One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


82. Harry Styles 21

~“Stop pulling like that or you’ll rip my arm off!” Rolling his eyes dramatically, Harry reluctantly followed me up the stairs to my room, where I wanted to show him the new bed I’d just gotten. “Don’t be such a baby.” Winking at him, I dragged him up the last few steps by his hand, before opening the door to my room, revealing a newly bought double-bed. Smiling widely and proudly, I looked at him expectantly. “And? What do you think? Isn’t it amazing?”

As Harry frowned and brought his eyebrows closer together, a pensive look graced his gorgeous face; his emerald eyes twitched, as he pursed his full lips. He brought his hand to run through the back of his chocolate curls, before bringing a few fingers to his chin, tapping his index finger on his mouth. “Hmm...” he mumbled, looking intently on my bed. “What?” Raising my eyebrows, I crossed my arms in front of my chest. “I don’t know, it’s just...” he started, glancing at me, “I feel as if something’s missing...” I furrowed my eyes in obscurity. Glancing back at the bed, then at me, Harry raised his eyebrows, a wide smile arising on his face, a set of perfectly white and straight teeth emerging, a dimple gracing each his cheeks. “I think I got it.”

All of a sudden, Harry had lifted me up with his strong arms and thrown me over his shoulder. “Harry!”, I exclaimed in between giggles. “What are you doing?” Without answering, he just carried me over to the bed, flinging me on it when he arrived. My hair fell in my face as I landed in the, thank god, soft cushions, my face red from laughter. Chuckling, Harry lay down beside me, resting his head on his hands behind it. I turned to face him and hitched one leg up to rest on his as our toes started stroking one another. “It really is a nice bed.” Harry said as he closed his eyes.

Glancing at him, I couldn’t hold back a smile; he was everything I could’ve ever wished for. The way his curls covered his face beautifully, his smile, his laugh, his voice, his body - his everything. In my eyes, he was perfection, even though I was fully aware that he wasn’t perfect.
Sometimes, the thought of him being completely fascinating in every way daunted me in some ways. He was someone I used to dream of and wish, hope and long for; yet someone who I knew could never be mine. But when he approached me in that little café with that smile on his face, his curls bumping up and down with each step, a splotch of hope appeared inside me. And now, 8 months later, we were still together.

I hadn’t even noticed I’d brought my hand up to his face and started tracing each of his features, until I heard Harry sigh contentedly. Smiling, I placed a kiss on his face, before I whispered in his ear. “I love you.” Glancing at him, his eyes still covered, I saw the little lopsided smile I’d adored so much. “I love you more.”, he said, opening one eye and peeking at me with it. Letting my tongue flicker out, I smiled at him and laid back down beside him.
“I still can’t quite understand what someone like you could love about someone like me…”, I mumbled, losing myself in my thoughts again. “Parker...” His voice sounded annoyed as he turned to face me now. “Hm?”, I asked, still glancing at the ceiling. “Don’t be ridiculous.”, he said. “You don’t have to act like you don’t know that you’re insanely beautiful.”

A smile I tried to hold back creeped up on my face, but I shook my head. “Yeah, okay, Harry.”
I felt Harry shuffle beside me, before he suddenly was on top of me, straddling me with his legs. “You want to know what I love about you?” Nodding, I glanced at him, the little twinkle in his greenish-blue eyes making my insides warm up. “I love your laugh. I love your humour. I love the way you don’t always get jokes immediately, but then won’t stop laughing when you do.” Grinning, he kept his eyes on me. “I love how you’re always so polite to everyone and rarely curse. I love that you’re so incredibly smart. I love it when you look at me.”

He brought his hand up to my hair, slowly brushing his fingers through it. “I love the way your brown hair shines in the sunlight.” Letting his fingers trail to my face, he brushed the palms of them over the side of my face, a tingle streaming through my skin. “I love how soft your skin’s like a little baby’s.” A smile appeared on his face and I blushed. “I love how amazingly mesmerizing the blue of your eyes is.” He let his thumb brush over the skin just beneath them. “I love your little nose.” Flicking his index finger over the tip of it, he winked. “I love your full, deep red lips. And I love the feeling of having them on mine.” Leaning forward, he kissed me; passionately, yet short, full of lust, yet lovingly.

