I will have no problem running through those curly locks of yours!” Harry throws his head back laughing at Emily’s threat before hopping off the counter. Emily continues to frost away, moving onto a wreath shaped cookie as Harry grabs her laptop off the kitchen table. He brings it back over next to her, opening the Christmas playlist the two of them had created the night before. He scrolls through the list for a second before finally settling on something to listen to. Emily glances over at him, giving him a small smile as her favourite song starts to play.
“You know, Biebs is our competition,” Harry says as he reaches across her to grab a cookie. He picks up a knife off the counter as he starts to frost it. It doesn’t look anywhere near as neat and thought out as Emily’s, but she secretly finds it adorable.
“You’re lucky I love you enough to listen to him.” Emily rolls her eyes as she puts down a finished cookie and picks up another one.
“Oh, come on. Niall loves him! Can’t you be a mature adult like he is?” Harry scoffs as he runs his finger through the frosting on the cookie Emily is diligently working on, and she gasps as he messes up her concentration. But he ignores her protests and whines of frustration.
“Niall also spends his days off sleeping and playing video games. So let’s not pull the maturity card here, babe.” Emily wants to argue, but unfortunately, Harry has a really good point. So instead, she starts to sing along to the music.
For a second, Harry just watches her, admiring the way her lips move slightly with the words, the way she’s swaying back and forth, keeping time with the song. He stifles a laugh as he catches sight of some frosting that has somehow made its way into her hair, and the way she’s concentrating so hard on her cookie is the cutest thing he’s ever seen. Harry grins as he dips his finger into some frosting before sneakily swiping it across Emily’s nose, leaving a white streak. Emily gasps as she turns to look at him, her eyes darkening.
“I don’t like you very much right now,” she says as she wipes the frosting off and licks it from her finger. But Harry can tell she has revenge on her mind because next, she flings the frosting left on her knife at him, and it hits him square in the forehead.
“Hey, watch the hair!” he exclaims as he carefully wipes right under his hairline, being careful not to let any get in the curls hanging above his eyebrows. Emily just laughs.
“You are such a woman,” she says as she dabs a bit more frosting on Harry’s cheek. He gives her a glare, but she continues to laugh, and Harry can’t help but laugh along.
The two finally settle down as Justin’s song ends and the next begins. As the first chords to ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ starts to play, Emily’s face lights up and she bounces up and down a few times. Harry glances over at her, completely amused and a bit mesmerized at how excited she is for a simple song. Her smile only grows as she sings the first line.
But before she can begin the second line, Harry jumps in, singing it instead, right to her, his voice coming out low and quiet. Emily senses what he’s doing and turns to look at him, blushing a little as Harry puts down the cookie he’s holding. He wipes his hands off on his jeans, making sure to dispose of any frosting that’s still stuck to them, before reaching out for Emily.
“Dance with me?”
Emily rolls her eyes as she pulls her gaze from Harry’s eyes, his intense green stare too much for her to handle without giggling and biting her lip and blushing even more than she already is. But Harry’s persistent and takes her hand in his, tugging her towards him.
“Hey now, when I ask a pretty girl to dance with me, she’s supposed to accept,” he says. Emily knows she can’t resist him, especially with that stupid charm and annoying grin and dumb dimples. She lets him pull her to his body, his arms holding onto her waist as hers reach up to lock around his neck. Emily hesitates for a second, but finally rests her head on his chest, the warmth of his sweater and the quickening pace of his heart calming her own nerves. Even though Harry towers over her, he’s the perfect height to let his chin rest on the top of her head. He tightens his grip and it’s that moment when he realizes just how perfectly she fits against him, moulds to his body. She’s just the right size, her arms barely reaching around his neck, her chest pressed just below his, her head nestled right under his chin, and it fits almost like a puzzle. He can protect her, watch over her; keep her safe by simply holding her in his arms.
The whole song, Harry hums along, and Emily does, too. Harry doesn’t loosen his grip and neither does she, too scared that if she does, the moment will end and standing in the middle of her kitchen, Christmas music playing, cookies baking, dancing with Harry Styles isn’t a moment she wants to end anytime soon.
As the song starts to come to a close, their swaying slows, but neither of them let up grip on each other. Harry’s the first to look down at Emily, and she locks eyes with him after not even a second, staring straight up at him, slightly on her tiptoes. Harry releases one of his arms grasp around her waist, lifting his hand to pull some dried frosting out of her hair. They both laugh softly as he holds it up, examining the chunk, before dropping it to the ground. And now, with her on her toes and him slightly crouched to be closer to her, the smell of sugary vanilla on Emily’s breath and peppermint from a candy cane Harry had earlier is mingling together in the small space between their lips. Harry’s eyes flicker down, landing on Emily’s mouth, which is now pulled into a small smile. He then finds himself smiling as he pushes some of her hair off her face, and without even really registering what he’s doing, he leans towards her.
But then the sound of a shrill beep is filling both of their ears and the sudden noise is like a force pushing them away from each other. Harry grabs a hand towel as he runs to the fire alarm, waving it frantically to get the smoke to clear and the sound to stop. Emily rushes to turn off the oven, her hands trembling slightly at the realization of what just almost happened. Once the shrieking stops and the smoke clears, Emily opens the oven and pulls out the now blackened cookies. She groans and throws them down onto the counter, crossing her arms. “Great. They’re ruined.”
Harry chuckles softly as he moves towards her, her angry and intense and irritated grimace almost too cute for him to handle. He takes her forearms, uncrossing them and releasing the tension that was coursing through her body. He wraps his arms around her shoulders, pulling her body close to his once again, smoothing his hands up and down her back.
“Well hey; it just gives us an excuse to do this all over again tomorrow.”


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