One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


89. Harry Styles 24

~“Okay guys. It’s not that hard. You just go down the hill!” I say to the boys of One Direction. A gust of wind races across the mountain. I pull the ski mask over my face to keep myself warm.
“I don’t think I can do this.” Harry says. I ski myself over to him.
“Don’t freak yourself out. This is a green trail and green is the easiest. How about this, I will ski next to you the whole time okay?” Harry nods but I can still see the fear in his eyes.
I reach over and take my gloved hand in his. I give it a tight squeeze and Harry looks at me. I lean over and give him a peck on his cold,frigidlips. I pull away and see a smirk on his lips.
“Okay are you ready?!” I say excitedly to the boys.
“Why did you put us through this? I am going to die!” Niall whines in a puppy dog voice. I chuckle.
“It’s okay Niall. Just go and you will be down at the bottom before you know it.” Niall nods and takes a deep breath. Then he takes a couple steps and makes his descent down the slope.
“Who’s next?” I ask. Louis sighs and slowly scoots towards the beginning of the trail.
“Just letting you know Linda, that the ski lift will give me nightmares.” Louis says to me. I laugh. Louis takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and makes his way after Niall. Liam and Zayn go at the same time and then I turn to Harry.
“Our turn.”
He makes his way over to me and I give him a little push to get him started. He starts spazzing out and his tall figure eventually finds itself on the ground. I start laughing and help him up.
“You know if you didn’t push me I wouldn’t be on the ground. Look everyone is down the trail! Great I see Louis laughing at me!” Harry says. I roll my eyes and help him brush off some of the snow on him. I reach up and give him another peck on his lips.
“Feel better?” I ask. Harry nods and we start our slow descent down the trail. When we reach the bottom I smack Louis to make him stop laughing.
“Oi! What was that for?” Louis asks while rubbing the spot where I smacked him.
“For laughing at Harry! It was his first time.” I groan as I realized what I said. Louis and Niall crack up laughing while Zayn and Liam chuckled. Harry rolls his eyes and wraps his arms around my waist.
“Come over here I want to show you something.” Harry whispers in my ear. I look at him with a questioning look and we ski away from the rest of the lads.
“Listen. You know how much you mean to me right?”
“Yeah…” I say a little sceptical. The tone of his voice is scaring me. It’s sounding like he was ... breaking up with me.
“Well ... how do I say this?”
“Oh My God Harry. Are you breaking up with me?” I ask. Cold tears start to fall from my eyes but they get absorbed by my ski mask.
“What?! Oh God No!” Harry reaches in his jacket pocket and takes out a little red box.
“Is that ...?” I start to say but stop, too shocked to say anything else. Happy tears started to flow from my eyes.
“Linda. I have been in love with you since the moment I laid eyes on you. Two years later lead to us standing here on this beautiful mountain where you basically grew up. I thought, Harry, if you love this girl you better propose to her and that’s what I am doing. So, Linda will you marry me?” I tried to speak but nothing came out so I just nodded.
Harry smiles and places his forehead against mine. He opens up the box to reveal abeautifulring that most have cost a fortune.
“I can’t accept that Harry! It probably cost so much! I don’t deserve that.” I say while ushering at the ring. Harry grabs my face and kisses me roughly.
He pulls away and says, “You are my everything, Linda. So, my everything deserves to have something special at least.” I just nod. Harry takes my glove off and slips on the ring.
“LOOK SHE SAID YES!” Louis screams. All the boys start cheering and I start to giggle and blush.
Harry smiles and starts softly humming so only I can hear. I smile up at him as we ski back over to where the boys where standing.
“Now can we go out to eat to celebrate?! I’m starving!” Niall says. I roll my eyes.
“Sure, if we just ski over to that little cottage ...“
Harry cuts me off saying, “NO! No more skiing.” I roll my eyes and help him take off hisskis.
The rest of the boys were already skiing over to the cottage leaving me and Harry behind.
“You don’t know how happy you made me today.” Harry says. He reaches over and grabs my hand. His fingers trace over the ring and he smiles.
“I was soafraidyou would say no.” He says softly. I stop and turn to him.
“Now why would you ever think that?!”
“I just didn’t know if you loved me back.” I gasp.
“So, you are telling me that after all the times I have said I love you, or all those nights that we spent together you didn’t think I loved you?”
“I knew you loved me but I was justpsychingmyself out. I was just so nervous.” I smile and kiss Harry on the lips. I start to pull away but Harry pulls me to him. His tongue starts to make its way into my mouth and I let out a slight moan.
“GUYS COME ON!!! I’M HUNGRY! Niall screams. I groan and pull away.
“Come on Harry!” I say in a sing song voice. I grab his hand and drag him over to the little cottage.

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