One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


87. Harry Styles 23

~You sit up in bed. You yawn and rub your eyes. You can see much clearer now. You look around your room at all the photos you have taped on your walls. You look at the wall on the left, closest to your bed. You notice a picture you don’t remember taking.
It’s a picture of you and your ex-boyfriend, Harry. You’re both smiling.
“Hah. That smile,” you laugh.
You smile at the Harry’s smile. The smile you always loved. You reach for the picture and gently take it off the wall. You pull your arm back and place the picture in your lap, being held by both of your hands. A tear forms and runs down your cheek. You start to think of all the times you and Harry had. There was the trip to the beach, all the times you went to the mall and coffee shop, and when you went to the amusement park.
Something in the picture catches your eye. It was above Harry’s right shoulder in the picture. It was a little light. You squint at the light and realize it was a sparkler.
“New Years,” you mutter to yourself.
You think back to that day as you continue to stare at the picture.
It was New Year’s Eve. You and Harry were driving to your friend, Jayda’s house for a New Year’s party. You look at the clock in the car. 11:26.
“Don’t worry, Babe,” Harry said. “The fun won’t start until we arrive.”
You give a little giggle.
“I have a surprise for you when the clock strikes 12,” Harry added.
You look over at him, confused. Harry looks at you and flashes you a cheeky smile. You laugh and shake your head. You know he’s not going to tell you what he had planned.
After driving for another 10 minutes, you arrive at Jayda’s. Everyone greeted the two of you with hugs and “hello’s”.
“It’s almost time!” Jayda said as she looked at the clock. “Let’s start the sparklers at least.”
Everyone walked outside into the driveway and the empty street. As soon as you step outside, a gust of wind blows over you. You shiver from the cold and your teeth start to chatter. You feel strong, warm hands run up and down your arms. You turn around to see Harry, his teeth also chattering. You turn around and give Harry a hug, warming both him and yourself. Harry returns the hug, and runs his hands up and down your back.

“Warming up?” he asked.
You look up at him. His teeth had stopped chattering, and he had a smirk on his face. You nod your head. Harry lifted his left hand from your back and looks at his watch.
“Come with me,” he said walking off of the porch, into the backyard.
You take a quick glance at everyone in the driveway and street. Most of the people had sparklers and were lighting them. You turn back around and walk towards Harry. You see him waiting for you. You walk over to him and he takes your hand in his.
The two of you walk through the other neighbour’s yards.
“Almost there,” Harry said.
You continue to walk. After a while, you feel a tiny, cold droplet hit your nose. You wiggle your nose, trying to get the rid of the cold feeling. You turn your head toward the sky and look up to see small snowflakes falling, slowly.
“We’re here,” Harry said.
You turn your head to face forward. You notice a trampoline with a bag sitting on top of it. Harry leads you toward the trampoline. As you get closer to the edge, Harry lets go of your hand and runs toward the trampoline. He jumps onto the edge and rolls towards the middle. You laugh as you watch him. Harry grabs the bag and opens it. He pulls out a big blanket. He comes over to the edge of the trampoline and holds out his hand to you.
“I can get up by myself,” you say.
You turn around so your back is facing the trampoline. You hop onto it and sit on the edge, with your legs over the side. You feel hands wrap around your waist and pull the rest of you onto the trampoline. The pulling stops and you look up to see Harry, smiling. Harry picks up the blanket and wraps it around your shoulders. You feel warmth from the blanket start to un-numb you. He takes a seat next to you and huddles under the blanket with you. You feel more heat come off of Harry’s body in the blanket. You scoot closer to Harry. You feel yourself warming up. You look up at Harry. You see him staring back at you with a smirk. You hear a high pitched beep.
“Ok, Cori,” Harry said, quickly. “Kiss me until you hear it beep again!”
You’re confused. Harry smiles. He leans in closer to your face. His soft lips touch yours. A weird, but good feeling comes over you. You close your eyes and enjoy the feeling. It feels like sparks are flying inside of you, but they don’t burn. It’s a magical feeling. It reminds you of a romantic movie. You hear the high pitched beep again. You feel Harry’s lips pull away from yours. The magical, sparkling feeling starts to die. You smile and slowly open your eye. You see Harry smiling with his eyes still closed. You watch as he opened them, slowly.
“What was that for?” you ask.
Harry looked at his watch. “Well I ended the year kissing a beautiful girl, and I started the year kissing a beautiful girl,” he said looking up from his watch.
You hear a boom and see sparks fly overhead. Harry wraps his arms around your waist and lays you back and close to him. You watch the fireworks fill the night sky.
“Happy New Year, Babe,” Harry muttered.
You look at him and smile. You notice him looking back at you. “Happy New Year,” you whisper.
The fireworks start to die down and you and Harry head back to Jayda’s. You take the blanket with you and place it on the table on her porch. Harry walks over into the driveway and you follow. You see a package of sparklers laying down, so you take one.
“Need that lit?”
You turn to see Jayda standing there with a lighter. You nod your head. Jayda lit your sparkler along with one she pulled out of her back pocket. The two of you spun the sparklers in circle until they went out, then you threw them into a bucket full of water and other sparklers. You look around for Harry. You notice him standing under a tree. You walk up behind him and wrap your arms around his waist.
“Can we get a photo of the cutest couple?”
You recognize Jayda’s voice. Harry turned around, placed his hands on your shoulders and turned you to face Jayda. He wrapped his left arm around your shoulder.
“Smile,” Jayda said.
You smile and see the flash of the camera.
You bury your face into your hands and start to softly, sob. It’s been three months since the two of your broke up. You missed him so much. You always want to call him, but you figure he’s over you. You pick your head up and wipe away the remaining tears. You look down at the picture. You feel the burning of tears building up again, when your phone rings. You reach to the bedside table on your right and grab your phone.
You bring it towards you to see who it was. It was Harry! You quickly sniffle and answer.
You recognize Harry’s voice, but it sounds a bit shaky.
“Yes?” you answer.
You hear a deep breath. “Cori, I miss you,” Harry starts. “I don’t know why I ever broke up with you. There’s no one like you. I was just going through the picture on my phone and I spent a good 10 minutes looking at the ones of us. There was one of us on New Year’s.”
You looked at the photo in your lap. “Hah. I have that photo in my lap right now,” you said.
There was a long pause. “Do you mind going to the coffee shop to meet up with me later on?” Harry asked.
You smiled. You smiled so big that your cheeks started to hurt. “I’d love to,” you finally answer.
You heard Harry laugh lightly. “Great. Is 2 good for you?”
“Sounds good,” you answered, still smiling.
“See you then.”
“See ya! Bye, Harry.” You hung up the phone and smiled. You looked back down at the picture. You picked it up with your left hand.
After all these months, it only took one phone call to make me smile again , you thought. I can’t wait to see that smirk again.

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