”I love how you always shudder when I kiss your neck.”, he mumbled, letting his mouth move down my jaw line to my neck. When he reached it, I actually shuddered, just like he said. I felt him smile into my skin as he kissed the soft skin. “I love the little birthmark you have just above your collar bones.” He let his tongue flicker out over it for just a second, yet still a sea of Goosebumps arose up on my entire body. “I love the way all these Goosebumps rise up on your arms whenever I touch you.” He looked me deeply in the eyes as he started undoing the buttons of my blouse, before gently pulling it off me.
“I love your boobs.” He chuckled when he said that, a girlish giggle escaping my lips as well. Bringing his fingers up to brush over the contours of my breasts, he reached one hand behind me to undo the hook of my bra, before shoving it off me. “I love how you react whenever I do this.” He leant forward again, before unexpectedly starting to caress my breasts with his mouth, his tongue flickering out over my nipples every now and again.

My breathing got faster, along with my pulse. I felt myself getting excited and Harry as well; his growing bulge firmly pressed against me. “I love the feeling I get when I touch you.”, he said as he removed his mouth from my breasts and instead let his hands run over them, then down over my stomach. “I love your little, non-existent belly. Hah.” Chuckling once again, he started placing small kisses on it, before he reached my abdomen. Bringing his hand in between us, he undid the button of my jeans, me pulling his shirt off him, revealing his gorgeously, lightly toned torso.
”I love your legs.”, he whispered, as he slowly pulled my pants off me, before throwing them onto the floor. He kissed every inch of my legs, moving up them in an excruciatingly small speed. When he reached my thighs, I arched my back slightly, the feeling of his thumbs looping through the string line of my lace underwear driving me mad. After he pulled it off me, I felt a breeze of air and at the same time freedom hitting my most private area.

Harry’s eyes had turned unfamiliarly dark as he undid the buckle of his pants, before getting rid of them, revealing himself in nothing but his boxers; the bulge evident as ever.
”I love how you have the most beautiful body in the entire world.” He let his hands run up my legs and over my thighs, as his mouth started placing small kisses on the inside of them. “And...”, he started as I spread my legs, a sudden need of him overcoming me, the soft touch of him almost unbearable.
He brought his index finger and thumb to my opening, where he caressed the skin around the one place that craved him so badly. I hissed at his touch, arching my back towards him. He leant forward, his hot breath hitting me as he whispered. “I love how you taste.”
And without another warning, he started kissing my opening, his tongue working its magic on me. I moaned loudly as I dug my fingers in his soft locks.
His mouth pleasured me in ways only he could, the feeling of having him touch me in my most private area aroused me limitlessly.

Too soon though, his mouth left my opening and found my mouth. He pulled his boxers off as he kissed me passionately, moaned when I caressed his shaft with my hands. Harry positioned himself, supporting his bodyweight with both his arms on either side of my head. Looking at me, he asked for approval; by nodding eagerly, I granted it. He entered me smoothly and gently, yet the feeling of having him inside me made me gasp nonetheless. I cupped his face in my hands and after placing a short, shaky kiss on his lips, I whispered, my breath hitting his face. “Make love to me.”
No other word had to be said and Harry started moving his hips, back and forth, sending me into a world of pure pleasure. I moaned his name loudly; the only one that felt right to leave my mouth. He kissed me passionately, then went on to my neck as he kept on hitting all the right spots.
When I saw him furrow his eyebrows in pure concentration, I knew he was close. Harry brought one of his hands in between us and started rubbing me, until eventually, I reached my high before him. It shook through my entire my body, making me squeal with delight. Digging my fingernails into the skin on his back and purring into his ear was all it needed for him to reach his climax as well. He tensed up completely and as he moaned my name out loudly, he finally spilled inside me.

He kept on moving his hips a few times, when gradually he collapsed on top of me. We were both sweating and breathing heavily, yet a small smile lingered on both our faces. Harry tilted his head up to look at me, “I guess what I was trying to say was… I love you, Parker.” The sincerity and honesty in his voice made me just want to scream and cry in happiness. Placing a short, yet passionate kiss on his lips, I stroked his sweaty face, pushing a few of his sticky curls out of it. “I love you too, Harry. More than you’ll ever know.”


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